Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't miss Logos March Madness

Some pretty amazing deals here, if you're a Logos-user. Coupons expire Tuesday.


VcdeChagn said...

I only spent 135 this year. Spent too much money upgrading to Logos 4 already to spend much more.

Of course when the winner is a hoity toity Pauline Authorship denying commentary on the Pastorals and there's NT Wright stuff on there, it's easy to pass by and get back to reading the juicy bits from the Calvin 500 collection that was recently released.

You should do a blog post on the best bargains on the list and what to stay away from :)

Fred Butler said...

Maybe I am an ingrate, but "March Madness" saving at Logos equates to liberal crackpots and Hugh Ross books? When they actually have material that is worth my investment, say HALOT for 40 bucks or something or James Hastings 12 volumes for say 80, then I will think madness.

Sorry...little testy this afternoon.

DJP said...


1. The ICC has been consistently pretty high-level material historically and etymologically. Usually there is a great deal of useful material, in spite of (most) authors' liberalism. Now, arguably, with Knight and other terrific Bible-believing works out, Marshall will not stand out as much as such a work would have 20-30 years ago. But he's still a first-rank international scholar, and it's a noteworthy price.

2. Spurgeon, Shedd, Moo, Carson, Smeaton, Young, Warfield, Hodge, Robertson, Kuyper, Waymeyer, and on and on? Hardly peripheral liberal whackjobs.

3. I really wish I hadn't just gotten a hard copy of "Ways of Our God." I'd have gone for this.

VcdeChagn said...

Sourpusses :) LOL.

I spent almost the same amount of money to be one of Challies' friends!

No Pauline authorship denying commentary, no matter how good can beat that!

BTW, I agree with number 2. I just already had all the Spurgeon and Hodge stuff off prepub and picked up most of the rest mentioned. The Waymeyer book was definitely a must purchase.

So I'm sort of Sour Patch kids sour, not you know...really sour.

DJP said...

You had to pay money to be a friend of Challies?

How much? What'd it get you?

VcdeChagn said...

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I spent the 39 for the "friends of Challies" blog (he announced it on Twitter on Saturday, on the blog today).

the ICC commentary was about the same price...maybe a little cheaper.

But I'm now a friend of Tim Challies, which is of course, priceless :)