Sunday, July 04, 2010

"Too Late to Apologize," 4th of July music video

(h-t, mirabile dictu, Justin. BTW, the meta of his post starts off typically for that site, with hand-wringers immediately [I gather] proposing that we in fact should apologize and come back under British rule. However, as is not always typical, some pretty solid answers are brought to bear, and are prevailing... at the moment. As I've often said, Justin commonly combines some of the very best resources on the web, followed by some of the very worst meta's.)


Gregg Metcalf said...

Thanks for sharing this. More than likely, I would never have come acrossed it and it is very interesting.

Makes me wonder however, I have seen some commenters wishing some bloggers in Great Britian - Happ 4th. I wonder, it certainly isn't something they would celebrate or think of fondly.

Can't imagine life if the King had apolgized and the continental congress had not gone foreward.

If for any reason, I like my morning coffee and not tea.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Happy 4th o' July from the Dominion of Canada.

trogdor said...

"we in fact should apologize and come back under British rule."

No doubt our illustrious leader agrees with the first, although a return to British rule would be doubtful - the British are every bit as evil as us, after all. No, we should probably fall under the rule of Zimbabwe or some other pure nation which hasn't been spoiled by evils like 'capitalism' or 'wealth'.

UinenMaia said...

Gregg -

I studied in England for several months and was elected the "expert" to chaperone a friend who was unable to travel on her own. We happened to be there on July 4th that year (1999). I was stunned to see an extensive display of fireworks over the Thames.

I never did find out if that was a tip of the cap to American tourists or if it was a celebration of having gotten rid of us!

DJP - Thanks for a great end to the 4th!

MSC said...

Before long we will be under Sharia rule if we don't watch out.

Aaron said...

Just my opinion, but I think many people have divorced the meaning of July 4th from the celebration. Most people think of July 4th as "July 4th" not Independence Day.

Did anybody see the HBO series, John Adams? There was a lot of controversy over declaring independence at the time.

CGrim said...

I would like to see a Biblical analysis of whether / when such things as revolutions are acceptable for Christians.

The gist throughout Scripture seems to be that if I'm the one being oppressed, I should embrace it with humility, but if I see someone ELSE being oppressed (particularly the widow, the orphan, etc), then it's not only okay, but it's actually my responsibility to assist them and resist their oppressor in that case. In other words, revenge is off limits, self-defense is okay (but submission is perhaps more desirable?), and the defense of others is mandatory.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

This is sweet! I'm lovin' it. (Forgot yesterday was MONDAY! But still enjoying this a day late.)

Brad Williams said...

It was a good discussion over there. What a surprise!

I am not sure that the War for Independence was just. Oh well. Probably most of the wars fought to establish new governments weren't just either.

I also think that a certain kind of "patriotism" is idolatrous. I get very uncomfortable the way many churches have handled "patriotic" holidays. When a guy sings "America the Beautiful" with more emotion and gusto than he has any praise song, hymn, or spiritual song over the past year, I have to wonder about that guy.

Gah, patriotic tear me up. Pray for the United States.