Friday, July 31, 2009

Hither and thither 7/31/09

This week's assortment pretty well epitomizes H&T's (intended) jolly eclecticism, mixing the serious, the sad, the funny and the weird. (Hm; I think I have my autobiography-title! Now if only I could get a life worth writing about....)

And if I do play Tour Guide and say so — which, if I don't, who will? — note the flow and segues. They're particularly slick today:
  • John Piper's generosity is really amazing. He has provided yet another free book for download, about William Tyndale, Adoniram Judson, and John Paton.
  • Also free, but of no evident eternal value: these are really cool. The gent makes vivid 3D paintings on the sides of buildings, often putting people and objects in the picture that heighten the effect. For instance, the lady below is in the painting. Be sure to go to the site to see the rest.
  • Staying with art, I ask: what was your kid doing when he was six? I'm guessing not this. (Not mine, either. For that matter, not me. Hm, think there's a connection?)
  • Full-size house built out of Lego bricks?
  • And if that isn't enough Lego to keep my weekly unspoken promise to fans and their kids:
  • Fizzy milk? Brr-r-r-r-r.
  • For Phil Johnson.
  • Staying with the food theme: courtesy of my DAOD, the inestimable Rachael, I bring you — Darth Porkchop.
  • Now smoothly focusing on the Star Wars theme (and thanks to the same source), an interview catches up with Jake Lloyd. Who, you ask? The poor little (then) ten-year old who played Anakin in Phantom Menace. It isn't fair, but many blame the film's flat quality on Lloyd's flat performance.
  • But we all know it wasn't Lloyd who ruined the film. We know who the real culprit was, don't we?
  • Too "edgy"? Well, um... sorry. Maybe this?
Yes, Lucas is an evil genius. Maybe he really can’t write dialog better than a marginally talented twelve-year-old could, or maybe it’s just a ruse. Maybe he deliberately picked really bad actors to play Anakin Skywalker as a boy and young man. Maybe the plot is already complete and we just don’t realize it because he’s just that devious. Or maybe the final stage of the plan has yet to be sprung.
  • Another slick segue, plucking out the theme of sinister, shadowy figures: two policemen attempt a background check on President Obama... and are suspended.
  • Saying "police" and "Obama" calls to mind the President's foolish and ignorant condemnation of a police incident, and subsequent attempts to smooth things over. The President hosted a little sipping of the suds at the White House — but it was merely a photo opportunity, as far as is known. The best thing about it is what it's being called: "White House Hoppy Hour,""Mug It Out," "The Audacity of Hops," "Coalition of the Swilling" and "Red, Light and Blue" (after three of the beers participants chose: Red Stripe, Bud Light and Blue Moon), and of course "Yes, Three Cans."
  • Reader James Joyce (not the author, who died in 1941, and is probably not a BibChr reader) gives us a peek at the side of Canadian healthcare that Michael Moore and the Dems don't talk about.
  • Two words and a disclaimer: luxury toilets (one coarse term). 'Nuff said. Really.
  • Okay, maybe a little more. Check the Neorest site, particularly the writeup on the home page. Are they talking about a trip to the bathroom, or a religious experience? Honestly, it makes one wonder what one has been missing, all these years. But... well, not for long.
  • On the other hand:
  • Staying with food, my family really, really likes Chik-fil-A. And so, it turns out, does Kevin deYoung. Me, I'm positive, but unenthusiastic.
  • There have been a lot of rumors about the coming movie adaptation of The Hobbit. Producer Peter Jackson lays some to rest, gives some solid info here.
  • Our sister from the frozen regions of Iceland, Lynda Chan, alerts us to a big weekend up yonder. It is Merchant's Holiday Weekend, featuring such activities as a mud ball tournament, and The Herring Adventure. The page has links to a map of Iceland with many interesting historical notes: such as that "to count as a 'real Icelandic man' you have to be able to swim naked to this island with a torch in your hand while singing the national anthem"; and that in 1253 "the farm of Gizur who later became Earl of Iceland burth - he escaped hiding in a barrel full of skyr-yogurt."
  • You will think this is a joke, but it isn't. The good news is that (the dye used in) blue M&Ms can treat spinal injuries. The bad news: it turns you, well, blue.
  • Back to the subject of food: ooh, nom. Rubic's cubewich. But where do the mayo and lettuce go?
  • Staying with the theme, again with the nom: pie-lipops.
  • Think that bus you took is crowded? Check this train.
  • Some of these are funny. I just feel like they could have been funnier.
  • That's all the text for now, leaving only the end-pictures. My dear wife and I have plans for the weekend. "Doing what," you ask? I'll never tell. Not until next week.


Fred Butler said...

It could also be that George Lucas is just a flannel wearing toy sales man.

Rachael Starke said...

I've met George Lucas.

His style of writing is as scintillating and full of life as his style of conversation.

DJP said...

Probably didn't know who you were.

"Mr. Lucas?"
"I'm Rachael."


"Rachael Starke. Who comments on the Biblical Christianity blog."

{wine spray}

"Hold me! Like you did by the lake on Naboo!"

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Nice round-up Dan :0)

I think I'll pass on the fizzy milk (though it's better than what I thought I saw at first glance, which was fuzzy milk).

That six year old artist surely puts me to shame. On a good day I can draw stick figures. *sigh*

Love the John Pugh murals. Have you seen Julian Beever ?


Rachael Starke said...

((coffee spray))


Yeah. Ew.

