Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Two questions I'd like to see President-elect Obama asked

NOTE: not the only two. But two:
  1. "How would you compare the degree of cooperation the Bush Administration has shown you during this transition process, to that shown by the Clinton Administration to President-elect Bush eight years ago?"
  2. "How would you feel if the Republicans in Congress, and the mainstream media, promised to show you every bit as much openness, honesty, trust, fair-mindedness, cooperation and support as what they showed President Bush over the last eight years?"


NothingNew said...

3. President Obama, how do explain why the very large corporations that you denounced often in your campaign are now favoring and migrating towards the DNC?

Note: a great article on this power shift can be found here

Jerry said...

1)I imagine all of the "O's and "B"s will still be on the computer keyboards after the departure of the current administration.

2) I would imagine that he would feel bad, real bad, if this was to happen. I expect better from my representatives, Republican or Democrat.

DJP said...

1. Jerry - ding ding ding ding. But that's only part of it, and a smaller part at that.

JackW said...
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Peren said...

When asking the first one, I might add "Or were you old enough to remember that?"