Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tossmas 2008


Mesa Mike said...

Thanks, and a Happy Unspecified Holiday to you.

Loved the video. I think I shall celebrate Tossmas this year. Although it might really be Tinder-for-the-fireplace-mas.

Anonymous said...

I am humbled by this video, and I thank you for that, Dan.

I have celebrated Tossmas for several years without knowing, or appreciating, its rich history and heritage. I am ashamed at my callousness towards Tossmas, and do publicly repent of this callousness.

Thank you, brother!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Tossmas!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should put up a Tossmas display at the capital in Washington State.

P.D. Nelson said...

Stan as a citizen of Washington State I'm going to have to say thanks but no thanks. Since we now have the Fred Phelps Church wanting to put up their little message of hate I personally think its time to put an end to this mess.

Rita Martinez said...

last years Tosmass video was better, funnier at least :P
We don't have that problem here though.
It's either Felices Pascuas or Feliz Navidad. There is no such thing as Happy Holiday. Well thinking about it I guess the equivalent would be Felices Fiestas but no one really says that.

CR said...

Funny, I thought this was the same video as last year.

I'm wondering, do some of you want to say Merry Tossmass to the cards you get from people that say, "Happy Holidays?"

Maybe it's just me.

Libbie said...

One of the things I don't envy about US culture - in the UK, it's still invariably Christmas. :-D

Anonymous said...

P.D. Nelson,
Fred Phelps and his ilk are pigs. I would like to punch out a few of them. That would be my Christmas present to the nation.