Actually, he reminded me of just any other technogeek - brilliant, but not as in touch with the ordinary world as the average person.

Which perhaps explains things like the Ewoks and J.J. Binks.

CGrim said...

On Canadian healthcare, have you seen this? (30-second video) Refreshing. :)

Chick-fil-A is eh... okay. The whole-wheat buns they use on the Chicken Club sandwich are perpetually dry. Disappointing.

So sad for the kid who played Anakin! Hollywood: Destroyer of Child Actors!

CGrim said...

Er, in case that link doesn't work, try this:

Paula said...

Oh, that Japanese Toto toilet seat gave me a good 15 minutes of side-splitting laughter. The comments section contained quite a wealth of euphemisms for 'toilet' and 'backside'! It seemed to be perhaps moderated up until the last 3-ish comments, which got a bit nasty. One of my faves:

"As a host, I cannot imagine installing something so complex and deviant (from American Standards - pun) that requires me to have a lecture and demonstration for every guest who needs to use the potty. I can imagine this conversation through a closed door: (Me) “What’s wrong in there?” (Guest)” Every time I try to flush, a light comes on.” (Me) “Oh, you need to push the blue button to the right!” “It just sprayed my pants!” “You weren’t suppsosed to stand up first.” “Are you kidding me? It’s supposed to do what?!” And so on. It’s enough to make Thomas Crapper flush, er, blush.

DJP said...

LOL, I didn't read that far.

Trinian said...

Honestly, I hope those two policemen get sacked and fined. You can't be allowed to run a random background check on a person just because you think the result might be interesting - even when it's a famous person that you don't like, it's still invasion of privacy.

Rachael Starke said...

Hadn't had a chance to read some of the links till now.

My dear over the fence neighbor has one of these luxury toi-tois in the master suite of her newly remodelled master suite house - she's Japanese. How do we know this? When she was giving us the tour after all the noisy construction, she spent more time talking about it and its benefits for post-partum women (she and her husband would really like to have a baby) than any other feature of the house.

She even invited us over any time to try it out.

Wierder still - my husband totally wants to take her up on it.

We're really looking for ways to get to know and love our neighbors into the Kingdom, but I told him I put my foot down about putting any other part of our person down on that thing for research purposes.

But I'll tell you what, if that new CEO who wants to break into the American market and needs some extra marketing communications help, I'd totally love to work on that project. The challenge would be awesome.

And Lynda Chan's country has to win the award for "Most Obvious Demonstration of What Happens To People Who Are Deprived Of Sunlight For Months At A Time."

Paula said...

Rachael said, "We're really looking for ways to get to know and love our neighbors into the Kingdom, but I told him I put my foot down about putting any other part of our person down on that thing for research purposes."

Your husband could leave a Million Dollar Bill Tract on the seat after he's done : )

Joe W. said...

With all due respect, Chick-fil-A is awesome.

Aaron said...


They'll probably not be fired...although it's certainly possible. I'd say I'm surprised they were so stupid, but my Agency has many such incidents each year despite several annual training sessions that tell you exactly not to do that (especially on famous people who are tagged so that if you run them it sends up a flag).

Lucas acted like he really didn't want to do any more Star Wars after Episodes IV through VI. I through III reflect that, IMO.

chi-fil-a? Clever advertising...not so great food.

Barbara said...

Eau de toilette - reminds me of the "three seashells" from "Demolition Man" (which I think is where "they" - whoever "they" are - are directing our society.

But as a nurse and as a woman, the thing that gets me about the "luxury toilet" is the placement of the jet in what appears to be an easily contaminated area - though I know of no place on a toilet that isn't easily contaminated. I can easily imagine the aftereffects on a woman of being sprayed "clean" with E. Coli and Proteus species bacteria. They may not like our American obsession with TP, but women are supposed to "wipe front to back" for a reason.

Barbara said...

Eclectic, right?

Paula said...

It was fascinating reading the comments section of the Totus...wait...Totus is Obama's teleprompter...I meant, the comments section of the Toto was fascinating to see the cultural differences between the Japanese and American bathroom habits and general personal hygiene. I had no idea how ignorant I was. Proving once again, this is the most educational blog on the net.

The Squirrel said...

Chick-fil-A! Love 'em! Closest in somewhere in Wyoming. And when I was driving truck, I noticed that they were always located at non-truck-friendly exits. Sad. Haven't had one in years, but I get the cow calendar each year.


Susan said...

Wow. That 6-year old boy is amazing! His watercolors certainly show skill and maturity beyond his years. Not only is his sense of perspective solid, but his choice of colors are great, too. With practice and proper instruction, this kid could be the next John Singer Sargent, one of my all-time favorite artists.

Susan said...

Here's a better Sargent watercolor site. He was also astounding in his oil paintings as well--this is a sample. (He was probably best known by his notorious painting Madame X, but I think I enjoy looking at his watercolors more than it.)

Susan said...

(Sorry. On the oil painting link, two out of the six are not Sargent's works. Only the top left and the bottom three belong to him.)

Aaron said...

I love the toilets!

How much does one cost! It's like a toilet and bidet all in one.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Yeah, all that potential and they come up with Jar Jar Binks. Sad that.

As for Canadian health care..sure it's not perfect, but John Q. isn't Canadian is he? I rest my case.


chopstickschan said...

It was quite an adjustment when we moved to Iceland from Japan--and no longer had toilets with SEAT WARMERS! In ICELAND. Yep, those toilets could do just about anything but fly :)