Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cool theological/Biblical resource site:

Check out

Like my sites, it isn't pretty and shiny, but it has some very good links.

For instance, the theologians page has a listing and biography for many movers and shakers in theology, ranging from Carl Armerding to Edward J. Young.  If the material is available online, it is linked.

Side-note: that led me to a really snotty, condescending obituary for E. J. Young, written by F. F. Bruce.  Most of you won't care. Older and more theologically-trained perhaps will note both names. Young is a hero of mine, Bruce was. Bruce was a consummate scholar, but also a consummate dissembler, to be blunt. Bruce so phrased himself that he had a large evangelical following who didn't know that he denied Pauline authorship of the Pastorals, Daniel's authorship of Daniel, the unity of Isaiah, and on and on. So in this obituary, Bruce poses as praising Young — but he's really lecturing and scolding him. It's offensive.
The Biblical studies site similarly has an assortment of tools. For instance, he has a truckload of resources on Proverbs (— though, unaccountable, Bradshaw has overlooked a critical master's thesis and series of lectures related to Proverbs, as well as a series of indispensable blog posts).

(Removing tongue from cheek....)



Anonymous said...

This is a great site. I have followed Michael Vlach for a number of years now and have really appreciated what he has done / is doing.

I love his material on supersessionism.

DJP said...

Aigh! Took me a moment to figure out why you were mentioning Vlach, who isn't mentioned on that site.

Blogger jumped the gun and linked to Vlach's site (, rather than the one I was writing about ( Now I've fixed it.

Yeah, I've written about Vlach before, and reviewed his book. Wish he'd get out there and mix it up a lot more; there aren't nearly enough of us.

Anonymous said...

Right, sorry about that.

DJP said...

Nothing for you to be sorry about, James. It was my fault. Or, er... Blogger's! Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Dan, blogger messes with all of us sometimes in the same way that the TOTUS messes with Obama.

Perhaps Skynet is already self aware. Or is it the Matrix architect?

lee n. field said...

A mixed bag of theologians.