Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is almost, but not quite, all-video week at BibChr.




Mesa Mike said...

Love that "organic" fly killer!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


The pet rocks. What is that thing? I know it's supposed to be a dog, but it looks more like a capybara!

Perhaps the dog should be in charge ;D

The grasshoppers want one more viewing before we get back to our schoolwork...


Rita Martinez said...

ah...reminds me of one day at the hospital during a shift...only..the R1(first year resident) finally managed to kill it at 4!

Sonja said...

Rats, I thought this was gonna be about the Rapture. :)

Shades of the Acme stuff Coyote always ordered to try to capture Roadrunner!

David said...

Christians, we have better things to do than watch cartoons, don't we?

*chortle* *snort*

I only tuned into cartoons once and the scene featured an uncomfortable ACME explosive scene between two of the (presumably) main characters. I immediately put this program into the category of, "Would God be glorified from this program?" No. Turned it off and haven't watched it since.

Please, more theologically-oriented posts, not Saturday morning cartoon themes.

*chortle* *snort*

DJP said...

Oh stoooooop!


Gregg said...

That was obviously designed and funded by the government, or BP

Sonja said...

David, you missed the *obvious* theological lesson of Wily Coyote. See, he put all his trust in the wordly products of Acme Corporation and was never satisifed. In fact, in his misguidance he often went SPLAT.

And I also learned to never strap myself to a rocket! Can you, sir say the same?


Mesa Mike said...

His SPLATs were non-perditious, though. See, he always was back to do it again the next episode.

SolaMommy said...

LOL! Thanks, that was a much-needed laugh :-)

Susan said...

Love it. :)

Rachael Starke said...

David, David, David. You've totally missed it.

This is actually a valuable lession about the evils of sloth, T.V. watching, beer drinking and, especially, overweight BVD wearing.

Had he been engaged in more edifying pursuits - singing from the Trinity hymnal while wearing a collared shirt and tie - no doubt his dwelling place would have been secure.