Friday, February 18, 2011

Hither and thither 2/18/11

Another busy week, and I get the joy of preaching Sunday. So it may mean for a slightly shorter HT today, but hey! what I have here is yours. (Remember the perennials.)
  • So, poor sleep last Sunday night, bad headache in the middle, wake up in the morning, go to the mirror, and...
  • Want to see someone try deceptively to make an either/or look like a both/and? Thanks to reader Robert Sakovich, here you go.
  • Barack Obama then: "I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president [George W. Bush] I actually respect the Constitution." Barack Obama now: shred it.
  • Reader Mike Westfall challenges us: guess that caption!
  • Reader Kristina Nunez found the tale of a young man who refused to wrestle a girl, and suffered as a consequence. She applauds his choice, as would (evidently) John Piper. I applaud his acting on conscience but, as I've explained, have mixed thoughts about the specifics of his choice.
  • DAOD found an article suggesting that folks with last names towards the end of the alphabet jump to make purchases, more so than those towards the As.
  • Relatedly (kind of a double-pun, that), for you who love the pictures of our grandson Timothe, here are a couple extra-adorable installments. One shows that, though Timothe's much bigger, Hagrid's still a pretty big cat. (Freshen your memory with this picture.) The other shows that Timothe (at only about ten months) is doing that walking thing he's been so eager to do... and following in his uncles' warrior-footsteps.

  • Need a real-life silly-break? I've got 27 seconds for you, courtesy of reader Joe Lewis: there's a horse in that car.
  • And now, as you ponder that — James Earl Jones reads Justin Bieber.
  • Is governor-envy a sin? This sad Californian has sighed before over NJ Gov. Chris Christie's tough-dealing with the huge-spenders in his state. Now Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking on, even in a relatively small way, the deathly stranglehold that unions have on his state. Guess his party? I know, too easy. But never fear, the Democrats are doing their part. They have fled the scene, so as to avoid doing the job they're paid to do. Nice.
  • BTW as an aside: this is what Democrats do when they don't like the way an election goes. Is it just me, or is the disconnect between reality and the lexical meaning of "Demo-crat" just getting more and more surreal?
  • Anyway, back to what Governor Walker is doing. Wish our governor would do that. But... there really is a difference between the parties. Often, anyway.
  • The Corner's Jay Nordlinger gives a pretty good fisking to the gold-standard stonily-objective MSM Associated Press and their biased coverage of events in Wisconsin.
  • This is why I love, love, love how Rush Limbaugh calls MSMbots stenographers (for the Democrats) rather than reporters.
  • Blacks must be liberal. That isn't what I think, so don't look at me like that. That's Helen Thomas, respected MSM correspondent extraordinaire.
  • And because that statement wasn't sun-explodingly stupid enough, she added that Obama isn't really liberal.
  • Netflix is about to have some competition from Redbox. Ahh, competition. Always good for the consumer.
  • Simply brilliant:
  • Do you think all American taxpayers should be forced to support certain television and radio shows? Find that one in the Constitution. Well, liberals think so, and they'll pull stunts to prop it up. ("Sure, cut the budget... no no, not that part!") Is there really a sentient human being who doesn't think Sesame Street could get sponsors just like every other competitive show? (Thanks Robert Sakovich for the tip.)
  • Are you a Christian? Ha! OPPRESSOR! (This courtesy of the geniuses at nearby UC Davis; thanks to multiple readers for the link.) Reader Dave adds John 15:18 as an apropos observation.
  • Continuing westward, the peace 'n' granola hippies in Berkeley decided not to pass a resolution welcoming released Guantanamo detainees into their lovely haven. (Thanks to Chris Carney for the link.)
  • Mmm, meatloaf cupcakes.

  • Massive bacon fans will thank Laura Kellher for this link to the "best" bacon reviews.
  • Finally: it would have been cruel to Brad Williams (and others) to put this first, so here it is at the end. (Refresh the page if the picture doesn't do anything.)
  • Leading to...


RealityCheck said...

