Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Another for the geeks: once more to the brain trust about links

In this post I shared how another blog manages to put unrelated links on every post I put up. Rebecca probably nailed the cause.

Regardless, I passed it all along to Pastor Kratz, asking him to adjust. He replied that he does not know what to do, he has no idea why his site continually links to inappropriate and totally unrelated posts at my blog.

For instance, look at my last post. Scroll to the bottom. You see a link to a post at Kratz' blog. What's the connection? None. What mention does he make of my post? None. Yet his site, and no other site, does this continually.

Anyone have further advice for him as to how to stop the unintentional illegitimate linking?


Death or Glory Toad said...

All I can think of is Trackbacks + RSS = loop. If he has your address stuffed back in some widget and some other code fiddled with reposting whatever the RSS is picking up...

That blog is so stuffed with widgets and re-blog that, though you can't see it, I'll bet you're in there too. If it was Wordpress, I'd pull all the code down (and database) to do a word search for your blog.

teknon said...

I have no experience with blogging, so take this analysis with a pinch of salt :-)

As noted before, the other blog has a widget that automatically links to your posts. When Google Blog Search bot checks through the web, it will find these links and update your "Links to this post" accordingly.
See the notes on:

The Blog Search bots will respect robots.txt files and NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW meta tags. What seems to be needed is for the other blogs to modify their widgets slightly.

The following posts give outlines how to do this.

Neil said...

I will have occasion to drive past that church in two and a half weeks. You want I should cut the power?

DJP said...

It would make for an interesting experiment.

Mike Westfall said...

It looks like his blog template is set up to automatically link to the latest posts on certain blogs that he is following and display those links over on his right sidebar under the heading of "Blogs of Interest". Your blog then reports the backlink. You can turn off backlinks by going to your blog's settings page, click on comments, and "hide" backlinks.

DJP said...

Mike: wouldn't that also hide legitimate links, though? Where someone actually is linking to a post?

Paula Bolyard said...

Not that this will help you, but it sounds like it might be a buggy Google thing for which there is no immediate fix.

The fundamental problem is Blogger uses Google Search results if I recall correctly. There is a flaw: it looks into whole page not just blog post content. It's not like trackback. When you link to other blog's post, you do mean to link back with related content.

My guess is that the fact that Pastor has linked to your blog with a live feed is like a drug to the Google monster.

The blogger in this post found a work-around, but it involved turning off links completely.

mikeb said...

My advice: convert to Wordpress, hosting it on your own domain.