Friday, February 05, 2010

Hither and thither 2/5/10

Another busy week... but not too busy to serve you up this borgaschmord:
  • San Diego tips: in case you missed it, please check yesterday's activation of the BibChr Brain Trust.
  • Okay now, this just reminds me 'way too much of a scene from Twilight Zone that left me unable to sleep with my bedroom window curtains open. Until I was, like, 47.
  • Okay, not that old. But we are talking double-digits.
  • Reader Susan points out something my Josiah will think is cool on a whole lot of levels: Roman Army "Swiss" knife, from about 200 AD!
  • Say... why are cats so fond of board games?
  • I think this is absolutely hysterical. So you have a burning desire to be a priest in a totalitarian, authoritarian, inerrant, fiercely-hierarchical church whose distinguishing position is that it's never wrong and it's the only real (and perfectly-united) church. Just one problem: the inerrant hierarchical church says you can't be a priest. What to do? Well, naturally, you just break away and do your own thing... representing yourself, unauthorized, as a priest(ess) of this totalitarian, authoritarian, inerrant, fiercely-hierarchical church. The one that says you can't be a priest. And you're a break-off of that one-and-only true and perfectly-united church. Yeah. That makes sense.
  • Ah, the Bizarro-world of tax laws. I pass on, without additional comment: breast augmentation? Ruled as cosmetic surgery, and disallowed. "Sex change" operation? You betcha. (CR passed along that little item.)
  • Goodness. I honestly can't remember reading more common-sense from a pro-abort, than in this column on the Tebow Super Bowl ad controversy.
  • "Caution" indeed.
  • On to more important things. Reader Stephen Rodgers alerts us to some tips on cast-iron skillet pizzas, and on making a grill into a pizza oven. (He also assures us that he doesn't only think about pizza. We await evidence.)
  • Interesting. According to this article pointed out by reader CR, that dedicated "Christian" Barack Obama hasn't attended church much since his election. He has a mix-n-match BlackBerry religion.
  • From that article we also learn that liberal Christian leader Jim Wallis believes you can be a Christian without having a clue about the Gospel or the claims of Christ or the value of a human life or the meaning of marriage... as long as you're "comfortable with [your] own faith."
  • It's hard to read this humiliating article about liberal progressive Christianoid Baptist whatever-talking-thingie Tony Campolo and his stubborn refusal to learn anything from his constant string of bad calls, and not think of Proverbs 4:19. Warning: do not have anything in your mouth when you read the sentence that begins "We really feel that Hillary Clinton was more committed to...." (Thanks to Paula for the link.)
  • Reader Zach West's dad got a little bored during a recent snow storm. Result? Phonehenge.

  • Reader CR grimly and correctly reminds us that President Obama may have the opportunity to make two more Supreme Court appointments soon. Elections have consequences. Professed Christian voters didn't think that one through... or that's my very most charitable estimation.
  • This Frank + Ernest just cracks me up.

  • And the What th--? of the Week award goes to...

  • Penultimately, our IT-savvy readers in particular will enjoy this little snippet, courtesy of reader Zostay. 
  • Leaving us, inevitably, with....


Fred Butler said...

From that article we also learn that liberal Christian leader Jim Wallis believes you can be a Christian without having a clue about the Gospel or the claims of Christ or the value of a human life or the meaning of marriage... as long as you're "comfortable with [your] own faith."

And the difference between liberal Christian leader Jim Wallis and the so-called "evangelical," non-lordship fundamentalist is...?

DJP said...


Citizen Grim said...

The good news about the Supreme Court is that the possible resignations would be the already-very-liberal Ginsberg and Stevens. In the current political climate, Obama might have no choice but to nominate a candidate (Kagan, for example) who would be more attuned to the Constitution than the outgoing justice.

Rhology said...

the Department of Justice is actively seeking to hire lawyers who have "convulsive disorder, mental retardation, [and/or] mental illness"?

Why? Didn't they know that Eric Holder is already the Attorney General?

CR said...

Sorry, Citizen Grim, I couldn't disagree with you more. I don't see any good news here. Granted, it's not as bad as the President replacing conservative justices, but it's still not good news. Remember, one of the justices that voted with Roe v. Wade was appointed by FDR. We're still feeling the effects today almost 80 years after the appointment. Like Sir Aaron said, it's "till death do us part."

The last President to appoint 3 justices was President Reagan and he really screwed up by appointing Kennedy and O'Connor who upheld Roe v. Wade. Democrats never make that mistake - they always appoint liberals.

Republicans in the Senate are also wishy-washy. The mantra - we need to show deference to the President because elections have consequence - baloney. Elections do have consequences but not just in the Presidency, also in the Senate. The Constitution doesn't say anything about showing deference to the President. The President gets to nominate but the Senate has to advise and consent.

If the Republicans win the majority in the Senate in November, they should vote down all his nominees.

Fred Butler said...

