Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bayly brothers hit a triple

Probably more than a triple, but three posts arrested my attention.

First, to you who don't know them. Tim and David Bayly are pastors, and sons of the late Joseph Bayly (1920-1986). Papa Bayly was (among other things) an editor and an author. As a young Christian, I enjoyed his books The Gospel Blimp, The View from a Hearse, and I Saw Gooley Fly. My favorite, though, was his anthology called Out of My Mind.

It is from that title that his sons named their blog, Out of Our Minds Too. It's one of my regular stops. I was first drawn to it because I liked their dad's writings, and now I enjoy theirs as well. (And of course, the post by David which I noted here gives them a special place in my heart.)

All that to say this: (at least) three posts on their blog right now are particularly worth noting, and I note them to you:
These all feature links to other articles, so I'm doubling here: the original articles are worth reading, particularly accompanied by the Baylys' remarks.

Plus, I get to point you to another worthwhile blog.

In case you feel the need for another blog.


    Fred Butler said...

    The Gospel Blimp is timeless. I would absolutely love to see the original 60s movie remade. It would be awesome.

    DJP said...

    Wonder whether Phil's read it. I think he'd love it.

    Fred Butler said...

    I'm sure he probably has. I have more in mind the movie than the book. The movie, as cheaply as it was done, was outstanding and hit on every major evangelical shibboleth known at that time, and that still exist today, though in much broader form.

    I think the movie could be redone, similar to a mockumentary style like the "The Office." And there are several other avenues to explore since the original. The Emergent churches, the Saddleback PDL model, Youth oriented retreats (I am thinking Louie Giglio and his Indescribable stuff).

    The one obstacle would be the fact that the movie company making such a remake would be parodying the very churches they attend for the most part. I could imagine a bold film maker experiencing an Orson Welles-William Hearst type of battle.

    Terry Rayburn said...

    Yeah. Old memories of The Gospel Blimp, along with you other gray-heads.

    Reading and discussing it was practically a cult within my church in the late '70's.

    Enjoyed the Bayly boys' posts and accompanying articles.

    Speaking of gray-heads, it's amazing what we can accomplish.

    I was driving my son to school yesterday and we passed a man with a long white beard. I couldn't help it, I said, "That's Bret Favre in the off season".

    DJP said...


    Although my hairs actually drop out when they turn grey, so....

    Fred Butler said...

    along with you other gray-heads.

    No gray yet.
    I went to one of those fundy churches where watching any movies except "Christian" movies was sinful. That conviction swiftly narrows down choices and our youth directors were all the time scrounging around to find some "fresh" movie no one ever saw. They were "digging" the bottom of the barrel when they finally came around to showing us Gospel Blimp. Of course, I was just awakening to the issues impacting American evangelicals and thought the 30 year old film was amazingly insightful for our modern times in the 90s.