Friday, April 01, 2011

Hither and thither 4/1/11

Last week's illness gave me a providential opportunity to do some intensive and extensive editing, which I aim to finish today and tomorrow. I'm definitely better than I was; energy mostly back. Worst hang-on is coughing when I lie down.

It's April 1, but I don't really do gags as a rule. No need to watch for one here, no "Rob Bell is joining the BibChr team" or "Next week: the seamy truth about Phil Johnson!" announcements or anything. Just straight-up, down-home, hithery, thithery goodness. Speaking of which....
  • Okay, okay! Two exceptions... though, since I'm announcing them, they're hardly "exceptions," are they?
  • First reader Nathan Currey has convinced me: Spa-Lami is the way to go. (If you're not chuckling by 1:14, go back to bed and start over.)
  • Second, as several have noted: the best review of Love Wins to date.
  • Now that we have all that over with:
  • We begin our weekly excursion into eclectic excellence by entertaining a new definition of "dog sled":
  • Just kind of interesting. Blogger's rolled out five alternative ways you could view this blog. Well, and others, if you go to other blogs.
  • Reader tobekiwi sends a link to a live Eagle cam trained on a nest with some eggs, one of which may have hatched by the time you read this. I watched for a few minutes. It starts with a brief commercial, then is a genuine live feed with sound. This is a continuous stream, not a still shot every 90 seconds like some "live" cams. When I watched it, it had a live remote operator, as it panned from one eagle to the other, then back. Majestic birds.
  • So, next time someone whines at you about how Christianity hates women because God says they should respect their husbands and can't be pastors or kill their babies, ask: "Say, want to see a religion that really, truly hates women? Check this out!"
  • Hm. Kiwi bacon, anyone?
  • Bush's fault? When President Bush left office, gas at the pump was about an average of $1.79 a gallon. Now, after two years of wonderful Hopeychangium? Double that! $3.58. Impact on economy? I think so.
  • Meanwhile, turns out President Obama is all for drilling for oil — in Brazil! Plus, he promises Brazil, we'll be one of their best customers. Yeah, I guess.
  • Isn't it nice to know that, now that we're already in the Libyan war kinetic military action and supporting the "rebels," Obama is trying to find out who they are?
  • ONOES!! They're at it again! The GOP wants to KILL 70,000 CHILDREN!!! Anyway, that's what the Obama administration says, and they wouldn't lie, would they? I mean, obviously, clearly the only way those kids live is if the government doesn't go further into debt and takes further control over the lives and treasures of free citizens. Duh!
  • My irony alarm always goes off when the abortion-as-a-sacrament crowd wrings its hands over The Children®.
  • Dear wife sent me some of these, which I'll scatter here and there:
  • Headline of the WeekObama Accepts Transparency Award in Closed Press Ceremony.
  • Gripping story: iPhone saves life? I think it's an iPhone. Anyway, from Chris Carney comes the tale of a lady who fell deep into a sinkhole in her backyard. Good news: she had her cell phone. Bad news: no reception in a sinkhole! So what does this sharp lady do? Dials 911 and tosses the phone out of the hole, hoping the reception holds and the emergency crew responds. Thank God, it and they did. Now pray God leads her thoughts from "angels" to Him whom the angels worship.
  • Dog-lovers and anyone who needs a chuckle: 21 seconds. You'll laugh. Dude's got his thing down.
  • PETA has a contest. Whee. The prize? Free vasectomy. (See the agenda?)
  • Just... ew. Phil reminds us (thanks, Phil!) that Gandhi was a strange, foolish, broken, lost character. (Warning: unpleasant reading. Seriously. Not for the kiddies.) Not quite up to hype. Yet he's still quoted as an authority on how Christians ought to "do" Christianity. Go figure!
  • Legonuts: you have a potential of hours of gazing at the work of this devoted Star Wars / Lego artiste. (NOTE: I haven't even almost looked at all of them, so I can't vouch... but I doubt he suddenly veers off into nasty stuff.)
  • Similarly: if you're both a HP and Lego fan, here's a pretty good Legotized HP7B trailer. Not Michelangelo, but not bad.
  • Not a "fail" for stores catering to very special clientele:
  • Your eleven-year-old will not want you to watch this video of charming, talented, accomplished 11yo violinist Sirena Huang...
  • ...and you may not want your eleven-year-old to watch this:
  • Who you have for a governor sure makes a difference. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just signed a law outlawing abortion for reason of race or sex-selection. Response from "the party of the little guy" to protecting targeted babies for their race or sex? "Offensive!" said Sen. Linda Lopez — guess? give up? — a Democrat.
  • BTW, that is just one of a number of laws working their way through the machinery of various states, aimed at making it harder to take out a contract on an inconvenient or imperfect baby, according to an article Robert Sakovich sent me to. I don't think that article has the current state of law right, in suggesting that unborn children are currently protected, in any way, after viability.
  • Interesting how Planned Parenthood defines "family planning": killing inconvenient or imperfect children, and mammograms. Except that, apparently, they only provide one of those services. Guess which one?
  • (You have to have read, or tried to read, at a certain level of theology, to get that. If you don't, really don't worry about it. Really.)
  • Irony (Among Other Things) Alert: a particular sexual perversion aims to give its military presence higher visibility by launching a magazine called Outserve. (Link from Robert Sakovich.) The irony is in this quotation: "'Visibility is key,'" Smith said." The irony? Wait for it...
  • "Smith" is a pseudonym.
  • Meanwhile, chaplains are being indoctr... er, re-educa... um, "trained." (Sakovich link, again.)
  • Apparently Rob Bell is crying victim. Surprise!! Well, no. But here is the surprise: who said, regarding that item, "It always amazes me how quickly the criminal becomes the victim—how the person who sins so quickly tried to deflect the attention away from himself"? Phil? Frank? Doug Wilson? Me? Nope. Challies. Kid you I not.
  • Very cute, but needs subtitles. (No particular climax, feel free to bail at any point.)
  • Staying with "cute": the only way to watch this (via Frank) is muted. Sound-on, and you lose all hope for the future and walk in the deep darkness of despair.
  • Yeah, I always wish I'd ordered the picture:
  • ...though we did get one In-N-Out burger that was close.
  • Staying with food: Susan found us a study suggesting a link between religion and obesity. They do mention the "pot luck" factor; I think they should have had Baptist and Presbyterian control-groups. The sad note is the trendy Unitarian church with its eschewing of sugar and all, thus depriving themselves of the only good they'll ever know, barring repentance and saving faith.
  • Sacred Sandwich strikes again:
  • You know... there are foods that  (A) are really good, and (B) should never, never be paired. Julie Garrett found me the proof. You come for the (A) chocolate chip (B) bacon cookies, you stay for the (A) chocolate (B) mayonnaise cake, the (A) chili con carny (B) y chocolate, and the (A) black bean (B) brownies. Num, num... woof!
  • Finally: I'm looking forward to Harry Potter 7b in a few months. Don't recall this scene being in the book, however:
  • And so HSAT, I leave you with these:


