Friday, May 21, 2010

Hither and thither 5/21/10

Well, lookie here: another week comed and goned. And here we are, just looking at each other.

Enough of that! Look at these:
  • L, I B. Turns out dark chocolate is a health food! (What do you mean I'm reading it wrong?)
  • Happy political news of the week: three-timing, unprincipled turncoat Arlen McSpecter (so called for his appeal to "Scottish law" in saying that behavior that would get a security guard or a short-order cook fired, and in deep trouble with the law, was no reason to unseat Clinton) is politically no more. I never forgave McSpecter for borking Bork. Political justice is slow, but it is nice to see it come at last in some degree.
  • Perhaps part of the kiss of death to pro-abort Specter's treacherous career was Obama campaigning for him. In fact, Dems who did well last Tuesday were those who pretended opposition to the Obama regime's plans, in part or whole. Foolish voters. Such puny Dem opposition here and there won't make any difference. What matters is who they vote for to lead the House and Senate, and they'll vote for Dems like Pelosi and Reid. Because, hel-lo? Democrat! Part of abortion, government control of everything, erasing of moral lines?
  • Oh my goodness. How do we get Gov. Chris Christie to leave New Jersey and run California? Vetoed a tax hike in two minutes. From what I've read so far, man's serious, focused, principled, and does not care what the media think of him. Love that.
  • Wow, these South Korean soccer fans are really amazing. Some of the footage is obviously sped-up... but not that much, and it's still impressive.
  • Reader Al Sends found out what stormtroopers do on their day off. (Warning: parents check site before letting your kids visit.)

  • That same Al also found another reason to go iPhone or iPad.
  • Staying with the "Al" theme, Al Mohler writes about a recent New Yorker essay about the quest for the historical Jesus. Frankly, I find Mohler's critique weak. He basically says, "Yeah, that's what happens when you jettison inspiration. Presuppositions are important." True, and true — and I'm sure the writer and all his heroes would agree. What about the rotten procedure of the writer? His ignoring Wright, and books like this? What about the utter ruinous nihilism that will necessarily result of such "historiography" prevails? Sounds like it called for a roundhouse kick, not a hand-slap.
  • Reader Squirrel (then Joel Griffith as well) found some pretty fab Darth Vader helmets.
  • Reader pastor Gary Benfold notes that the charges were dropped against the preacher who was arrested for calling water wet. No, wait, for calling homosexuality a "sin."
  • In less happy British news, reader Angus Nicolson pointed me to a really well-written essay expressing horror at (A) the advertising of abortions (B) during a game show. Several lines are
    quotable, including: " can’t [swat] your kids, according to the European Court, but you can kill them up to birth if they have a hairlip."
  • This "real-life Photoshop" panel is cute.
  • Stuart Schwartz at the American Thinker does a nice job of documenting how Tim Tebow exposes the double-standard hypocrisy of God-haunted sports writers.
  • Okay, now... this has got to be Photoshopped.

  • Presbyterian: you're doing it wrong.
  • Episcopalians ask themselves how many Scriptures they can violate with one move, come up with answer, and jump on it.
  • In related news, a Church of England bishop says church leaders need to listen to the Holy Spirit, and listen to God in prayer. Surprise: (A) no mention of the inerrant, binding, sufficient Scriptures the Spirit inspired; and (B) no mention of the complete reformation that would result if they did. Not happy with what the Spirit has already said, I take it they hope He'll come up with something better.
  • Gee... has that guy been commenting in my recent threads at Pyro? Hmm....
  • Reader Pam Seigfried found some hysterically funny signs seen abroad (not all of which are in the best of taste... though maybe they were, in the signmaker's mind).

  • Hmm, though. Given that it's a wedding cake, I'm not sure they picked the wisest male figure. The temptation might be too great, to cry out...

  • Muppets invade Lost producers. (BTW, no Lost spoilers; we don't see it until Friday or Saturday night.)
  • Watching my cats wrestling with each other, I've been struck by what cool moves they bust out. Like what I've seen in the dojo. But... not quite like this:

  • I trust we'd all agree that this teacher showed absolutely horrible judgment and taste. But now, I'm searching my memory... was there a widespread outcry over that movie which actually depicted the assassination of President Bush? During his administration? (To her credit, Hillary Clinton responded vehemently.)
  • I have a funny mental image from this.
  • Hate to admit but Los Angeles, in whose greater outskirts I grew up, has lost its mind. Again.
  • But I do like Arizona's response.
  • Thankfully, some Jews have publicly said that calling the Arizona law "Nazi" is inappropriate. Does liberalism prevent them from adding that it is asinine? One group guards borders against illegal invaders; the other prevents citizens from leaving and murders them? Yeah, exactly the same... except for all the specifics.
  • Afraid my dear wife will groan and nod at this:

  • Breaking news: wow, no one could have seen this coming! George Lucas tells the Lost producers that — are you sitting down? — he didn't plan out Star Wars in advance! That's right. You read it here.
  • Your new job: go into the wilderness. Find a deadly animal. Get it really mad. Take a picture. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Sound like fun? Heck yeah... if you're a photographer with a death-wish!
  • Now I leave you to your weekend, with these:


FX Turk said...


F I R S T !

FX Turk said...

OK, maybe not first, but again -- I read DJP's blog.

DJP said...

LOL, you are first in so many ways, and you made my day.


FX Turk said...

I also wanted to link you to this:

Ian McKellan recites the theme to Fresh Prince.

"yo homes, smell ya laytah"

CGrim said...

- "Political justice is slow, but it is nice to see it come at last in some degree." Longfellow once expressed this sentiment poetically: "Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small."

