Wednesday, February 03, 2010

No wonder he was afraid of doctors - or, The formula: redefine, then wrong

Warning: this story about a Holocaust survivor makes for harrowing reading.

You read that, and even if you affirm the Biblical truth of the total depravity of all mankind, you blanch. How could someone treat another human being like that? How can one human regard other humans as objects, lab rats, things to be used?

But then we know that this has been done in slave-cultures; we know it was done in our own. Blacks were defined as less than fully human. Therefore, they could be bought and sold, and used as tools. Nor was that a new attitude. I remember when studying the Greek word doulos ("slave") decades ago I happened on a statement by Aristotle, that (from memory) a tool was a doulos apsuchon, and a slave was an organon empsuchon — that is, a tool was a slave without life, without a soul; and a slave was a tool with a soul.

Then my mind drifts to a video I happened on yesterday, which horrified me. I look at a lot of videos, keeping an eye open for Hither and Thither and Monday music. This one was supposed to be really, really funny.  I could really, really have lived without it.

I gather a guy's girlfriend broke his stereo or something — I am not going to look for it again to get the details right. So for revenge, he "pranked" her, fooling her into putting a spoonful of cayenne pepper into her mouth when she thought she was doing cinnamon.

She screams in pain, and he laughs and laughs and laughs. It is clear that she is both hurt and scared, and he just can't stop laughing. I bailed before it was done, because frankly it just horrified me. I hope someone is telling her to get away from that creature. As for him, I hope... well, I hope the sorts of things you'd suspect a guy would hope for such a creep.

But it's pretty apparent to me that she's not fully-human to him... or if she is, that fact doesn't carry much weight. She's certainly not anyone for him to cherish, respect, protect — in short, love like a man should love his woman. Some redefinition has gone on, some squelching of soul, of whatever remnants of conscience he has.

Then we end up where you knew I was going. Abortion. First time I saw my little eight-week-old unborn Josiah in a sonogram, that little white heart-blob beating, beating, beating, one of my first thoughts was, "Good Lord — doctors and nurses know this, they see this, and they still do abortions?"

Because abortions are every bit as brutal, as inhuman, as monstrous as anything Mengele did, or this idiot subhuman was doing to his girlfriend.

Worse. Jews had theoretical options, some few escaped. Some slaves also escaped. That girl had options. She has options. I hope she knows that.

Babies? No options. None. The very soul of vulnerable helplessness.

In all but a statistical handful of cases, they've been invited into existence by a willing act. (Even when not, they are not the offenders, they merit no punishment.) There's nowhere for them to go, nothing for them to do.

The lesson?

Define as sub-human, and you can do as you wish.

It's simply another dark fruit of our first parents' rebellion. "You shall be as gods," was the sales-line, and they fell for it as has every child they've ever produced by natural conception. So we just re-define what God has already defined, and feel free to sin against it.


It's why we as a race stand in need of such a radical Gospel, calling for radical repentance, radical conversion, and radical schooling in God's ways.


Fred Butler said...

What ever you do, don't you blame Darwinian evolutionary theory as a justification for such a mindset.

No sir. Has nothing to do with it. In spite of all those historical illustrations of the ascent of man with the black folks being 2 steps behind the white guy, and all those eugenics policies from the progressive, early 1900s, and those fraudulent embryo drawings, etc, etc.

SandMan said...

I decided to go on blog commenting hiatus for a while. This one drew me out.

Twice I have held my wife's hand while we watched the monitor painfully void of the "white heart-blob beating." I would have given almost anything in those moments for it not to be true...especialy for my wife's sake.

It torches me beyond words that someone (literally thousands of someones daily), would throw away as garbage the gift that God has placed in their lives/bodies.

By God's grace we have two beautiful gifts healthy as can be, but twice we found the box "empty."

Herding Grasshoppers said...


The sad thing, I think, is that even those of us who are redeemed are becoming desensitized to these things. We aren't as horrified as we ought to be. Well, I'm not as horrified as I ought to be. God forgive me.

Rachael Starke said...


That's where my thoughts went too. It really struck me how hugely significant the concept of being made in God's image, and Jesus condescending to veil his glory in our flesh so that He literally embodied God's image, is to so many societal issues.

But hopefully to not go too far afield from Dan's main point, when I read on to the awful story of what that wicked man did to his girlfriend, my second thought was "I'll bet my entire mortgage that this guy's a major porn user." I have a good friend whose husband was enslaved to sexual sin in a variety of ways, and one of the first big clues was what an outrageous jerk he was to her in public - unkind, selfish, saying sexually inappropriate things in front of me, the works.

When people are just random collections of molecules, you can do whatever you want.

And SandMan, I had that experience, in between our second and third daugters, at around eight weeks, and it was the most searing pain my soul has ever experienced. It did give me a unique window into what God the Father must have felt when He turned His face away from His own Son and let Him die, for my sake. That's the only thing I could cling to.

Fred Butler said...

You're are probably spot on about his conduct and activities with porn. Even more crushing, however, is the fact if you were to explain the danger of this self-destructive behavior to his girlfriend, she would get irritated with you and make you out to be an evangelical meddler.

SolaMommy said...

My profile pic is of my baby at was the best thing in the world to see that little heart-blob beating away! We've made it to almost 11wks now and I pray every day that his/her heart would keep beating. I am absolutely boggled by abortion. But I did read an article the other day (I think Al Mohler posted it on Facebook) that said now that more and more doctors are using ultrasound technology during abortions (this did not used to be the case) they (and their nurses) are dropping like flies out of the abortion industry and some of them are even becoming believers. That's something to praise God about in the midst of so much depravity!

Solameanie said...

Wow. Really drives the point home.