Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday music: one-woman band Theresa Andersson

Swedish-born Theresa Andersson has mastered the art of looping used so well by guitarist Matt Stevens. Check out this appearance on Conan O'Brien (when the song's done, it's just Conan saying goodnight).

Another performance from the Craig Ferguson show:


What Entertains Me said...

That's a lot of work for one song!

Chuck said...

Good stuff. The first looping I ever saw was Phil Keaggy and I've been a fan of both (the technique and Keaggy) ever since.

Al said...

The ability to hear all the parts individually and understand (on some level) how they will sound as a whole is incredible to me.

Some folks have new music in their heads just waiting to get out. May they thank God for the gift.

al sends

Matt Stevens said...

Great stuff

DJP said...

Collaborative effort? You'd own the world!


JackW said...

This looks like some heavy KT Tunstall influence.