Monday, December 22, 2008

"All Things Are Better in Koinē" (video)

Check it out:

(Some explanation)

Well... it's true!


Ron B. said...

Explain the part about the Eggo for those of us that don't know greek.

DJP said...

Sure: legomai egō (λέγομαι ἐγώ) would be pronounced exactly like "Leggo my Eggo," but would mean something like "I say for myself."

(It doesn't occur in the NT; it would be a paradigm, a practice-concoction.)

Daniel said...

Ron, just adding to what DJP said,

Some pronunciation conventions pronounce the o-micron ("o") as a short vowel sound ("on") and the o-mega ("w") with the long vowel sound ("own") - such that the joke "leggo my ego", wouldn't really sell it (leggaw my ego).

Notwithstanding, as Dan said, it isn't found in the NT, but would be used as a humorous way to illustrate the present, passive middle form of the verb "lego".

The "ego" btw, is just a pronoun that means "I" - though, in truth, it could be skipped since the verb ending suffices. I expect this particular "joke" gets a lot of play in first year Greek.

Daniel said...

I wasn't quite sure whether the tone of the video was meant to be complimentary or patronizing the study of Koine.

DJP said...

And, Daniel, if you go to the page in YouTube, I don't think you'll be an surer. The creator calls the film "sarcastic," which isn't how I'd taken it. So I asked about it, and received a nice answer — which re-muddled it for me.

So I just take it the way I want to, which is that it's fun and funny, and doesn't say anything too deep.

RT said...


Unfortunately I can't view the video here at work, but the conversation puts me in mind of the late Dr. Harry Sturz, my Greek professor at Biola. At some point in the first semester of 1st year Greek he very solemnly began discussing the verb frisbe, writing out the declination and various usages on the chalkboard. It was about 15 minutes into the lecture before it began to dawn on us that it was all an elaborate joke based on the frisbee toy, of which he was inordinately fond well into later life. He was one of the world's true gentlemen - maybe you had the pleasure of knowing him as well.

DJP said...

I did have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sturz, and know that everyone loved him. I think it was Mark Ostby who told me one of the doctor's sayings: "'Why' questions are hard." I still use that.

Wasn't it you who told me the story about Sturz presenting his theory of textual criticism in Dr. Thomas' class?

Evidently Thomas gave a rebuttal, and Sturz jokingly responded "Oh! I'm devastated! My position is shattered!" — and Dr. Thomas (reportedly) didn't get that he was joking.

Or so I heard it from someone.

VcdeChagn said... someone who knows no Greek, but has Mounce's first textbook and workbook waiting to be completed, it does actually motivate me to give it a try.

I'm sure it would be an immeasurable help.

Then again, I've got the King James, who needs Greek.

CR said...

I thought it was cute.

RT said...

I've heard the Thomas story as well but don't specifically recall passing it on. Dr. Sturz had a highly developed sense of humor and I think probably he enjoyed Thomas not getting it more than the joke itself. He was a formidable personage nonetheless - he would call on his first year students at random to stand and recite their translation of whatever passage had been assigned, and woe betide anyone presumptive enough to refer to notes!

Rachael Starke said...

G(r)eek humor.

Love it.

Mike Westfall said...

I'm waiting for someone (younger than me) to wonder why "Leggo My Eggo" is humorous. I almost don't remember, myself.

Strong Tower said...

See, I tole you, you are very egficient...

I am still waiting on that translation of the Lord's Prayer and a post on it. Come on, you know it would make a nice piece.


Had to mail this to friends and family.


Strong Tower said...

The word verificatio for this is efishabo...

see, you're being monitored

Carrie Allen said...

Thanks for posting this Dan!!!

rcarlson80 said...

As someone who is in the video and helped work on it a little, I love to read people's comments about it! Forward it to your friends, especially if they are at all familiar with Koine!

And just to clarify, the video isn't intended to make fun of anyone. Derek took two years of Greek for his Biblical Studies degree, and the video celebrates his study of it. Because Greek is challenging, we all tend to bond with our classmates and help each other get thru it...this makes Greek class a pretty memorable experience. We had fun making the video, and I hope you all have fun watching it!

Love Jessie C.