Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ronnie (representative "evangelical" churchgoer)

You know it's true.

(h-t reader/friend Pastor John)


The Squirrel said...

"That's what the pastor gets paid for... To study and learn and grow, so I don't have to..."

An all too common attitude


Zumbudu Chief said...

What's the original source for that video? I'm going to show that video to all the people I know that need to see, beginning with myself!

DJP said...

Here's the site, Chief.

Tim Bertolet said...

as a pastor, I'm hesitant to share this on my blog or facebook since someone might assume I have someone specific in mind.

But yes, typical attitudes.

Although, you good go too far with the notion that my spiritual walk is my own responsibility so that you never submit to leaders or serious entrust ourselves to the care of a shepherd.--seen that problem too.

CR said...

I LOL and grieved at the same time.

Mike Riccardi said...



Jeff Scanlan said...

Yes Ronnie is a real person in our churches today but he still needs to be loved and cared for.

Gregg said...

This is very common, as a matter of fact it is the prevailing attitude. Thank God for the exceptions to the rule, but they are fast becoming few and far between. I think I will show this to my Adult Sunday School class tomorrow.

SolaMommy said...

It's people just like "Ronnie" who fueled the split my church went through a year and a half ago. They all moved on to other churches when our pastor got rid of the "worship team" and refused to preach anything but expository sermons. He was accused of being too old-fashioned and negative. Some of those people are now in their 5th or more congregation in 10 yrs or less. Commitment and spiritual growth apparently mean nothing.

donsands said...


I actually like the guy's enthusiasm.

Seems the people I discuss church and worship with, those that are evangelicals, have their main focus on unbelievers. Isn't that the problem?

If a church is focused on Christ, and the Father, in Spirit and truth, then the other important things will be there, and will happen.
And the elders will be able to rule, and deal with all the Ronnies that come and go.

have a wonderful Lord's day.

Stefan said...

Interesting. It looks like it was designed to be shown as a video presentation during a service (look at the other offerings on the linked web page). That could be awkward.

Rachael Starke said...

Oh, you have no idea how close to home this hit.

Just last night, I drove with someone from my church to an evangelistic outreach event who talked just. like. this.

My pastor is rock solid (although we do have a "worship team" and I'm a lead singer in it- are we still friends SolaMommy? :) ).

But I'd say a good thirty to forty percent of our church sounds like this.

Not to mention most of the families in my girls' "Christian" soccer league.

I need some type of WOTM program for them. With the person I was with last night, I seriously found myself praying to the Holy Spirit to help me break through all the cheesy, worthless God talk. It was all I could do not to just put my hand over her mouth and say "Wait, STOP. Do you even know Jesus???"

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Dan, that was excrutiating.

trogdor said...

I think Jeff Scanlan made a great point. It's real easy for me to look down at people like this and mock them from afar. It's not so easy to love them and help them along to maturity.

lee n. field said...


So if there's a real Ronnie out there, whose fault is he? If there's no discernible theology of worship, can Ronnie be blamed for thinking "music == worship"? If Ronnie's never been taught anything of redemptive-historical significance, can he be blamed for being bored with the "history of the Jews stuff"?

Brad Williams said...

If the guy hadn't been talking so over-the-top, I would have believed he was being serious.

LeeC said...

We played this one and another at our Mens confrerence last year that Carl Hargrove spoke at.

Sadly thought provoking.