Monkey… mirror… Pelosi joke?... then I remember that she wouldn’t be able to see her reflection… oh well.

like miners coming out of a mine shaft… yeah… that’s the first thing I think when I see the Muslim Brotherhood, “hey, they remind me of those Chilean miners, maybe they could do Letterman and then Universal Studios”. lol

“China signing off”… seriously Dan, how about one week where you don’t cause me to dislike Obama anymore than I already do?!? How many times can I say that he just amazes me?

“Murtha's project taken off dole”… too bad he isn’t around to see it.

“There's a horse in that car!”... does that qualify for the carpool lane?

“Cut to Public Broadcasting”... I like Michelle Malkin's comment the other day when she said, "PBS brat Caillou perfect mascot for Dem: Entitled, needy, eternal toddler".

Watching slo-mo Phantom Flex was like waiting for Obama term to end... except a lot more fun!

Well Dan… 1:28a.m. and I just got done with HT… I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Tom Chantry said...

I will SOOOOO be doing the paper clip thing. Most helpful H&T ever. (And we normally come here to be entertained!)

DJP said...

Tom, it's a one-stop EVERYTHING shop.

Don't forget checking back for updates.


Robert said...

That James Earl Jones clip was awesome. Bieber would probably say he butchered it, though.

RC, I think I'd liken the Brotherhood more to people trying to recruit people to get stuck in a mine shaft.

I still don't get why people rush to the podium with pictures of Sesame Street characters, but don't put a fair representation of their support of NPR and what type of programming they have. And why don't people call them out for that?

The roof jumping thing is just crazy...I surely hope that guy is a trained professional, although it looked like a teenager.

Your grandson is still looking cute as ever.

I pray that your sermon will be a wonderful time of worship for you and the congregation.

Kris N. said...

I just thought it was refreshing that he did something based on principle and conviction, and seemingly doing so without trying to grab the limelight or attention. I have been going through the modesty thing with a friend of mine - she says one thing is immodest, where in my family, that's just what we do! Perhaps this young man is (gasp!) still a virgin and/or has no sisters (so, minimal experience with the other gender). Perhaps he is simply fearful of grabbing or touching something he thinks he shouldn't. And, he appears to be doing it with something on the line. Basically, I'm saying I agree with you. :) Who would have thought?

(BTW, what we're talking about is here:

Rhology said...

Mythical beast? What about Rush Limbaugh?

DJP said...

Kris - refreshing that he did something based on principle and conviction, and seemingly doing so without trying to grab the limelight or attention


Tom Chantry said...

Pray for governor Walker, a man who makes a credible profession of faith. There are multiple death threats against him, protests in front of his house in suburban Milwaukee, and unrepeatable slurs being cast against him. (All that is because post-Tucson the libs have foresworn hate and bile.)

DJP said...

Yeah. Unions. In a strike carried out in the little town of my birth, union thugs dug up the coffin of a manager's 12-year-old daughter who had just died. They put it on his porch.

Sweet things, unions.

Robert said...


Seriously? People did that without something in their head kicking in and saying "This is wrong!" Quite the demonstration of total depravity there. Do you mind if I ask how long ago that happened?

DJP said...

Probably... let's see, I was pre-10... 45+ years ago.

Agreed. It was horrible. Formed my view of unions, or certainly affected it. Dad brought home a sack of golf-ball sized I-forget-what-hard-material balls they shot at the workers in the plant. harrassed workers' ("scabs'") wives. Nasty.

Robert said...

My dad worked through a strike at his workplace (he was an engineer - not union or management). My sister drove up to see him and the union guys had put nails/tacks on the road at the entrance and she got a flat. He made them pay for the tire and made sure they knew that they knew who they were messing with. He was mostly easy-going, but if you pushed the wrong buttons, he'd explode.

I have seen the prupose of the unions from when they originated and how workplace conditions were then, but nowadays it leads to spoiled workers with no accountability and no conscience as to what their perks wind up costing the company, and, in the long run, the community. What they push for these days is unsustainable.

DJP said...

Last paragraph: exactly. Good concept gone monstrously bad.

Like some denominations.

Wendy said...

The Ouroboros represents atheism perfectly, in that it seems to be associated with everything but Christianity.

