Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Foot-stompin' feminists

In a thoughtful essay titled Like nothing so much as a children's play group, "The Brave Lass" Kamilla says this of religious feminism:
Lip service is paid to serving a hurting world, but the nature of the beast turns in on itself, keeping women needy and in need in order to perpetuate the revolution. Only by taking women's eyes off a life lived in service to others, a life in which we only truly find ourselves by giving ourselves away - feminism tells us we must turn inward and serve ourselves or we cannot serve others. The problem is, as the class offerings show, that even the wealthiest and most well-educated women on the face of the planet are so very needy and oppressed we need constant counseling, guidance and spiritual direction to find ourselves!

It's the perpetual infantilization of women, making them out to be nothing so much as a needy toddler who stomps her little foot when she doesn't get her way. No, you can not be a priest. STOMP. I WILL be a priest! And you can't stop me or I'll tell on you!!

It makes feminism look like a kindergarten and all those classes as nothing more than play groups. Is this what feminism has brought us to? Is this what we bought when we were told we would be lifted up to social and legal equality with men? Is this the holy life Christ calls us to? Yes, this is the end product of embracing life as a "class", a special interest group. This is what happens when we forget our identity in Christ and look to the world to define our "Authentic Self". This is the natural end when we look to the world to tell us who we are. This is what happens when we succumb to the lie. It's Eve all over again. The promise of the precious fruit and its enlightenment results in death and endarkment.
(h-t Tim Bayly)


Wendy said...

...making them out to be nothing so much as a needy toddler who stomps her little foot when she doesn't get her way.

So true. Like every other lie the devil sends our way, it promises power and satisfaction, only to leave us more weak than we were before.

My pastor is starting a series this coming Sunday on Eph 5:21 - 6:9, starting with "Putting Women in Their Place" :) I can't wait for it.

Sir Aaron said...

Like I always say to feminists. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

Paula said...

@ Wendy....Wow! Brave sermon title!

I think that we often see this mentality creeping into women's Bible studies as well. There is a tendency for them to be very ME-focused and oriented around figuring ME out and getting MY needs met. All the filling-in-of-the-workbooks about how this passage of scripture makes ME feel.

This can feed into the special interest group mentality in the church as well.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

(DJP please delete if this double-posts.)

To me there is another aspect of it that you don't often see addressed, the relative absence of women ministering in the home. Where are the older women who are to be teaching the younger ones how to keep house, and love their husbands and children? Where are the widows ministering with mercy to the congregation, being supported by the church? Where is the hospitality? We have become so self-reliant (men and women) that the net effect is that we don't seem to need one another in the body, and are reluctant to ask for help. We would rather live with 2 kids and a paycheck and nice new things than, 4 or 6 or more kids, and buy most everything second-hand. We have to "sign up" to have people invite us to their homes because it is no longer assumed that it should be a natural, regular part of church body life. I suppose somewhere out there there is a church community living that way--the Amish, maybe (although they aren't particularly known for their evangelism). We're messed up, that's for certain!

Solameanie said...

Dan, you might find Suzanne Venker's commentary on this subject interesting. I guess new Congressman Allen West has waded into the water on the subject of radical feminism.

Kamilla said...


I'm glad you posted the link. I simply LOVED Suzanne's second book (written with her rather famous aunt, Phyllis Schlafly) and hope to have my review of it posted later today on my blog.


Paula said...

Allen West is a fearless conservative warrior. I wish he'd throw his helmet in the presidential ring. I think his straight talk could actually manage to steal the spotlight away from Trump.

SolaMommy said...

Wow...I just read the blog post you linked to. I love it! Thank you for sharing.