Saturday, December 26, 2009

Randomest.Question. Ever.

Everybody, his dog, and the cockroach in his walls does a Top Ten list at year's end.

If I were to do one here or at Pyro — which I'm not saying I am going to do, mind — of what would you like to see my Top Ten? Or Bottom Ten?


JackW said...

Let’s see:
1. Dan’s top ten cat pictures
2. Dan’s top ten Lego’s pictures
3. Dan’s top ten Obama cartoons
4. Dan’s top ten Greek Words
5. Dan’s top ten Hebrew Words
6. Dan’s top ten worst Bible teachers
7. Dan’s top ten best Bible teachers
8. Dan’s top ten proverbs
9. Dan’s top ten made up words
10. Dan’s top ten list of top ten list.

DJP said...

Okay, nobody's going to top that, so... good night! Thanks for coming! Everybody drive carefully! You're the greatest! Good night!

NoLongerBlind said...

Hows about the one's top ten lies (thus far, anyways), or, the top ten examples of the current administration's laughable spinning of truth.

Kim said...

I definitely vote for Dan's Top Ten Worst Bible Teachers.

Michelle said...

Your top ten reasons why the "anthropogenic global warming" hoax is being perpetrated and perpetuated.

Kim said...

How about the Top Ten Things About Canadians Which Perplex Dan the Most?

NoLongerBlind said...

Top ten predictions for 2010?

Unknown said...

I know I will be hated for this, but it is like a car wreck that must be gawked at. Top ten posts for readers to re-read over and over. For me it was the Bob Dylan Christmas video. And I cant get the song out of my head

Stephen Rodgers said...

Alright, I realize that this is out of character with most of the previous suggestions, but even though it's a tad cliche, I would love to see your top ten list of books for the year. That's something I would personally benefit from.

My $0.02.

Alternatively, if you wanted to put the DJP twist on it, top 10 WORST books of the year (but you have to say why, and then recommend what to read instead). A lot of that could be cribbed from previous posts here and over at TeamPyro.

Jugulum said...

You could go meta, and do a top-ten list of the best top-ten lists you've seen.

Peter Eddy said...

I'm surprised no one said anything about books. For example, you could do a list of the top ten books you've ever read. Or the top ten books you've read in 2009. Or your top ten books published in 2009.

Other ideas:
-top ten figures in Church history;
-top ten heresies that helped the Church (e.g., Arius forced the Church to come up with a strong formulation on the Trinity; the rise of Marcion significantly aided the formation of the canon);
-top ten evidences for Christianity;
-top ten fallacies commonly used by atheists;
-top ten romantic/thoguhtful things you've done for Valerie;
-top ten stories you have from times doing personal evangelism;
-top ten misunderstandings of Jesus' parables;
-I don't know if anyone is able to do this, nevertheless, the top ten recommended seminary professors to take classes with;
-and, less seriously (though certainly legitimate), top ten reasons why cats make the worst pets.

Peter Eddy said...

Oops, I spoke too soon. Should have read Stephen Rogers' comment.

Gordon Cheng said...

Top ten book reviews by Carson, Piper or Packer that damn with faint praise.

Go on I double dog dar you, Dan! ;-)

DJP said...

Gosh, you all... I'm having one of those "my-readers-are-cleverer-than-I-am" moments.

Susan said...

Hmm...since you love Proverbs so much, how about a top 10 lists of your favorite Proverbs (and why)?

Jon said...

How about a list of the Top 10 stupid reason for dissing dispensationalism... oh wait.

Top 10 Best Joel Osteen Quotes. Or would that be "Worst" quotes?

Top 10 Lame Reasons people use Macs.

Top 10 Reason Not to sign the MD. There's been so little discussion of this.

Top 10 Reasons Mark The Driscoll is rad.

I'm sure I'll think of more... useful suggestions? Probably not.

Magister Stevenson said...

Ok, here are a couple I would like to see (in order of interest):
1. Top 10 reasons you love the Church
2. Top 10 reasons you want to pastor a church
3. Top 10 benefits of knowing Greek (and Hebrew, though that could be a separate top ten)--perhaps this could be a list of the 10 best things a good translation still misses without knowing the original languages


David Regier said...

Top ten trolls?

Mike Riccardi said...

How about...

Top 10 blog posts you've read by "small-time" bloggers.

This would obviously exclude your PyroPartners©, JT, Challies, etc.

CR said...

Top ten things critics of premillenialism are wrong about the second coming.

Jon said...

OH! What CR said! Let's teach those A/Post-Mill crazies a lesson or two! RAWR!

Mike Westfall said...

How about the top ten corniest Christian music videos. I nominate this one, for instance.

Susan said...

Mesa Mike--what an awful video through and through! It's beyond corny--it belongs in the cornfield!! :p

Hey...maybe this can spin off into a new top 10 list: Top 10 List of Worst "Christiany" Songs Ever....

Aaron said...

top ten "Isn't evolution wonderful"

NoLongerBlind said...

Hey Mesa Mike, apparently, that song and video have risen (or should I say sunken?) to somewhat of a cult-like status, as evidenced by this video of the David Crowder Band at a concert in September of 2008.

Definitely one of the top-ten examples of lame attempts at making Christianity relevant, and truly belongs in the Graveyard of Relevance!

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Now that I know the French translation of O Holy Night and no longer enjoy my favorite Christmas hymn, perhaps you could do a list of top 10 "classic" hymns that fail theologically. And on the flip-side, a list of ten (if you can find them) modern-day worship songs that pass with flying colors (so-to-speak; no interpretive ribbon dancing, please.)


Steven R. Robertson said...

Top ten words and/or acronyms coined by DJP.

Seriously, it'd have to be hard to narrow down to just ten.

DJP said...

Wow... have I made up that many words and acronyms?

Kirby said...

Kudos to all the suggestions above from which I like:

Top 10 Proverbs
Top 10 Theological Failure Hymns
Top 10 Problems with "In the Garden"
Top 10 FAIL pictures
Top 10 Pastors (Keeping 1 Cor 4 in mind)
Top 10 Passages that A/Post-Mill'ers get wrong
Top 10 Dispensations (ha, just kidding)
Top 10 easy-believe-ism fallacies

Associate-to-the-Pastor said...

The Top 10 best Top 10 list from around the internet.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sir Aaron beat me to it...

Top 10 "Isn't evolution wonderful"