Thursday, May 07, 2009

Forget PC vs Mac: what about...?


Jon said...

Where's all the other nerds around here?

This is definitely the best line in that video, "And we just asked a few writers to think about the possibility of maybe of what it might take to theoretically make a Justice League movie in the next ten years or possibly more perhaps."

Oh, and this hurts for someone that used to collect Superman comics as a "younger" adult, "I might actually fight a super villain in the next movie." Hello! Bring back Zod! Not the other two, just Zod!

P.D. Nelson said...

Sorry Jon I've been too busy doing nerd things to catch up to this. However, I have to say the best part was the Batman line.

Because I am Batman, BATMAN!

Jon said...

Speaking of Batman. (*Spoiler Warning*)

When watching 'The Dark Knight' I've come to the conclusion that the Joker is actually somewhat consistent with his world view. If the world is just a bunch of random events and if nothing has meaning then why not embrace anarchy? I wonder if people even ponder that fact?

The movie obviously blunders when it gives some intrinsic goodness of character to the people at the end. When the Joker gives the detonation switch to each boat to blow up the other, I highly doubt that people on both boats wouldn't be clambering for that remote to save themselves. I think our first thought would be to save ourselves from destruction, even if it means to kill others we believe to be less deserving. It's only by God's grace that we can see past those selfish tendencies.

I better stop now... I'm starting to feel like an emerging seeker-sensitive church trying to teach biblical truth through movie themes.