Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Six minutes of impossible illusions

You're so sharp, you'll have guesses at how these are done.

I don't. Too fast! Can't try!


Gary said...

I know how!


DJP said...

Rats. Didn't think of that.

Chuck said...

I want to know how they took Prince Charming from Shrek and de-cartooned him.

Brad Williams said...


Dude!!! LOL!!!

Dan et all,

I will hereby explain to you how they did it, illusion by illusion.

<.< >.>

Lots and lots of practice.

Barbara said...

Am I crazy, or is that assistant in drag?

Barbara said...

Yep, I'm not crazy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Klok

DJP said...

Did not want to know that. Starting to think my wife's policy is best.

Barbara said...

Wives are always right, you know :)

CR said...


Brad gets the door prize - he is correct, illusion.

I was thinking, if there was ever an illusionist converted, that way they can spill the beans on their secrets. But then again, I think magicians take the "Magician Oath" to never reveal their secrets about their magic (illusion) unless it it is to another magician (apprenticeships excepted to a certain degree). But then there is thing in the Bible about oaths and letting your yes be yes and no be no....RATS! So, I'm thinking maybe some will be converted before they learn they need to be obedient...I don't know.

Didn't know about the drag thing and the other thing about the illusionist. What is Valerie's "policy?"

DJP said...

Valerie doesn't want to know about actors' / singers' private lives. She says it's virtually always disappointing, offensive, and distracting. Sadly, she's far more often right than wrong. This vid being an example. I just watched it, marveled at the guy's artistry. Now I know that both he and his assistant are ruined and ruinous men. Am I bettered?

Barbara said...

I'm so sorry, Dan...he looked like a drag queen to me, so I mentioned it and went to investigate. I'll keep quiet from now on, unless some young fella I know takes an interest in one, assuming him to be a she.

Of course you knew just from the presentation itself that they were both ruined and ruinous, you just didn't know they were both men...right?

DJP said...

No, you say what you want within the blog rules... er which, I think, disappeared with the template upgrade. You have a much sharper eye than I, Barbara. I didn't think anything; I just was wowed by the show.

Then, re-watching with your suspicion in view, I saw things I hadn't noticed.

And that's the thing: is he "selling" me his tricks, or his debauched lifestyle? That's become a recurring theme. All I took was the show, and it was terrific. I don't know what kind of person he is, or his assistant is.

Like the guys at Jiffy Lube. I don't know if they're faithful deacons at their church, or sleeping with anything and everything they can get. I don't want to know. I don't go there to approve their lifestyle, but to get my car serviced. If their lifestyle intrudes on the service, that becomes a problem. Otherwise, include me out.

Hence the title of Laura Ingraham's book: Shut Up and Sing.