Friday, June 11, 2010

Hither and thither 6/11/10

Very early, longer day today. So I'll give a treat to our very early readers, though with this proviso: check back at least once after noon PT, because there are bound to be a number of updates. Here you go, have fun:
  • Yay! We're #1! A feature on hot springs begins with "most dangerous," featuring our own Eastern Sierras' Hot Creek. They give a picture. Here are a few of my own. Mine are prettier, but less steamy (click to enlarge):

  • I notice that they didn't list the "most swimmable." They could have stayed in the Sierra and listed Keough's Hot Springs, where my family likes to swim on our trips thitherwards.
  • Pretty amazing, what cats can fit into:
  • Oh my, you just can't make this stuff up. This week's Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes Award goes to President Barack Obama, for telling graduates that they should take responsibility, stop pointing fingers and passing the buck, and stop making excuses for themselves.
  • Staying with the Pres... look, this is just hysterical, but it does feature one crude phrase — which, if you follow the news, you know the President used recently. I hesitated, but my Dear Wife said it was a must. Warned enough? Perfect. Here you go.
  • If that offends you, you should know I blame George Bush. That's right: if Bush hadn't been so focused on doing what he thought was right, and had actually defended his administration against his enemies in the press and the Left, Obama wouldn't have had a cake-walk of a campaign, gotten elected, been president, and used that crudity. So there.
  • More seriously, I think Kuhner has it right: this is vulgarity as a cover for callow, clueless, disengaged incompetence. Gollies, who could have anticipated that in an Obama administration? Oh, right: every reader of this blog, plus anyone with a clue.
  • One more, from reader Andrew Comings: maybe Obama's weakness in geography is a Chicago thing:
  • Whoa. 365 days of stormtroopers. Now, I've not checked out every last one, so I don't know if there are any in-poor-tasties.
  • Well, they are pretty much everywhere.

  • Hm. Nice switch.

  • Now the BibChr Public Service Announcement of the week: how to escape from killer bees. Hey, it could happen!
  • So: can we all agree that there is such a thing as taking Star-Trek-love too far? Good. Now, can we agree that this mother is a good example of just that phenomenon? Good.
  • As I used to say when folks would ask me about baptism or dispensationalism at the Presbyterranean church: "Look! A comet!"
  • You heard that Captain Picard (actor Patrick Stewart) was knighted? Ah yes; but did you know with what? (Thanks to reader Al Stout for the scoop.)

  • By contrast: yeah, but as my DAOD says: "What a tasty way to go!"
  • You read that right: woman charged with adultery... in New York!
  • Remember the frenetic drummer from this week's Monday Music? In case you're interested, his name's Steve Moore, and I found an interview with him.
  • Boy oh boy, tell me that this isn't a terrific setup for a nasty sci-fi/horror movie... especially when paired with this. (Thanks to reader Witness for the tip.)
  • Tale of two extremes? On the one hand, a private school teacher blogs (at first) obliquely about a student's speech, and eventually gets fired. On the other, a bus driver singles out a Christian girl for ridicule, harsh namecalling, and utterly out-of-line hectoring — and nothing happens. (See also here.)
  • If you'd like to see a gent give new meaning to Exodus 32:9, jump to 5:55 on this video (which doesn't allow embedding) and have a gander.
  • Then gander at these:


Fred Butler said...

One of my volunteers is moving. Yesterday, he brought in his entire collection of adorable cat figurines and statuettes to she if he could get rid of them.

I thought of you immediately.

I bet that woman whose picture is in every one of those newspaper makes like a lot of money on royalties. What a gig.

David said...

I've been hearing about the killer bees since, say, the early '80s. If you go underwater, they'll wait for you to come up for air!! They've been scaring us with those for about as long as, say, global cooling, uh, warming, uh, climate change.

Imagine if they attacked while you had a car balanced on your head.

Pastor Pants said...

"Hither and Thither" is a highlight of my week. And I really needed a chuckle today... Thanks, Dan!

Scott said...

I work part-time in an IT department and for the last month people have been approaching me and insisting they need a Mac. Next time it happens, I'll just print off that graph and hand it to them along with a hardy "No."