- Indeed, it doesn't matter how conservative a Democrat they are, at the end of the day, they're going to be caucusing with Nancy Pelosi.

- As for those pics of dangerous animals... what was a Lion doing in Montana in the snow?

DJP said...

His best to attack and devour the photographer, apparently.

Anonymous said...


As far as breaking commandments is concerned, the Episcopal Organization basically pushed all-in:

Al said...

I was hoping for a Triple Mention, but you may have missed my Ode to Lard...

Thanks for the link :-)

al sends

Barbara said...

One of the commenters on that "wilderness photography - oh how brave" article points us to the fact that things are not always just exactly as they seem.

Including a website showing us who the animals are and offering you a chance to go do the same:

But the quarter made me LOL...

Al said...

As for the Presbies going at their eccuminism the wrong way... I really wish we had a bit more Knox flowing through our veins...

al sends

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I could barely manage to read the second half of H&T because I was squinching my eyes shut so hard, after seeing that it-better-be photoshopped pic of the bee. Are you trying to give me nightmares?!

Those soccer fans are quite impressive, though.

And go Tim Tebow! I might have to start liking the Denver Broncos.

Scot said...

I travel a lot for my job and the strange overseas signs always make me laugh.

Have I missed a new binge of acronyms? L, I B?

DJP said...

Say it aloud and with feeling, Scott. Pause at the comma.


Denis said...

Speaking of your Pyro series on listening to the Spirit, is it complete or can we expect more?

DJP said...


(That's actually a serious answer.)

Neil said...

I said it aloud and with feeling. Now people are looking at me strangely. They apparently don't know what I just said, and alas neither do I.

Stefan Ewing said...


Maybe they haven't been to the school of hard Knox.


I'm pretty sure that film of the car parking fast backwards into a stall comes from the Jackie Chan movie Who Am I (or at least is very similar to a scene in that movie), one of his better and more recent action-comedy offerings before he went Hollywood to have all his talent sucked out of him.

Denis said...

Thanks Dan ... I think :)

I did read that series, but admit I wasn't totally tracking with some of what you said.

I've read teachers who state there is a difference between the Holy Spirit providing new revelation (doesn't happen) and the Holy Spirit guiding us in the application of the Scriptures, for example, (does happen).

It's that second category that I was struggling with when reading your series.

Are you planning on addressing this aspect more specifically in the future? Or would you state there simply isn't a second category (I am leaning towards this understanding based on this series).

Thanks again.

Barbara said...


Dunno if you ever had anybody hit you with this on the playground in school days, but I sure did.

Have to read it aloud to get it:

M R Pigs
M R Knot Pigs
M R 2 Pigs
L I B! M R Pigs!

"R" maybe it's a suth'n thang...(even "them suthern kallyfornians")

Neil said...

Thanks Barbara! I understood it all.. except L I B. You people talk funny.

The Squirrel said...


I always heard it as "ducks," not "pigs." C M I T B T wings?

Note to self, don't bowl with Sith... It's a trap.


Scot said...

Thankfully I didn't say it out loud at work but I feel real thick for not getting it.

It's been a lot work work week.

Rebecca Stark said...

That kitty venn diagram won't work for my cats. My cats never destroy anything I don't own.

Rebecca Stark said...

And I'm with bugblaster. I don't understand American acronym speak.

Barbara said...

Well I'll just be, bugblaster.

But last time I said "you people" I got a complaint filed against me for (inadvertently) making a racial slur.

Just goes to show....

Halcyon said...


As a twenty-something who grew up in the nineties, I can only curse your soul for that Ian McKellan thing. It linked to Ian McKellan Sings Ducktales Intro, and now I can't get either The Fresh Prince or Ducktales theme out of my head. Thanks a lot. 8^P

Neil said...

Complaint filed? You people are too litigious.

Unknown said...

Please see my avatar re: the Star Wars cake.

Now say it...

Mike Westfall said...

Spoiler for those who don't get the L, I B stuff:
[click here]

Penn Tomassetti said...

I never understood cat lovers until now that I caught a glimpse of them fighting.

Suddenly I almost respect them.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Thanks Mesa Mike

Mark Patton said...

Great as usual.
Counting the days to World Cup so those soccer (excuse me, futbol) fans were amazing.
It shouldn't but it still does amaze me the length people will go to display their natural hate toward "all things" Christian aka Tebow.
Too young (or maybe I simply wasn't paying attention) to remember Bork getting borked so I had to reference. Ah, L, I B, Spector did indeed get just desserts.
Glad someone else is foolish...I mean stupid...I mean brave enough to get those cool animal pictures for us to see.
Can't wait to get home to share with my Josiah the bowling pic..gonna love it.
Thanks for the great stuff.

Stefan Ewing said...

I must be a 39-year-old fogey.

I guess fully spelt-out sentences like "Liar, liar, pants on fire," "I know you are, but what am I?," and "...sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g" are too old-fashioned.

jmb said...

Cat and Dog Theology -

When dogs get fed, they think, "There is a God."

When cats get fed, they think, "I must be God."

Mike said...

Great post as usual!

Coming from New Zealand where the Tim Tebow thing hasn't exactly been front page news, I could hardly believe some of the sentiments expressed in the articles I was reading (I clicked thru to a few).

It had me feeling like I was in some bizarro, alternate reality. I actually said out loud "Is this for real?"

The situation in Arizona is much the same. It makes me wonder just how twisted is society going to get before our Lord's return?

Aaron said...

One of my friends from work came over last night (and brought Avatar BR). He told me a funny story about how he was conversing with some other supposed Christians about Tebow. One of them asked what John 3:16 said. My friend, of course, recited it. They asked him if his father was a Pastor or something.