Friday, January 28, 2011

Hither and thither 1/28/11

Pretty brutal-busy week. But I didn't forget you! Here's some fun and so forth. And remember the general words!
  • DAOD and BSIL: do not let Timothe see this:

  • Yesterday I made a few remarks about the widely touted study supposedly sounding a mental-health "all's clear" for abortion. Dr. Michael New offers (and links to) further criticism of the flawed study.
  • Paging Captain Hook. (Poor croc, though.)
  • Reader David Miller (and others) noted a gift for an ultimate Star Wars geek... or possibly a serious stewardship issue.
  • Well friends, I have a Ted "Golden Voice" Williams update, and it isn't happy. Word is that he's checked out of rehab prematurely. This does not teach us that charity is bad.  It teaches is that liberalism is bad, insofar as it still thinks that the blanket-solution to poverty is to penalize productive people and give freebies to slackers. Man said he was down on his luck. He was given multiple opportunities that other hard-working men would have given a great deal to have. He appears to have blown it. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 is timeless wisdom.
  • Building Legos... for a living?
  • Boy, that was a strange segue.
  • You've heard of Rick Warren's connection to "The Daniel Plan." Reader Robert Sakovich prefers The Sacred Sandwich's Lions' Den Plan.
  • From reader/friend John:

  • Found a graphic statement of what I was saying last week about Sarah Palin:

  • I think that's just... mm, let's see... what's the word I'm searching for? Oh yes, I know: this one.
  • ChiCom pianist spits in America's face as Obama looks on in impotent admiration.
  • Speaking of whom, President Obama apparently enjoyed earning the title Gun Salesman of the Year in 2009. He is — wait for it — setting his sights on that distinctive again, by once again targeting the Second Amendment rights of Americans.
  • Maybe they should just make it against the law to shoot people? Oh, wait....
  • This theme keeps occurring to me. I think I've nailed something. If I were a cartoonist, I'd develop something showing a liberal's problem-solving toolbox. It would contain two items: my liberties and my money. Do they ever reach to take anything else? By contrast, a conservative's toolbox might include over-regulation, over-legislation, over-taxation, and anti-Constitutional laws or laxity.
  • I will surely not be the first to suggest that Re. Jim Moran's last name is misspelled.
  • Microsoft Excel: is it just for spreadsheets. No. Reader Jacob Jaby found a use for Excel that might make my Josiah want to learn it.
  • I'm sure our friend Paula had a bad moment when Mike Pence announced he would not seek the presidency in 2012. The 51-year-old youngster may seek the governor's mansion, however; and that's a nice stepping-stone to the presidency.
  • Speaking of Paula... what do you think NASA does with your tax dollars? Prepare to return to the Moon? Work on a voyage to Mars? Nahh. Paula found out for us: they're too busy indoctrinating kids into enviro-cultism.
  • Some glaciers didn't get the memo.
  • Only three or four people will laugh at this. But, like me, they will laugh and laugh and laugh.....

  • I started with a sort of shout-out to my daughter; now a shout-out to my J's:
  • And then finally:


Kay said...

LOVE baby Doctor. I heartily approve of that parent. Not that I my own sonic screwdriver or anything *cough*

RealityCheck said...

I very much agree with your comments on that abortion study yesterday. I also like how you reference that study on H&T right after showing that little doll going over that gate. It’s puts abortion in its proper light.

Your comments on that study also made me think of the whole “gay gene” argument. Is it possible, in a falling world, with mutations happening at the rate that they are happening, that someday it could be discovered that a person is indeed born gay?... I think so… and I also think… so what… it still would be wrong in Gods eyes and God still would supply the power, through the Holy Spirit, for someone to come out of that life style.

"Christian health worker suspended for abortion views"... I’m afraid just another preview of where the U.S. is headed if it doesn't turn things around.

ChiCom pianist & Obama... I gotta give Obama credit... he keeps finding ways to amaze me.

Excel Art… toooo much!

“Only three of four people will laugh at this”… why?... doesn’t everybody find a good picture of Pelosi funny… I do… and I like that girl from the Precious movie too!

Giraffe toon... LOL!

Thanks Dan!

Robert said...

So how many times do you think that baby fell on his head before figuring out it'd be better to use the pillow?

