Saturday, July 04, 2009

Palin resigns

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be on vacation (as my Dear Wife reminded me), but even so I heard the news of Sarah Palin announcing her resignation as Alaska's governor. I was surprised, like everyone else, and puzzled, like ditto.

I've read a number of analyses, none of them really heart-lifting. And of them all, as so often happens, Mark Steyn's take seems like it packs an awful lot of common sense. At present, it makes about the best sense to me.


Jay said...

If it's a move to shield her family from the absolutely appalling way they've been treated, then she has even more of my respect than she had previously (and that's quite a lot).

If it's a political move, then she loses a fair amount. I'll wait to see what happens.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Though I voted for her, (and I would again... given the alternatives), I hope Mark Steyn is right, and she's preserving her family.

Now get off the computer and go enjoy Independence Day!


GrammaMack said...

Thank you for that link. I was baffled by her resignation and her speech and then appalled by the reactions I've been reading. I hope Mark Steyn is right as well.

CR said...

I think we just need to take her reasons for resigning at face value. Among other reasons which included family and personal reasons, that the ethics complaints were costly (both to state taxpayers and her family) and distracting and impaired the Palin's administration to do their job for the state of Alaska.
A few of the ethics complaints included her being a starter for some dog show and wearing a logo jacket; travelling out of state for political purposes, etc. etc. etc. all of which were dismissed.

Gov. Palin has set up a legal defense fund here.

I don't know what her future plans are. For now, she is keeping them secret. I think it is futile to comment on 2012 aspirations (or lack thereof) until she gives us an indication of what her plans are.

I'm shocked at what happened and I'm devastated. But I'm also confident that what is happening to her right now is good for her as the Bible clearly states, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and belong to him.

Mike Westfall said...

The Saul Alinsky tactics employed by the deranged apparently do work.

Our loss. America's loss.

Paula said...

It's sad that we live in a time where we are so cynical (OK, may it's just me) that we expect the other shoe to drop.

Aaron said...

The Saul Alinsky tactics employed by the deranged apparently do work.

Of course they work. Satan has had a lot of time to perfect his strategy.

MJ said...

My gut tells me that Steyn is right and this is a family-related decision. Nothing else makes sense. The fools in charge have trashed her, her husband, her two daughters and even her wee baby who they would prefer just be dead. Which Palin will be next? As vicious and vitriolic as the lib wackos are and as cynical as I am, I would have never guessed the depths to which they would have sunk regarding the Palin family. It just shows the hearts of these sick, sinful, truly demented people in the press, entertainment world and, unfortunately, Washington DC. I wish her the best and some relief from the stream of hatred that's been focused on her since last fall.

Rachael Starke said...

I had no small identity crisis when Sarah Palin came on the scene, because she seemed at first to have the life I had always wanted, but my more conservative church family told me was selfish rebellion against God's design. Watching things unravel, especially when it came to Bristol, was really instructive for me. If I was Sarah, I would have had more than one night spent crying over how my fight to "balance" things might have contributed, even in the smallest way, to Bristol's situation. God really used that season to remind me to be faithful to what God has given me now, and let Him handle the future.

I wonder if she isn't thinking about her 14 y.o. daughter especially. What kind of young woman will she become, knowing that her mom gave up what she did for her sake (if that is even part of the reason)?

In ten or fifteen years, she'll still be young enough to come back on the scene in a huge way, but her family will be grown enough to handle whatever flak gets flung.

But a reluctant amen to Steyn's thoughts about what this means about the kinds of politicians we can look forward to enduring from here on out. The media terrorists won.

CGrim said...

If it's a political move, I don't think this will hurt her much. The only people criticizing her for it are the ones who already hated her anyway.

I had been rooting for her since I first became aware of her in early 2007, but I really hope this is a personal move, to get her family away from the great moral hazard that is national politics.

The mud-slinging fanatics may have "won" from a temporary, temporal perspective, but we can take great comfort in knowing that we serve an immeasurably wise Judge, and injustice never prevails in the end.

Aaron said...

I had no small identity crisis when Sarah Palin came on the scene, because she seemed at first to have the life I had always wanted, but my more conservative church family told me was selfish rebellion against God's design.

Ok, Rachael, I am completely and utterly fascinated by this comment. What specifically did you envy? Because even for men, moving higher in one's chosen career usually means more sacrifice for family.

If it's a political move, I don't think this will hurt her much .

Plus there's usually a lot less media attention on Senators. Of course, in her case, the media will likely see such a bid as a move towards an eventual Presidential campaign.

LeeC said...

"Plus there's usually a lot less media attention on Senators. Of course, in her case, the media will likely see such a bid as a move towards an eventual Presidential campaign."