And that mandatory paternity test thing actually made me upset. If that happened here in California, I just might have to sign my first petition. Or write a letter. Something, anyways.

Sonja said...

Dan, you made my eyes bleed by combining Joy Behar AND Helen Thomas in one link. But I was warned.

Your union story is easily the most depraved act I believe I've ever read regarding unions. How one person could devise doing that is beyond my comprehension, but that others would give approval and practice such an abomination.

As always, thanks for H&T!

David Regier said...

I want to wear the "Vegetables are what food eats" t-shirt to a Daniel Plan rally.

DJP said...


Herding Grasshoppers said...


The paper clip thing! Yes! So simple! So clever!

Still laughing at James Earl Jones reading those moronic lyrics. Kind of reminds me of clips you posted long ago of William Shatner reading Sarah Palin, and then Sarah Palin reading his work. Can't find that second one anymore.

LOVE the pic of Timothe walking :D

And your DAOD's link to last names and impulse buying... just one more little advantage to homeschooling.

Happy Friday,


Mike Westfall said...

I'll hold out for an auto-tuned version of James Earl Jones "singing" Bieber's song. It'll certainly be better than the original.

Kay said...

Can't look at Jack Nicholson without hearing him say "I'm working". In fact, Ant says it when he's in the kitchen so I know not to bother him :-D

FREE SEO Site Assessment said...

It's a (Von) Trapp!

Great article.

DJ said...

I train in jiu jitsu and I no longer wrestle girls for 3 reasons.

1. 1Cor. 7:1
2. Rom 13:14
3. Its embarrassing when they kick my butt.

DJP said...

In ascending order of importance, I take it.


Rachael Starke said...

So let's see.

All black people are liberals.

Barack Obama is not a liberal.

Therefore, Barack Obama is not black.

But haven't some of us been saying that?

I'm really praying for Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin legislature today. Behold the compassion and commitment of Wisconsin Democrats to "the children." Tangentially, this morning's front page of the WSJ has an eloquent picture of a kindergarten teacher at a Wisconsin school who showed up for work - her kids didn't. Made me want to know who she was and send her a big bouquet of flowers. Maybe hire a security detail for her house.

candy said...

Caption: Doe a deer, a female... Oh. Wait.

Halcyon said...

Money shot:

"The GOP has tipped the fiscal scales in favor of big oil over big bird."

That made me laugh so very, very much.

Tom Chantry said...

In confirmation of some of the quotes above, our Republican Senators in Wisconsin are now reporting threats of physical violence. Funny how the Dems go into hiding when elections don't go their way, but the good guys are at work even while their employees are threatening to attack them.

Seth said...

I'll match your horse and raise you a cheeseburger...

Paula said...

The wrestler from Iowa is homeschooled and Pentecostal. Just to add some nuance to the story. I heard a bit of Rush today. He was lamenting the fact that when he was in high school he was forced to take ballroom dancing classes, taught by a drill sergeant. Now high school boys get to roll around on wrestling mats with girls. My how times have changed!

DS played on a co-ed indoor soccer team for a couple months and really struggled with it. Indoor soccer, although not as 'hands on' as wrestling, can get pretty physical. He always felt himself naturally holding back against the girls. Something inside him would not let him freely act aggressively toward them. Was that a God-given instinct or just the way he was raised? I think maybe it's an important theological question that must be wrestled with (punny, sorry!).

Regarding the socially moderate conservative....there has been quite a bit of fallout from CPAC (which should have been renamed LPAC because of the libertarian flavor of the conference this year). Al Cardenas, the new chairman of the American Conservative Union (the group that puts on CPAC) said this week that groups advocating gay marriage and repealing DADT might not be invited back to CPAC:

"If you are a group, and this has got nothing to do with your orientation... and you advocate gay marriage, that’s not within the scope of what we believe the three legs of the stool of the movement are.”

Hopefully this means Ron Paul and his lunatic fringe won't be back again next year either.

There were a couple thoughtful speakers at CPAC who spoke boldly about the necessity of all three legs of the conservative stool - fiscal, social issues, and national defense. Standouts include Rick Santorum, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Rep. Allen West.

Dorothy said...