The Squirrel said...

The girls in the little glass box is creepy.

Really creepy.

Really, really creepy.

Just sayin'


Si Hollett said...

What makes that Giraffe thing more funny is that there are plenty of lower bushes and branches that the short-neck giraffe can eat, and that giraffes, despite their long and inflexible necks, tend to eat from heights that mean bending down a bit.

Oh, and young giraffes aren't as tall as adults, yet can find food.

The joke answer was right - the giraffes are being heartless by staying as a herd by a tree that only has tall branches and not looking out for one of their own.

Oh, and the question writers seem to conflate the death of creatures unfit to survive (Darwin's theory of natural selection) with Darwin's theory of evolution - there's a whole lot more diagrams needed there.

GrammaMack said...

Love the baby escape artist...and the "eh" chart. :-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oooo, smart baby!

But Dan... those professional Lego builders. What a dream job! But showing that too the boys seems like taunting. I mean, given the odds, they'd be more likely to make it to the NBA. *sigh*

Obama... he's a train wreck. You know it's a gruesome disaster, but you can't look away. Ugh.

s.driesner said...

I can't get past the mountain climbing parents throwing their baby across a chasm!!! And, someone caught the moment on film!!! All three of them should be horsewhipped.

Horrified doesn't even begin to describe how I felt when I saw that pic. Please tell me it was photoshopped. Please.

Never, never do this ... indeed.

A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey,and a rod for the back of fools. - Prov 26:3

Michael said...

I regret that I'm a little slow today. Never heard the "I cannot spare this woman. She fights.", although I'm pretty sure I understand the sentiment. But I've got no clue about the original context. Couldn't find anything. "Spare her from what?"

Legos, legos, legos. I hope my son never finds out about this. He'll chase this like some people chase music careers.

The Obama thing is classic. :) Very nice.

Son Followers Blog

DJP said...

Michael, check first paragraph here, for instance.

MJ said...

Reflecting on the astronauts killed in the Challenger explosion 25 years ago today, I can't help but mourn the death of NASA as we knew it. The link to their clima-nonsense indoctrination of children is the final nail in their pathetic coffin. Sad, indeed.

As to the commie pianist at the White didn't surprise me. Just figured the guy had taken requests from the audience.

DJP said...

MJ, first paragraph: good connection.

Second: LOL

Mike Westfall said...

Wait. The Challenger disaster was 25 years ago already?

Suddenly, I'm feeling old.

Rachael Starke said...

The Sacred Sandwich Lion Diet is as brilliant as the Daniel Diet is asinine. When a supposed pastor isn't able to identify a bonafide miracle in making men on a no-protein diet appear "fairer and fatter".... oh, nevermind.

Given that I start my grad school program in nutrition on Monday, maybe I'll make debunking this thing my thesis, instead of my current plan, which is examining the connections between so many Christians' overweight bodies and underweight souls.

Barbara said...


As a nurse and as one soundly convicted of same, I would be very interested in reading your currently planned thesis (not the daniel diet nonsense).

DJP said...

No matter the spelling, I'm thinking that anything called "The Starke Diet" is a no-go.

Scooter said...

Love the Dr. Who baby outfit. Keeping that one in the back of my mind.

next time my girlfriend's cat decides to misbehave, I'll threaten to turn it into the side dish with spaghetti.

Rachel, I'd be a interested to hear about debunking the Daniel Diet. "Ezekiel bread" is popular where I live and people make it into some sort of anointed recipe, like it's a cross between a weight-loss pill and a 5-hour energy.

(Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it frustrates me to no end. It's bread people!

DJP said...

Just don't ask how they bake it.

ba-dum bum

Rachael Starke said...

It's the Psalm 104 diet. It includes grass-fed beef, home-raised vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and red wine to gladden the heart of man.

It would probably preclude the heart-stopping "pizza" you have at Thanksgiving (Christmas?). I pray for your soul and arteries each time I see a picture of it. :)

When I'm done, I plan on writing a book, going on the Reformed speaking circuit, and making myself richer and more famous than Rick Warren and Beth Moore combined.

Okay, that last part's a joke.

