Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Logos Bible Software is having a 12 Days of Christmas sale

From December 9-20, Logos will have a new deal each day. Each day presents a one-day-only sale.

Click HERE each day to find the day's deal.


Fred Butler said...

Is there anything really worth buying? How about a half off HALOT download or something. Every time I get an email announcing a sale, I am treated to the complete "Be" series by Warren Wiersbe collection, or something like that.

Not to complain or anything.

DJP said...

Like some cheese with that?

VcdeChagn said...

Buy L4 Portfolio, then you get HALOT at pennies on the dollar (The problem is that 31,000$ worth of books is still quite a few pennies!

JackW said...

Way to go guys, made me look up HALOT.

I’m not gifted in tongues like you guys, so I wasn’t really that interested. I will say that I am really enjoying Logos 4. I use it everyday instead of every week or so like I did with 3.

So, isn’t Bibleworks the preferred software for the original language elitist?

DJP said...

If I am that elitist, then yes.

JackW said...

Sorry, I meant to put a ;-) at the end of that last post. Being language challenged is compounded by A.G.E.