I'm visiting family and showed my young niece the horse and the roof jumper. She loves the horse and wants to try roof jumping.

My sister may never leave me alone with her again.

Dorothy said...

Oh, and she wants bacon toothpaste.

Amy T Williams said...


As an overall observation, I want to say that I do not think that Christian men, especially younger Christian men, have thought very seriously about sports and the martial arts, how they relate and how they don't.

There is a world of difference in preparing a man for physical combat: i.e. police dept, military, and using that to beat another man into unconciousness for money (UFC).

On the whole, I am with you. If it is training, then they should train all in. But if it is mere competition, then it should not be mixed. A quick google image of high school wrestling will quickly demonstrate why.

Sir Aaron said...

At work we have ground defense training. I wouldn't want to wrestle a woman, not because I fear sexual attraction, but because I'd be afraid of putting my big clumsy hands somewhere inappropriate by accident. Of course, I don't like wrestling men for the same reason...You know, this is why I didn't wrestle and played basketball instead.

I don't see a link to the Iowa story though.

Wendy said...

How did I miss that caption challenge?! Let's see...
(to the tune of "Sound of Music" obviously)

"The stars are alive with the sounds of Aaaackbaaar, with enemy ships in sector forty-se'en....
the Death Star fills my heart with fear and dread,
we have no hope since it's all a trap...!"

Brad Williams said...

Yowsah! I totally commented under my wife's name. That Amy T. Williams is actually Brad Williams. And this is Brad too, if I am still logged in wrong.

Susan said...

1. Don't even get me started on unions. I know this one woman who, upon the slightest inquiry about her work schedule, would either stare at you and say that she'd need to talk to the union about it, or reply accusingly to your email while cc-ing the union chapter president, if she weren't there to tell you to your face. (Okay, so she doesn't do that upon every single occasion, but she's ready to bite you if you accidentally step on her.)

Like Robert, I see the value for unions if the management is unfair, corrupt and/or oppressive (have heard of a happy union story, too). However, when people abuse the system and use unions as their support for that, that's when I'd say, "Pleeeeeeeeeeze get them away from me!!!"

2. Dan, I'm sure animal rights activists would be extremely pleased to see that you are starving your own grandson in favor of fattening up your cat. ;) (Yeah, that cat is HUGE....)

3. FREE SEO, Candy, and Wendy (and whomever else I may have inadvertently missed): Love your captions!!! They strike my funny bone at different points!!!! (Candy's was the most unexpected!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Susan said...

I know whom I missed--Mike W. who came up with the challenge! Good show!!

Well, the only lame rendition I can come up with is--

"So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Ackbar...."

GrammaMack said...

Your grandson sure is cute. And he's walking so young! Bet he keeps everyone on their toes!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

About walking early...

I had one that walked at 8 1/2 months.

All that mobility, and no sense.

Sir Aaron said...

The sooner they walk the sooner they get into things or go places they're not supposed to. And boys are terrible. Always climbing or opening things. Girls seem way easier.

trogdor said...

Remember the Greece riots last May, where a hundred thousand entitled self-important babies rioted because the adults were trying to dig out of the financial mess the kids had created? The thinking then was that the same thing would happen here in a decade or so, when the bills from our overindulgence in socialism started coming due. Yeah, it didn't even take a year, and already the babies in Wisconsin are throwing their own tantrum. It's truly pathetic how quickly this nation's slide has accelerated since, oh, November 2008 or so.

Speaking of cowards, the Democrats fleeing the state to avoid doing their job (excuse me, "stand up for the working class", according to Pelosi) isn't a new tactic. They did the same thing in Texas in 2010 to avoid a vote they didn't like. I can't imagine the outrage if a Republican minority pulled such a stunt.

I'm trying to figure out how much I would pay to swap our governor with either the state to the north or east.

DJP said...

Herding Grasshoppers — my DAOD asked me to clarify that Timothe took his first steps at 8 1/2 months; the week after that he walked about 5 feet alone and now he's running all over the place!

"And yes," she continues, "he does get into every cabinet and many things (cat food/box) he shouldn't. He's uh, even 'used' the litter box a couple of times."

Oh my. I haven't heard that story yet.