Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Consumerist church (Sacred Sandwich strikes again)

—from Sacred Sandwich


Robert said...

All that is missing is some type of "KIDZ" ministry...since you know, it is much better to emphasize that we can spell words incorrectly in the name of being cool (we just won't tell you what other areas we adjust in order to be cool).

Scooter said...

They forgot the SOFA service. It's a very simple service.

1) Brag about your latest micro-brew.

2) Appeasing the guilty conscious by drinking fair-trade coffee.

3) Pontificating about how micro-financing is central to the gospel and how the church has neglected this niche-market.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Scooter, you forgot the cigars.

Dan, is it sad that this is so funny?

Anonymous said...


The braintrusts over at SS are on it again!

Gregg said...

Wait a minute, what's wrong with cigars?

Al said...

Pastor Mark Keating - Research and Dev.

Dude... that is the knife.

al sends