Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Hallelujah Chorus popup choir (I like this one even better)

(H-T Challies; I'm calling it "Monday Music" in the tag, so that it's included with the other music)


Al said...

That was even better than the other one.

A couple of things really made me smile. The first woman that sang stayed on her phone the whole time and the little boy that stood on the table looked enthralled. The Church singing the Savior's praises should do that to a guy.

al sends

DJP said...

It is a thing of beauty. But I have to ask: how long before some God-haunted atheist sues?

Robert said...

This made me smile and cry. Just caught up in it all...thinking about all of the saints singing together the praises of our Lord Jesus Christ. One sweet day we will be praising Him together forever and ever and doing so perfectly. To be rid of the sin and praising and worshiping Him is just so wonderful and that is the hope that is in us. If only we had more composers writing music like that today!

Al said...

Not to derail the thread, but what would it take to grow up a Handel or a Bach today?

I think we need a Christian Culture that encompasses the entirety of society. The next great composer will probably come from someplace like China or Africa as the Gospel conquers.

The best days are still ahead I believe and not just in some sweet by-and-by kind of way.

al sends

Unknown said...

This is better than Bob Dylan's Christmas song which you introduced me to last year. I have had it going through my head for a year now. Thanks

DJP said...

Oh! you poor man! I'm so sorry!

candy said...

It brings me to tears to acknowledge that some of these singers have no idea that they are singing to the glory of God...yet God is proclaimed!!! Praise God for his great mercy and grace! I love, love, love, the Messiah.

Steve Talas said...

Unfortunately for us in the UK

we no longer have Arby's! (I miss them)

and as a government advisor once said: 'We don't do God' either.

Seriously something like this in the UK would in some towns get you in a police cell and an appearence before the local Magistrate on 'inciting religious hatred' charges!

Enjoy it while you have it folks!

LM said...

I have seen this piece performed in concert halls around the world, but this was the most inspiring one I've seen yet.