Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Mommy Rhapsody"

(Thanks to reader JTW for the tip!)


Merrilee Stevenson said...

That was fun! So many lines made me laugh, and I'll even admit I got tears in my eyes at the end. (It's an emotional-roller-coaster thing.)

I can't wait to use this line on my kids, "If you ask me one more time, I'll scream. I'll scream! I'LL SCREAM!!" (And then I'll just go into an air guitar solo until one of us passes out or gives up.)


(You should check out the Mom Song by Go Fish, and tuck it away for Mother's day. That one does make me sniffly every time I watch it.)

Fred Butler said...

Man, that church on the move has got the media "ministry" going, huh?
The Dad rap video and now this.

CGrim said...

That was amazing. :)

The comments down below were sad, though. Either fell into:

A) "This doesn't glorify God! Laughter doesn't belong in church!"

or, much sadder, B) "I stopped going to church because they weren't entertaining enough, but maybe now I'll reconsider!"

DJP said...

Grim, YouTube comment threads are, with few exceptions, curio cabinets of depravity. I avoid them, as a rule. Is Vimeo any better?

DJP said...

Some commendations are condemnations, aren't they?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Funny as entertainment.

Not so funny as church.


Anita Renfroe's "Mom Song" is still my fav.

philness said...

Greatness. The men asking/singing out of tune is evidence their asking in vain.

philness said...

Greatness. The men asking/singing out of tune is evident their asking is in vain.

Mike Westfall said...

Julie, I like Anita Renfroe's "Mom Song"

Her followup "Dad" version of the song is not so funny, though.

Fred Butler said...

The regrettable thing is that the folks putting it together probably genuinely think they are reaching the lost with the gospel.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Mike, you're right.

I wasn't familiar with it.

Not so nice.

I will say, I have felt very like the mom she depicts, though!

The Squirrel said...

The video is fun, funny, entertaining, and enjoyable. I really hope this was maybe an opener for a "Godly Mom's" conference or something, and not part of a regularly scheduled worship service. As Julie said, it ain't church.

Fred said: "The regrettable thing is that the folks putting it together probably genuinely think they are reaching the lost with the gospel."

You're right, and it is sad. Mainly, they think they're reaching the lost with the Gospel because they really have no idea what the Gospel actually is.


Aaron said...

Point 1. The video was interesting, but honestly, I don't really care for Christians always doing some adlibbed cover of some pop song. Honestly, there is probably plenty of their own talent that they could have come up with their own music.

Point 2. This is part of the seeker sensitive mantra. I saw very similar things when I once attended such a church. The point is to have Sunday morning entertaining so that "unchurched" people (those who've gone and decided its not for them, mostly)come to church. Then you slip in a little bit of the Bible here and there and hope it influences some enough that they become Christians. It's the logical end of free will thought. It's all a choice you make so we should employ marketing techniques to draw you in. Sadly, because of this forsaken belief I couldn't enjoy the video.

VcdeChagn said...

The comments answer the question about whether this was part of the "worship" service or not (it's a song service, worship is something else entirely).

From the comment section:

Concerned Brother... to answer your question, yes, but it is not the entire worship service. It was just a portion of it. A very well done offering (worship) of God-given talent that engaged the people and allowed for the rest of the service to be all the more effective.

I enjoyed it (the Dad's one just made me mad) but I probably shouldn't have. Of course I read the comments after I watched and it sickens me that it was part of the song service.

And I love the mom song by Go Fish. They just put out a new album of hymns that are fantastic.

CGrim said...

Although I do think churches should stick to the gospel and how it affects every part of our lives, I'm not opposed to this sort of thing from time to time, even in church, provided there is actual faithful preaching going on there. Now, I think it would bother me if they did it every week, and if it was just a warm-up for the pastor to come up and talk about how his favorite U2 song speaks to postmodern culture for 20 minutes, then send everybody home, yeah, that's a problem.

But at the end of the day, I think it's okay for healthy churches faithfully preaching the word from week to week to do amusing little asides once in a while. (Not condoning or condemning the church that produced this particular video, as I know nothing about them, although their website is not encouraging.)

Aaron said...

Citizen Grim:

I agree with you. My church, which is extremely conservative, struggles with these types of issues. Can we have a choir sing a song once in a while or a solo once in a while? I've argued yes to my church leaders, even though I'm extremely sensitive to anything that sniffs of seeker sensitive.

But, from my experience, most churches who perform these skits do so on a regular basis for the primary purpose of making the service more contemporary or "relevant." IMHO, that is also one of the reasons that the skits, songs, etc. tend to have an overwhelming number of adaptations of pop songs (many of which have original lyrics that are hostile to Christianity).