Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday music: "Introduction" thrice, by Chicago and Danny Seraphine

As a led-up to tomorrow's planned (and unusual) book-review, I offer you live versions of the first Chicago song to stick in my mind. It is the first song on the first album, and was never a top-40 hitbound single. Written by the late, great Terry Kath, it is called Introduction.

The first version is the earliest. It is audio-only, very high-quality, and comes a 1969 performance at the Filmore West, two years after the band's formation and the year their first album ("Chicago Transit Authority") was released. It is the first song on that album.

The next is a not very high-quality (but still fun) video of a live performance in Japan from 1972. All the original members are seen, and I'm assuming nothing's offensive in the captions.

Finally, fast-forward well over three decades, and you see original Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine performing the same song (sans horns) with his new band California Transit Authority.

"Why," you ask, "is Danny doing the song with a different band now?" The answer is in tomorrow's planned book-review.


Robert said...

I'm anxious to see your review, as I have read a few others. Most of the reivews said that it was a book they couldn't put down once they started reading...was that the case for you?

DJP said...

You'll just have to wait and see.


PS - thanks for commenting. I was feeling so lonely!

< snif! >

Lenny said...

I'll also comment! But just to say that the captions in Japanese are just the translation of the lyrics being sung and nothing unsuitable :P

DJP said...

Ooh! Expert! Love it.


Bill Honsberger said...

I always was a sucker for my favorite drummer. Back when Chicago made real serious music... I know let's not go there.
Thanks for the videos

Robert said...

Well, you know I'm not one to stay silent! Although I will admit that I was having a hard time keeping up with the comment thread over at Pyros. The funny thing is that I missed the whole dustup over the weekend that led to that mess.

Mark B. Hanson said...

I was a Chicago lover in High School (1970) and after. What always impressed me about Chicago on record is they multi-miked Seraphine's drums, so you could hear them across the stereo soundstate. I think that added a whole lot of excitement to their recordings.

Wonder how much floor space he needs for his drum kit?