RealityCheck said...

Dogs in snow… you know that a couple of cats are sitting off camera just shaking their heads at those silly dogs.

Bengladesh Girl… yeah, once again the peacefulness of Islam is the first thing that comes to mind. Makes me want to run right out and get one of those Coexist stickers.

Is it wrong that the Kiwi bacon commercial makes me wonder how those eagle eggs are doing?

The scary thing about Obama and gas prices (and a bunch of other things) is that his approval numbers aren’t that bad. I’m afraid we just might be reaching the point of no return in this country where the dependent class is too big to vote the big spenders out. Think California.

Obama Accepts Transparency Award in Closed Press Ceremony… That would be hysterical if the joke wasn’t on us.

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll call it quits for tonight with Jump-Woofer Dog and go to bed with a smile on my face.

Thanks for H&T Dan.

Kay said...

Love 'That word' graphic.

The Ghandi thing is beyond unpleasant. And I think I can say that for sure.

The Squirrel said...

Doin' that "Friday H&T" dance.



JackW said...

Another great collection of eclectic wonders Dan.

I also access this blog through Google Reader and an iPad app called Pulse. I don’t think that either one will register on your counter though. So here’s a comment to make up for it!

Robert said...

Love the dog sled...looks like fun!

So according to Shariah law a girl who is raped is actually at fault? And people here don't see a problem with saying we don't ever want Shariah law here?

And Rob Bell wonders why people might think that Ghandi is in hell? Of course, Bell would suggest he was already in his version of hell while he was alive on earth.

Scooter said...

If I could learn to laugh at irony, with everything that comes out of Washington I would never be sad again.

I've tried to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. He runs the most powerful country in the world and it's incredibly complex. But man if he's a dead ringer for an emergent. From "Healthcare is a necessity for everyone." to "We must be independent from oil, immediately." the man seems to have no comprehension about what effects his actions will have.

No love for the Truemann? I can't blame you for trying. Though he's one of the reasons I read Reformation21.

I get excited everytime you use, "ohnoes" or something similar. Can that become a regular feature?

RealityCheck said...

I don't want to sidetrack H&T into just complaining about Obama but...

I wrote this on H&T just a few hours ago:

The scary thing about Obama and gas prices (and a bunch of other things) is that his approval numbers aren’t that bad. I’m afraid we just might be reaching the point of no return in this country where the dependent class is too big to vote the big spenders out. Think California.

