Monday, February 01, 2010

"Bohemian Rhapsody," with Marc Martel of Downhere

Back in December, we featured How Many Kings by Downhere. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought, "Hunh, that Marc Martel [lead singer] sounds like a Christian Freddie Mercury."

Evidently I wasn't the only one to think that. This is quite a performance. Enjoy.


Kim said...

That was great! I was wondering how he would do at the transition, where the falsetto comes in, and he did great! The guitar players were excellent too.

DJP said...

So glad you enjoyed!


donsands said...

Amazing. The band was superb as well.

I never had any Queen LP's. Though I knew this Mercury artist could sing; and write lyrics. I just never jived with the sound.

Thanks for sharing that. Seems like Marc Martel and Downhere is a above the pop-culture CCm boring music that fills the CCM airwaves.

I'll have to check them out.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

donsands, maybe you'll like his fabulous attempt at opera:

(couldn't resist, Dan.)

: )

donsands said...

Wow! What a voice! This brother is going to be famous, and seems his purpose is to make Jesus famous, as far as I can see. I pray the Lord blesses him, and keeps him from temptation, and delivers him from the evil one: For it is the Lord's kingdom and power, and glory. Amen.

If he was a NHL player, he would be Wayne Gretsky.

Susan said...

Hate to say this, but he makes Freddie sound a bit like Bob (Dylan, that is). For one thing, I never really knew all the words to the original "Bohemian Rhapsody", but now the words actually sound intelligible!!

P.D. Nelson said...

Very nice and so less flamboyant than the original video. Once again you have found an eclectic piece worth listening.

DJP said...

Thanks, P. D. That's music to my ears.

Ken said...

These boys got started at my Bible College up in Canada! Kind of funny to see them mentioned here... =) It's good to see they're still going strong. The song was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Dan. What a way to start my day.

Loved it!

Kerry said...

I'm new here and hate to be a parade-rainer-oner,,,
"Any way the wind blows", "Nothing really matters much to me", etc,,,, did I miss something here?
Don't get me wrong, I even have a few Queen songs
in my iTunes, and that boy and Freddie Merc both had/have amazing voices,,,
were they performing this in a church?/! -KG

dwitzke said...

Excellent cover of the song. He even resembles Freddy Mercury a good bit, facially! (jaw line)

ketch22 said...

I agree with Kerry. Love Marc... have all of downhere's music... and I don't have an issue with singing Queen songs. But when you make that a career choice when your career was previously glorifying God with music, it seems like a step down... it is a step down. Now many can say, he is bring God to Queen, I don't buy it. He is bringing Marc to Queen and a lot of the lyrics are not God glorifying. Just wonder how he is justifying it. I am disappointed. But that is just me.