Friday, November 13, 2009

Hither and thither 11/13/09

Another brutal week at work. But does that stop me from slaving away in the cyber-fields for y'all? Hah!
  • Tolerance America. Here's what "harassment" is. Rub your Christian coworker's face in your perverse mockery of marriage? No problem! Enduring such obnoxiousness repeatedly, then finally being provoked into sharing your view that such behavior is (duh) immoral? Terminated for harassment! (A couple of readers noticed this after I also had.)
  • Regular readers — heck, for that matter, casual readers — know that I have about as much use for Roman Catholicism as I do for Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, or any other cult. (It's called "Biblical Christianity blog" — hel-looo?) But I have to admit, I like a man who actually seems to believe what he says he believes. Like Bishop Thomas Tobin.  Evidently he actually believes what the RCC claims for itself, and doesn't quail and cower before the name "Kennedy." When pro-abort Rep. Patrick Kennedy tried the lame dodge, “the fact that I disagree with the hierarchy on some issues does not make me any less of a Catholic,” Tobin called him on it. "[W]hen someone rejects the teachings of the Church, especially on a grave matter, a life-and-death issue like abortion, it certainly does diminish their ecclesial communion, their unity with the Church," he fired back. Then he continues: "Congressman, I’m not sure whether or not you fulfill the basic requirements of being a Catholic," and he calls Kennedy to repentance and conversion.
  • Now, me, I call both men to repentance and conversion. But I do admire a man who is straightforward, and who doesn't seem to be playing games about his religion.
  • Leading me, inevitably, to think of some of evangelicalism's walking, talking unpaid-bills, and the apparent lack of courage among its leaders in calling to similar repentance and conversion.
  • Hunh. Who knew Jumbotrons could be fun? Well, this guy, and this guy. Now, in Korea, you don't even need a Jumbotron. (Thanks to reader Tim Margheim for the first tip.)
  • Reader Julie Garrett knows we'll like this Legoptical illusion, the work of Erik Johansson, whose site has some disturbing images.

  • This is just weird. Remember the much-watched 23rd congressional district race in NY? Where the DIABLO candidate Dede Scuzzywhatchadingdong dropped out, and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman nearly won, but conceded? And the Donk candidate was instantly sworn in and supported Obamacare, which persuaded one GOP congressman to jump ship, all of which aided the bare victory of socialized medicine in the House? (Readers nod.) Turns out... the reported election results that moved Hoffman to concede were wrong, and he actually might not have lost. (Thanks to CR for the tip.)
  • While we're remembering, remember the Planned Parenthood clinic director we mentioned, who changed her position after seeing the sonogram of one of PP's intended victims. Well, she's getting flak for her change. "Nor surprised," you say. Yeah... but from her "church"? Perhaps you'll understand better when I add that it's an Episcopalian church.
  • Reader Pam Siegrfied watched a Huckabee interview of the young lady, Abby Johnson.
  • Staying with Legos, here's a Lego Lunch Succeed.

  • Think you've seen every kind of clock there is? I'll bet not.

  • If she cries, she dies. Mercy, that sounds like a setup for a Twilight Zone episode.  What would it be like, raising such a child, fearful (though no fault of hers) of doing anything that might make her cry?
  • Mm. Poor kitties, or Feline Cone of Silence?

  • Fellow Joe-lovers might enjoy this cute (and informative) coffee info chart. Warning: one bad word, and one bad acronym.
  • So first you think, "I'd like to know the story behind that." Then you think, "Wait -- maybe not so much."

  • You have probably seen the video of the drunk woman who falls in front of a subway train and is spared. Thanks to an anonymous reader, we learn the driver prayed that the woman would be unhurt. I wonder whether anyone has pointed out Proverbs 23:29-35 to the drunken woman who almost gave that driver a lifetime of undeserved nightmares. We do know she thinks she does not have a drinking problem.
  • No relation. Trust me on this. Neither the kid nor (especially) his parents.
  • With so many homeschooling readers, odds are that at least some of you are into....

  • And hey! Look at the funny pictures!


Fred Butler said...

That first dancing jumbotron guy is like so me in 8th grade.

and just think: I got married.

CR said...

Yeah, and what really sucks is that Owens is on the ballot twice: Democrat and Independent and Scozzafava is also on the ballot twice as a Republican and some other party. Hoffman is on there only once.

Hoffman may not be able to pull it off because it's a three way race with Owen and Scozzafaza on the ballot twice.

SolaMommy said...

Ima get me some shrimp tacos.

DJP said...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the Korean version of the Jumbo-tron... very clever!

Can you imagine the parenting challenges of raising that little girl (she cries, she dies)? How would you discipline her???

Gee... what would it take to convince the subway woman that she does have a drinking problem? Yikes.

Happy weekend!


REM said...

However could broadcasting your relationship 4 stinkin’ times with intent not of approval, but celebration, then flexing your ties to the Human Remains Dept for this interruption not be considered exceptional worker activity? We so need to hire such a business-is-first minded chick, which obviously has her company's clients, profit and well being above her own on the forefront of her mind.

RT said...

The Brookstone man's mistake was that he didn't get to Human Resources before the lesbian did. It was pointless to confront her

NoLongerBlind said...

Dan, unless I'm mistaken, I think I see a familial resemblance in that lollipop-on-the-head picture;
'zat you in your wild'n crazy youth?

C'mon, fess up!

RT said...

Allow me to register surprise that Ms Johnson managed to summon enough moral courage to leave her employment but can't face chilly looks from the Altar Guild ladies. Of course I note that it took her 8 years to figure out that Planned Parenthood is pro-abortion. Or maybe she knew it was pro-abortion but it took her 8 years to summon enough moral courage to quit. Either she is not very bright or not very courageous, but given her aversion to chilly looks I would presume the latter.

Paula said...

RE: Tolerance - Last night [insert name of talking-head liberal blond] was on Hanity, calling the blond beauty queen a homophobe for opposing gay marriage while giving Hillary and Obama a pass because, after all, they "just said that to get votes and don't really believe it." Can they not hear themselves? or is it some sort of mental disorder that allows such cognative dissonance?

Susan said...

1. Julie said: "Can you imagine the parenting challenges of raising that little girl (she cries, she dies)? How would you discipline her???"

Julie--I thought the exact same thing! How can they possibly discipline her??

2. The Korean Human Jumbotron is awesome. At first I thought it would be similar to our collegiate football games' halftime gigs (with student finding colored cards under their seats), but after watching the whole thing, I must say that the KHJ is spectacularly well coordinated and completely entertaining. Sure beats some of the pros' halftime shows (think Jackson/Timberlake fiasco)....

3. That man who got terminated for being honest with his views sure is courageous. May the Lord bless him for his willingness to speak the truth in love.

candy said...

Erik Johansson is a very interesting Magritte/Escheresque kind of photographer. I enjoyed looking at his work.

Sir Aaron said...

Forget discipline. Just keeping a two year old from falling or crying over something small would hard work. My daughter would cry if I got her breakfast out in the wrong order. Oddly, discipline was the only thing that worked to stop the crying. Without discipline, the crying fits would have certainly grown worse.

Regarding the brookstone employee, I wonder if we ought to use more wisdom when we are being trapped. The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with their questions and he phrased his answers accordingly. This guy was most certainly trapped. Anyways, just a random thought.