Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mark Joseph's recommendations for "Saving Narnia"

Mark Joseph gives a list of ten suggestions for saving the Chronicles of Narnia film franchise. Joseph brings an educated perspective, having been involved in one way or another with a number of noteworthy films.

Joseph registers a number of the same concerns I voiced back in 2005, and gives a good deal more detail as to the spiritual tone-deafness of some of the movies' handlers and shapers. As I said, they should keep being pointed back to the books, whose proven cross-generational track-record should be compelling enough.

I hope he gets heard.

(h-t Cindy Swanson)

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Interesting 'overlap' with your comments from 2005 and the post today over at Pyro.

"How classically post-modern. Adamson generously allows that Lewis had his beliefs and worldview -- but then says that his own story is "up to the individual," and "open to interpretation." In other words, there is no doubt what Lewis meant by his story -- but it's okay for us to make it mean whatever we want.


Adamson, in these remarks, doesn't display such humility or reverence. He read the books when he was eight, and he feels it's his right to impose his memory and his current template on the books."

Hmmm, my word verification is "dopedly". As in "She said, dopedly" ? (I hope not!)