In all seriousness, Barbara, I've been doing some study for some time on what food is "for" in the Bible, from creation to redemption. We misuse food like we misuse Scripture. Understanding what Scripture is for (partly because of studying how God uses food to illlustrate this), will transform the way we view Scripture, and may also make us change our eating habits. And for the record, I know some women who need to be freed from their organic idols and learn to embrace their freedom to eat a Twinkie now and then.

CR said...

The unlimited plan being offered by Verizon may be good news for ATT customers that plan to upgrade to the IPhone 4 because ATT may have to offer again the unlimited data plan in order to compete.

Wendy said...

That photo of the parents tossing the baby cracked me up.

Back when my son was small enough to fit in a back carrier, there were several times we went rock climbing and I had the thought "Someone's goin' down: you or me, kid".

Then there were the few times when I'd have to actually take him off, climb down to the next rock, get myself stable...and then I couldn't reach him. :)

We don't do much outdoors anymore.

Paula said...

I'm sure our friend Paula had a bad moment when Mike Pence announced he would not seek the presidency in 2012.

Right you are. Sad day. I just KNOW we're going to end up with a Meghan McCain Republican. McCain, "the straight-talking, forward-thinking daughter of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate" laments "how far the Republican Party has veered from its core values of freedom, honesty, and individuality." Just wait...the parade of those calling for that losing strategy will grow loud, obnoxious, and relentless in coming days. Ugh.

On a brighter note, love the giraffe cartoon!

Dumb question, but does that $30/month data plan include an actual phone plan as well? Or do you have to pay extra for talk and text?

Susan said...

1. Anime on why do I keep thinking Mr. Turk would like something like that?

2. Schmiegel wants Precious....LOL!

3. "Just don't ask how they bake it." That's gross, DJP. (You do realize, though, that it could have been worse....)

Sir Aaron said...

@CR: rumor has it that Verizon has plans to charge for data plans in the future too. It's the logical evolution because people are using less and less phone minutes and more data & text. For now, however, most people would save money with AT&T's new plan because most people aren't using enough data to justify the unlimited plan. The rest of us on AT&T already are grandfathered in.

The only good reason to move to Verizon, IMHO, is for their network coverage. I do appreciate the increased competition, however.

Robert said...


Yeah, she (Meghan) thinks the Republican party always stood up for the values of abortion, homosexuality, and Islam.

Robert Warren said...

Re: Target Acquired, We've Got the Bulb

I wonder how many remember this photo from the brave heroic raid on the home of the menacingly dangerous Marisleysis Gonzalez to rescue her cousin Elian to return him to that paradise, Cuba.

Notice the finger on the trigger; it is ready to pull, ever vigilant for an attack by Marisleysis, whose deceiving 98-pound frame belies the deadly threat.

Remember also, that this happened on Easter weekend, from the president who didn't want to offend Muslims by bombing during Ramadan.

CR said...


I read something in the wall street journal not to along ago that ATT intentionally dropped their unlimited plans because they knew people could not stay within the limits.

I was in New Zealand for a couple of weeks. Data plans are very expensive there so you can't get an unlimited plan there. I got a 100 megs for the time I was there and I ran out within a week and a half. And that was after arduously trying to use wireless where I can. I think it's bogus what these sales guys tell say when they say you don't use that much data.

My plan with ATT doesn't expire until June. I'll keep my head up on what Verizon does in the future.

DJP said...

Good memory, Robert. I remember how shocked I was, when I said something about it to a beloved relative who'd been a semi-hippie-freethinker type in the 60s and 70s. Turned out now the government was always right, and jackbooted thugs were a really great thing -- with Clinton in office.

Barbara said...


I agree with you. And as I said, I would be very interested in reading it when it's done. :)

SolaMommy said...

I know, I know, I'm late to the party...

That contortionist thing is really freaking me out. And I am cringing at the baby being tossed over the rocks!

Sir Aaron said...

@ Carlo:

Are you an iPhone user? Who did you buy your data plan from while in NZ?

BTW, I've only used 4.1GB down since I bought the phone in July 2009, but I've noticed that my usage has steadily increased. I think I use less data because I dont update facebook often.

CR said...

Yeah I'm an iPhone user, so I bought it from ATT. I don't track my data usage, but I'm impressed you've only used 4.1 gigs, but are you sure that's both through your data and wireless. That seems awfully low to only have received and sent 4.1 gigs?