Saturday, September 12, 2009


"To say that something is mysterious
is not to say that nothing can be said of it."

(D. A. Carson, How Long, O Lord? [Baker:1990], 229)


Stefan said...

Can I have some incense and candles with that mystery, please?

Kyle said...

Conversely, to say that "we have this mystery revealed" is not to say that there isn't any mystery left.

Paula said...

I sat in on a Sunday School class one time with a white haired saint, retired missionary who said something to the effect that every time the word "mystery" is used in scripture, it is used in the context of something being revealed that had been hidden. While that may not be precisely true in every instance, it is true in most instances.


witness said...

This book is great! I am in the middle of reading it and I highly recommend it to everyone.