Monday, March 02, 2009

Temporary free access to ESV Study Bible online

People who purchase the ESV Study Bible can access the whole Bible and notes (and other features) online.

From March 2-31, 2009, you can see the notes too, even if you haven't purchased the study Bible yet.

Check it out. There's no obligation to buy.


Julie said...

All right! All right!

Going on my birthday wish list...


Shinar Squirrel said...

Mrs. Squirrel would kill me if I bought another Bible. "Another Bible? What do you need another Bible for? The only one you ever use is your NASB MacArthur Study Bible!"

So sad to be so misunderstood in one's own home... :-)

Seriously, though, I really like the ESV, except for the fact that they stayed, word for word, with the RSV translation of Daniel 9:25.

The ESV is easier reading then the NASB, and is the translation that I'm using for my reading plan. But I still preach and teach from the NASB, and I'm ok with that ;-)

The Squirrel

Mesa Mike said...

But I bought one already.

I'm counting on #44 to force a redistribution in my favor, since, unlike those who didn't buy an ESVSB, I can't get something for free. Fair is fair, you know.

Fred Butler said...

Maybe I will be pegged as a crybaby,
but the fact that I had to fill out an on-line login form just to view it is extremely annoying.