Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday music: "Ankle Injuries," or, Can An Entire Lyric Line Have Only Two Notes?

The answer would be "Yes," as you'll see in this combination of obnoxious song, meaningless lyrics, and clever video (thanks to reader Berry Davis).

I can never predict what posts will and will not be popular, provocative, "hits." I predict this one will not be well-loved. It is clever in that it is done entirely in dice. It keeps my "eclectic" cred.

But honestly, if you listen to 15-30 seconds of the song, and then watch another 45 of the video, you're probably good, and we're still friends.


Merrilee Stevenson said...

We're still friends.

The animated pictures with dice rank up there with the kinds of impressive things people can do with Legos, though I'm not about to go out and buy a boat-load of them for my kids to play with. We don't have that kind of storage space! We'll stick with the Legos.

David Regier said...

That was awesome.

Lately, musical artistry seems to be inversely proportional to video artistry.

DJP said...

Too true too often.

On the other hand, "Thriller."

One Dan's opinion, YMMV.

David Regier said...

One of my star former piano students offered this one, filmed entirely backwards in slo-mo. She plays a toy piano now, but she can rip up the Rachmaninoff too.

Burrito34 said...

Whoa. Very creative. I wonder how it was done, CG or by hand? I don't see how anyone could do this die by die without going insane.

DJP said...

Maybe they employed all the patience and creativity they DIDN'T USE on writing or performing the song?

Robert said...

That was cool. It is sad to see that the artistry and musical talents/efforts don't always go together. I liked how Jack Johnson did the video for "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing"...I always wondered how long it took him to say/sing the words backwards for that video.