Except that the minute she stepped up as McCains running mate the MSM and her political rivals practically took a blood oath to destroy her and they have not let up since the elections.

Just watch, they still will not let up. She terrified them and so they cannot let her live in peace.

Associate-to-the-Pastor said...

Who's Sarah Palin?

Rachael Starke said...

Sir Aaron:

Well, I certainly envied her a whole lot less as the months went by. :(

What I initially envied was the way she seemed to have built a life where God and her family were at the center, but there was still room for her to use her skills as a leader and communicator in the "outside" world. And everyone affirmed and encouraged her!

I've had a part-time consulting business in the marketing and communication field ever since my girls were babies. When I can use the skills God's given me "outside" the home, even for a few hours a week, my family reaps the benefit by way of a more cheerful, harder working, Spirit-filled wife and mom. But in some circles I'm considered selfish, sinful, obssessed with money, whatever.

I've realized that, when it came down to it, what I was really doing was internally whining at God that He said "yes" to Sarah Palin's desires in a different way than He did to me, as if what He's given me in terms of being home full time wasn't for my very best and His glory. I've since repented. :)

CR said...


I found your comment (and Sir Aaron's question) intriguing. I've been wanting to respond but only found time now. Thanks for clarifying your comment, but I would still like to comment.

There are a couple of things in Gov. Palin, in my opinion, we can (not envy) but should admire.

First, in some sense, she epitomizes what the world abominates. What does state-run media, and other liberals and even some Washingtonian Republicans abominate about her? Is it that she is a female politician? No. Is it because she doesn't have much national experience in politics (No, see President Obama). Is it the fact that she has a huge family with a husband plus 5 kids that loves, now we're getting close towards the envy mark, but still, that's not why they abominate her.

Is it because of her social stances on abortion and that she lives the life and proven it by having Trig? We're getting really warm.

But I believe they abominate her because of her genuine Christian profession and let's not forget her public statements that she was depending on the Lord what to do next. That is something that the world abominates - dependence on God. Interestingly, the Lord exalts what the world abominates.

Just as an aside, I think we should remind people, President Obama epitomizes what state-run media and other liberals and the world for that matter exalts - which is no dependence on God (see his many speeches where he exalts himself). President Obama epitomizes what is abominated in the sight of God.

But anyway, back to what I was saying, to the degree that Gov. Palin does epitomize what the world hates but what the Lord exalts, I think you can admire that.

Prior to Gov. Palin being nominated for VP, she was working on important bipartisan issues as Gov. Alaska. In states like Alaska, social issues are not important. So, she was working on important energy issue. She was also living her own life being a mother and attending church then all of a sudden she gets thrown in national spotlight where social issues are important but also people started learning about her faith. Subsequently, the democrats in the Alaska legislature got their marching orders from the DNC plus they found out what she was really made of and bipartisanship ended.

So, all this to say, that she wasn't muted but was committed on the important social issues and also, in my opinion, expressed her faith and dependence in God to the national stage.

Now, here's another thing. Now, a Christian homemaker mother is extremely God-honoring. It's a wonderful. But I think as you alluded to, in some situations, the Lord chooses to put some Christian women in situations where they are working. Now, I would respectfully disagree with your church that Palin was doing it for selfish reasons (honestly, I don't know), and I would also disagree with other notable preachers that say she should stay home. Now, I don't necessarily exalt the fact that she is a working mother. But what I do admire is that the Lord put her in that position and she is proclaiming her faith.

How many Christian men do that in the workplace? We're so muted, it's pathetic. We're worried about our promotions and all that other stuff. But I think it's okay to admire that fact that in the position that she is in, she is not ashamed to take the positions she is taking and she is not ashamed about sharing her faith. I know you didn't say that's what you admired...but oh how I wish more professing Christian male politicians would do half of what Governor Palin.

CR said...

Incidentally, another ethics complaint was filed against Governor Palin today (July 6, 2009), by a resident who has already had her filed ethics complaints dismissed.

In Alaska, anyone I guess can file ethics complaints.

philness said...

I don't blame her. I wouldn't want my sanctification process shown to the whole world. Especially if I weren't getting any support. While Christianity surely ain't for sissy's, it shouldn't be hers to go at it alone. I mean can a sister get some help from her husband, paleeze. Is he saved or just set apart in the I Cor. 7:14 sense? I mean did they actually think the world was going to embrace them as Christians? And what has their pastor and elders to say? Did they offer any warning or wise council in preparing them for their stance of our Lord?

Well, perhaps neither did I. I think what the Lord showed me was that "seek ye first the kingdom of God" is not just restricted to my immediate family.