If the Republicans win the majority in the Senate in November, they should vote down all his nominees.

It's not even a should, it is a must, but regrettably they won't in the name of being likable, fair minded and bipartisan.

SolaMommy said...

Seriously? A 2-in plastic "gun" got a kid in trouble? Yeesh.

That Blackberry article...oh dear.

How did I know that female priest is also a homosexual?

DJP said...

Sure, why not?

It just makes no sense, does it? Take a self-proclaimedly inerrant church, refuse to submit to it, then pronounce yourself one of its reps.

Why not just name yourself High Priestess of the Causeiwannaite Church?

GrammaMack said...

"Campolo...expected Democrats would work with progressive evangelicals on policy...Campolo says, progressive evangelicals like himself 'are angry' at both parties, frustrated with the White House and 'still concerned' about abortion."

Wow. Was this man naive or was he deceived? I guess both. For sure he was not wise! I wonder if he's angry at himself at all?

donsands said...

Loved watching 'Cheetah'. That cracked me up.

“We really feel that Hillary Clinton was more committed to a pro-life position by far than Obama. We saw it, as she sees it, that something is very, very wrong.”-Campolo

yeah, she voted for "The Born Alive Act", Obama didn't.

But, remember when hubby Bill vetoed THE PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN ACT (HR 1833); Twice.

What's going on inside of Tony's skull? I can't figure this guy out.

Have a great weekend, and Lord's Day.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ah, Dan, Happy Friday :D

Like solamommy, I was not surprised to read that the self-proclaimed Catholic priest was also a lesbian... who would've seen that coming? (*eyes roll*)

Ugh. Tony Campolo just makes my skin crawl. But I suppose I agree with one thing - something, indeed, is very, very, wrong.

Love the outdoor toilet. I bet that's a mom with boys with dirty feet. But a toilet? Why not a "pea patch"?!

And the Lego gun thing doesn't surprise me at all. Before we were homeschooling, my oldest had a drawing confiscated at school. It showed a torpedo hitting a WWII submarine, which was sinking. And - obviously - that kind of dangerous material can't be allowed at school.

Good grief.


Rachael Starke said...

I have to save most of this installment until after the mayhem for my littlest's fourth birthday has died down, but I had to watch the IT geek piece.

Oh. My. Goodness.

That woman was me. No kidding. I spent a couple years as a kind of software evangelist for HP when I was in my early twenties. Most of my audiences were senior IT executives who were twice or three times my age. The first couple months I was terrified they would figure out how technically clueless I really was. But I gradually learned that most of them were more clueless, at least about the stuff I had to talk to them about. So it worked out. :D (I did study voraciously and eventually became pretty technical for a marcomm girl, but still...)

JTW said...

Not too many people know this, but that curious chimp eventually became a Hollywood producer... and now you know, the rest of the story.

greglong said...

From the "Catholic priest" article:

"We all say our call to the priesthood comes from God," said the Rev. Ray Bourgeois, a priest with the Maryknoll religious order and social justice advocate. "Who are we as men to say to women: 'Our call is valid, but yours is not'?"


I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

Paula said...

"Call to Action, an organization of progressive Catholics

and Tony Campolo, progressive Evangelical


And speaking of the Progressive revisionist history pic...

Both Ohio and N. Carolina are considering revising their content standards so that the required high school courses in U.S. history begin in 1877. So in Ohio, U.S. history will begin with "Industrialization and Progressivism (1877-1920)."

We really need a national "dislike" button for that word.

Brad Williams said...


I cannot figure out the diarreha bear. What in the world is that all about?

DJP said...

It was, I think, from an "Engrish" web site, and I have no idea. But I do know this: the journey is beginning.

Steve Hills said...

Here's the comment I don't get from Tony Campolo:

"But even if you don’t agree that abortion is a sin against God, you want to be able to say that abortion is regrettable."

If abortion isn't a sin, exactly why is it regrettable?

DJP said...

Exactly, Steve.

If it's just a surgery, then what's the big? Do you say, "I think an appendectomy is my right, but it is regrettable," or even "I think an ear piercing is my right, but it is regrettable"?

If the point is that it's regrettable that it's necessary, like all surgery is regrettable... well then, I say don't bother.

If it's wrong, then it mustn't be done. If it's an assault on an innocent baby, the baby should be protected.

But if it's not wrong, then what's the fuss?

Sir Aaron said...

Yeah, BO will nominate less liberal judges to the Supreme Court then the ones departing because (1) he's shown that he'll stop pursuing his radically liberal agenda if the people disagree with it and (2) based on his track record so far with judicial nominees. Right? {/s}

NOW is opposed to the Tebow commercial because it brings to light a rather inconvenient fact, i.e., that you're aborting an actual human being. They know that fact is the key to changing the minds of the populace and will do everything to keep it concealed.

Paula: I didn't realize state run schools actually have history as a course. Where do they find time between climate change, community organizing, and male wussification classes?