The Squirrel said...

The Obama video is priceless. We may not have the best president ever, but we've got a fantastic laughing-stock!

The bus driver story infuriates me to no end. Not having to expose you kids to idiots like that is another plus for homeschooling.

And I always knew coffee was healthy! (slurp)


Frank Turk said...

I was almost going to pan this week's H&T because I saw the Depression demotivator -- because I did have a lot of friends on the Death Star. That's not funny.

However, that you included the AutoTune video shows that you have stopped pleasing men with your blogging and are now operating above the umbrage of detractors.

Betty White? Expert.
Tinky Winky? Expert.
The Lolly Pop League?!


Somehow Eartha Kitt should have been an expert, too, may she rest in peace.

Frank Turk said...

Ww also muct confirm the identity of Pastor Pants as he has my new favorite internet handle.

DJP said...

My biggest Intrawebs jealousy at the moment is Pec calling Mrs. Pec "my trophy wife." Wish I'd thought of that.

Frank Turk said...

Pastor Pants? Expert.

DJP said...

...shows that you have stopped pleasing men with your blogging and are now operating above the umbrage of detractors

Gee, I thought surviving the LOST meta over at Pyro would've done that.

(Second-dumbest. Meta. Ever.)

Frank Turk said...

DJP: Expert.

Paula said...

Read a few more of these Democommunist quotes and we'll all be wishing to be on the Death Star (Having never watched a Star Wars episode beyond #1 in 1979 at the .99 theater, I have no idea what I just said, but it sounds pretty bad, so it's probably a good analogy)(heresy, I know).

Speaking of blaming Bush, did you hear how long Nancy Pelosi's statute of limitations is on blaming Bush? Asked on MSNBC how long it might continue, Pelosi said,

"Well, it runs out when the problems go away."

So, then, when we get the new heaven & earth I guess.

I don't know what's up with this, but Biblical Christianity Blog + Chrome + my computer = CRASH.

It happened last night & again today. It completely froze up my computer & even ctrl/alt/del wouldn't fix it. I didn't get the usual Chrome 'kill page' message. I had to just hit the off button & start over. I finally had to use Firefox to read today. Not having a problem with other blogger sites.

CR said...

Wow Dan didn't think you would link that Obama video. Now I'm thinking of doing the same on my FB and I can just blame you by saying it was a H-T from you with Valerie's blessing. :=)

DJP said...

Sorry to hear it, Paula. But I administrate and access the blog exclusively in Chrome on 2 pc's, and have no problems.

Gilbert said...

You know, us meteorologissts would garner much more respect if we came to work like that every day.

Power doppler? It not only scans storms, but blows them up, too. Tornado warning? Not any more!

candy said...

Yeah...all about the hot springs on the east side of the Sierras! I know some other great ones, but haven't been there in years, and they are probably not family friendly.

So, out of curiosity, what was the dumbest meta ever?

I wrote an email to the school district with the out-of-line bus driver. I was appalled that they did not discipline the driver.

DJP said...

The one to this post.

CR said...

Darn! Hoping to see that picture but it was taken down by Phil Johnson.

DJP said...

Here to serve, CR.

Rachael Starke said...

I nearly started hyperventilating thinking that the Patrick Stewart picture was real. Holy cow, the man's a classically trained theatah actah! Will he never be permitted to stand on his own, out from under the long, dark shadow of a science fiction series, on television - a spin off series to boot??!! The shame!

Then I realized it was a Klingon sword. Dead giveaway it was a goof.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ugh. I'm still thinking about that 18 year old girl/mother-of-a-two-year-old heading off to Malaysia for plastic surgery... to feel young again.

So sad.


Anonymous said...


Same thing happened to me. Mine didn't completely crash, though, it just slowed for a time.

The problem was that skateboarding clip or whatever it was (I couldn't see the whole thing, because it kept freezing).

Pastor Pants said...

@Frank - My handle becomes far more concerning when you understand that am British and the implied clothing are undergarments rather than "trousers"!

CR said...

Wow that picture you posted was terribly offensive. {/s}