Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Unfortunately, Obama may keep at least some of his wretched promises

According to the White House's civil rights agenda page:
  • Make a horrid liberal idea even worse: "President Obama and Vice President Biden will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation, expand hate crimes protection by passing the Matthew Shepard Act...." Judges and juries become mind-readers and psychologists, rather than interpret and apply laws to actions. If A beats up B, some penalty applies. But if A beats up B because B is homosexual/whatever, and because A hates B, he gets punished worse. We're punishing thoughts, beliefs and emotions; and that requires godlike powers. But liberals are OK with that whole ye-shall-be-as-gods thing.
  • Spend more money on criminals: "President Obama and Vice President Biden will provide job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling to ex-offenders, so that they are successfully re-integrated into society." Me, I like the Biblical idea of restitution better. It would pretty much prevent obscenities like THIS.
  • More civil rights for particular sexual perversions: there is a whole section titled "Support for the LGBT Community." Innocent unborn children get nothing; people who commit themselves to embracing and living out one particular form of sexual perversion (so far!) get eight action-items!
  • Forcing perverse morality on citizens: if Obama has his way, more people could either be forced to hire sorts they don’t want to hire – or to prove why they didn’t hire sexual perverts, even if that wasn’t a factor; they will be forced to subsidize sexual perversion they may find morally repulsive; perverted pairings (so far, only same-sex) will be married in every sense but the label, and society forced to accept their perversion; citizens will be denied the option of amending attempts to amend the constitution explicitly to protect the definition of marriage (and citizens' right not to be forced to redefine it) will be opposed; force the military to accept sexual perverts of (so far) one particular kind; and expose parentless children to being thrust into destructive and immoral situations.
  • Some repercussions: more people considering starting or expanding a business will think, "Forget it. I wanted to run a business, not have Barack Obama run a business off my hard work." More people considering a career in the military will say, "Forget it." More parents will counsel their children considering entering the military, "Forget it." And that may eventually mean Obama will have to revive the draft, and force people into the military — though he'll doubtless find a way to blame it on Bush.
  • In the name of being for honest, decent, hardworking Americans, Obama plans to make life far harder for honest, decent, hardworking Americans.
  • We should pray for our President — that he fail in these endeavors.


Ricky Rickard said...

The Obama Agenda:

1. Government Intervention
2. Try to make certain sexual pervisions normal.
3. More Government Intervention
4. Punish those that work hard and do good things, reward those that refuse to work and those that do evil.
5. Spend, then Tax. Repeat every couple of months.
6. Even more Government Intervention.

SOP: If all else fails, blame Bush/Republicans and run the other direction, hoping no one was paying attention.

DJP said...

Ricky, I believe you have it surrounded.

Ricky Rickard said...

Easy to know the playbook when you come from the other team as it were.

CR said...

Well, it's like you said before, Dan. Hope (and pray) for the best, expect the worse. If I may put in the vernacular of today - it's going to get nasty.

I have been praying specifically for things you have mentioned that the Lord would frustrate. But...elections have I'll brace for the worst.

Ricky - I got an email this morning from one of my liberal acquaintances. It was one of those cc to everyone, I was the only conservative. (Why I was cc'ed, I don't know, I didn't respond). But she said that President Bush was such a foul example of what it is to be an American that President Obama will have to take some time when people are optimistic to set some things straight.

One may have foolishly thought BDS would subside once President Bush left office but one would be wrong. These people can't even enjoy their inauguration of their liberal President. Amazing.

Ricky Rickard said...
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Ricky Rickard said...

I guess I shouldn't be surpised by this headline at MSNBC:
Nice moves! Obama booty-bumps 9th-grader!

(Article can found here:

I understand it was all in good fun, but this is how the media is fawning over everything this man does. Can you imagine if Bush or another Republican would have done this? We would never hear the end of how crude it was, offensive even for the President to be acting this way. But because Obama does it, he is praised for his dance prowess.

The media, and this country, are in for a wake up call. This man is no messiah, he is no saviour. When you place your hope in any person, you are going to be let down. The only place you can put your hope and not be let down is in Christ, but sadly that was not mentioned much if at all yesterday.

Truth Unites... and Divides said...

That White House Civil Rights Agenda is Fright-Night, Friday-the-13th, Freddy Krueger, hideously scary, horrible, and morally and socially disastrous.

But smile sweetly, speak gently, and be loving in a politically correct and acceptable way so that you may be Salt and Light in a fallen society.

