Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More about how dissent is, like, really really bad

Turns out: not only is dissent (against The One and his totalitarian ways) not "patriotic"; not only is it Nazi-like and mob-like... it's also KKK-like! Ooh! I don't want to be like that!

What next? Will dissent be Squidward-like?

Perhaps you have some nominees for our DDWTTs (Desperate Dems With Thin Thesaurii)?


DJP said...

BTW... and I groan to have to write this, but if I'm not proactive, some drive-by will object:

Nazis are bad. Ugly mobs are bad. The KKK was are bad.

Representatives of people who don't want to actually hear from the people they represent is also bad. Totalitarianism is also bad. Spitting on the whole ideal of America is also bad.

Jon said...

Alrighty, that website is quite hilarious and sad at the same time. I don't understand radical Republicans and think they're just as deluded as radical Democrats, but that website is as far left as you can go without falling off the end of the world and they can't even see it.

The comments section on the link you provided had everybody agreeing that all of those people aren't worried about Healthcare, but are actually just racist?! Do they actually hear what's coming out of their mouths?

DJP said...

Well duh, Jon! It goes like this:

Racists oppose blacks
Obama is black
Oppose Obama and you're a racist


NoLongerBlind said...

Dan, you obviously subscribe to the teaching that adding du-uhh! (that's two syllables) to the end of any statement automatically makes it a fact.

UinenMaia said...

Please, can I nominate our soon to be former senator (hopefully) Arlen Specter as a DDWTT? Though it might just be a case of poor vocabulary in general.

Whatever the case, telling a room full of already agitated voters that a.) he is under no obligation to be there and b.) he doesn't get paid extra to do this was not a brilliant moment in oratory. Particularly considering that he was talking to his employers.

DJP said...

I liked the one I saw where he was responding to a questioner who complained about the legislators not even reading the bills they're voting on. He said they usually split up the bill and assign it to different people, "because we have to act fast...."

He got that far and the room exploded with boos and cries of "WHY? WHY?"


UinenMaia said...


My husband and I were talking about that last night. I said that I wanted to teach Hamlet the same way this school year - 5 acts, 5 groups. We take a week where they read the act assigned and them move on. Everyone would get to know something about the literature and we would get done faster. Of course, the test would be on the whole play, but that shouldn't be a problem...

If my principal questions the method, I'll just tell him that we are following the Specter Reading Method. He was so excited last year when Specter finally joined "the good party" that I'm sure he will be all on board for this.

Poor Arlen, he's having quite a bad week here. I'll give him this, though: at least he is continuing to have the meetings. And at least he hasn't answered his cell phone in the middle of an audience question!

trogdor said...

Sadly, they have no real need for larger thesaurii, as the constant repetition has worked amazingly well for them. They've convinced vast numbers of people that the National Socialist party was extreme right-wing, fer cryin' out loud.

Anyway, this article should help explain some of the new definitions being bandied about nowadays. Don't like what a word actually means, change it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,they have no real need for larger the saurii...

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