You can do it! Up next... FOCA!!!

NothingNewUnderTheSun said...


To go with your Star Wars Clone pic check out this SW motivational poster in the link ;)

NothingNewUnderTheSun said...

My biggest concern with Obama’s policies is that it will force government and corporate powers to coalesce. Obama might have good intentions in his attempt to bring together corporate and government interests, but I think the unintended consequences will be severe. Since power corrupts, it’s often better to keep large powers at odds with each other than having them collude and become even more corrupt and even harder to stop.

Here’s two short videos on happy/liberal fascism:

SolaMommy said...

The Obamanation of desolation.

I have been pleading with God for this man's regeneration. That's all I can think to do.

Anonymous said...

Dan: I applaud not only your stance, but your honesty (admittedly, since your stance is exactly in line with mine, it's easy to say that first part). It's unpopular to write what you did, and I'm sure you're receive from some quarters a lot of flak for being so... contentious, so... uncharitable, so... unloving. Especially with so many of his opponents tripping over each other to appear gracious and wish him well.

Likewise, I've seen many otherwise solid Christians and even the occasional pastor whipping out Romans 13 and scolding us to be subject, they're God's ministers, and so on, ad infinitum, amen. Romans 13 also informs those leaders they are obliged to act as agents of God's will, rather than acting autonomously from Him.

I wonder - and no, I'm not equating Mr. Obama with these men, before anyone goes down that road - whether Christians in Germany when Hitler assumed power, or in Russia under Stalin, felt obliged to pray for the success of their leaders' agendas.

I'm not only willing to pray for Mr. Obama, but eager. I'll pray for his conformity to God's will, for the salvation of his soul, for his enlightenment and correction, even for his health and his life. But I will not pray for the success of his agenda as it now stands; to do so would be sin.

And I tremble at the ominous words of 1 Sam 8:18: "And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day."

Jay said...

More people considering a career in the military will say, "Forget it." More parents will counsel their children considering entering the military, "Forget it."

Why? Because there might be gays there? I think gay sex is sinful as much as the next guy, but I was raised in Eastern NC (tons of military bases and soldiers here). The military is full of men who are almost disgustingly promiscuous (to the point where I think "pervert" is an appropriate term). They may be straight, but that doesn't take away the fact.

I do think that DADT should be repealed in certain sectors of the military, namely intelligence. Combat units are one thing, but there's no really sensible reason why a gifted translator shouldn't be allowed to help protect his/her country from people who would like to see homosexuals hanged in the village square.

Rita Martinez said...

y'all can move to my country!
Abortion is illegal and as long as the RCC is in control it will always be illegal, there is no same-sex marriage not even a thought of it...actually someone tried to attempt such a thing and it was repudiated to the max...there is no such thing as a draft nor will it ever be! and you are more than free to evangelize through whatever medium (TV, Radio, Street evangelism, ad signs on the street, you name it) you prefer! :D

But escaping problems such as these is never the solution...I'll be praying for the failure of those wretched promises...

Anonymous said...

"Citizens will be denied the option of amending the constitution explicitly to protect the definition of marriage"

What are you referring to with that sentence? I don't see how Obama could prevent a constitutional amendment. Are you saying he'll take steps to make it impossible to define in state constitutions?

DJP said...

I'm referring to this, from the web site:

"Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage: President Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006 which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman and prevented judicial extension of marriage-like rights to same-sex or other unmarried couples."

I phrased my criticism poorly. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll amend it — not elegantly, but better, I hope.

Again, thanks.

Gilbert said...

The fun is starting:

1. During a press corps visit, Obama got mad at Politico when a reporter for them asked some serious questions. Obama responded that this is not the time for questions. Anotehr reporter blurted out that it's still unbelievable to him that he must call him "Mr. President". Hello, are you just shaking the hands that elected you?

2. He's not letting press photographers go where they've almost always been able to go and take photos. In response, AP, AFP and Reuters didn't release any of their pictures to their customers of the Inauguration.

3. The REAL swearing-in ceremony was done WITHOUT a Bible or anything else! Or cameras, just audio and one lousy White House staff photographer's photo.
Wow, I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but...

4. This is just the beginning. And the liberals are still having so much BDS that they couldn't even enjoy their guy's inauguration. The name-calling as Bush left the White House for the last time and the middle fingers from some obvious rich folks who got to see that up close will come back to haunt them.