Then I saw this this morning:

Scary! Obama knows exactly what he is doing. 1) Get elected 2) Get money (as in pass huge spending bill 3) Hire (with other peoples money) as many government workers as possible 4) Get as many people on the dole as possible (as in health care for example) and you've got all the people you need to stay in power. Again, think California and remember the old saying: "as California goes so goes the country".

Sir Aaron said... about irony. Challies A La Carte had a link to an article about Why Canadians Love to Shop in the U.S.. So the writer says.."In conclusion, while Canada has some pretty fantastic benefits such as the TFSA, universal health care and a higher minimum wage (the lowest being $8.00/hour in British Columbia), many Canadians (myself included) still feel like the shopping will always be better on the other side."

Hey dummy! The reason why prices and taxes are lower here is because we don't have all those crazy social policies.

Sir Aaron said...

@Reality and @Rachael: The game plan for liberals is not exactly a secret. One only need read Rules for Radicals to know the plan.

It's unfortunate and we've been fortunate so far. No real persecution because of our faith and no wars that required real sacrifice. I think that's going to change.

Rabbit said...

I will be asking for a trip to Spa-Lami for Christmas. It sounds delicious. I mean, relaxing.

Bullsgeshichte is one of the best additions to my lexicon in a long, long time.

Thanks, Dan - you make Fridays good. :)

Merrilee Stevenson said...

I've figured it out, Dan: H&T is like a box of chocolates. Unless we are shameless gluttons, we can't possibly consume it all in one sitting. And to admit to having done so by commenting on everything we've read, well, that's just admitting our problem, isn't it? So maybe that's why there are so few comments on Fridays? I dunno. All's I know's is that I'm an addict, but I try to use moderation and consume it little by little throughout the day.

Anyway: So far my favorite, the one that produced shameless laughter, was the book review of Love Wins.


RealityCheck said...

Sir Aaron,

You mean the Rules For Radicals dedicated to Lucifer and taught by our “Christian” President Obama?

That’s just one of the many places he goes for advice

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Woo-hoo, it's Friday :D

Merilee's right... too much to absorb at one sitting, so just a couple comments.

#1 So Planned Parenthood doesn't actually provide mammograms. Big surprise. How's that Susan Komen thing working out?

#2 Love the Kiwi bacon ad, but hasn't that been done before?

#3 Intrigued by the eagle cam, but the nest far too tidy. Where are all the little poodle collars?


Herding Grasshoppers said...

PS Happy Atheists' Day!

Wendy said...

I like reading Carl Trueman, but most of the time, he makes my brain hurt.

Ghandi has always weirded me out so I didn't bother reading more than the first few paragraphs of the article.

Sir Aaron said...


Yes. That's one of the primary sources for liberal game plans, all of which are pretty much variations of the same tune.

BTW, the Soviets also had a plan with very similar steps. But it was plan for the US' ultimate demise.

RealityCheck said...

Sir Aaron,

My question about RFR was meant as sarcastic, I'm sorry I didn't make that clear. I have lost track of how many people I have told about that book and how much Obama, and other libs, follow it and the other leftist influences they have. In fact, I’ve sent several links to Dan in the past pointing out some of those things.

My real point today was not to simply point out what we already know (the plan they are following) but to draw attention to the fact that it is working. Obama’s numbers should be right alongside Pelosi's but yet they remain pretty good. Even with her terrible numbers she manages to keep her job. I believe this is because he/they may have already succeeded in stacking the deck far enough in his/their favor that he can’t/won’t be voted out. Scary thought huh?

What he is doing may not be a secret, but plenty (enough to keep him in office?) either still don’t get it or get it and want it!

How nice is to know that God is ultimately in charge and what some are doing for bad He will use for good.

Paula said...

There is no better indictment against the Unitarians than this quote from the obesity article:

"We get all sorts of feedback about what kind of snacks to have on Sunday morning during coffee hour. If somebody dares to bring out a cake, there’s an uproar about it.”

So not only are they heathens...they're also just plain weird and unAmerican.

"In Ohio, there's been a hearing on an even tougher measure that would outlaw abortions after the first medically detectable heartbeat — as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. At that hearing, two pregnant women underwent ultrasounds so lawmakers could see and hear the fetal hearts."

Guess who is opposing this bill? Go ahead...guess. Did you (correctly) guess Ohio Right to Life? They've been all over the news whining about how it's not compatible with Roe v. Wade and saying the Supreme Court would strike it down, so why bother? They think it's just too extreme.

The truth is, ORTL has become an arm of the Ohio Republican Party and as such has compromised its mission to save unborn babies. Sad, depressing, disgusting.

Paula said...

And another thing...

I heard a speech by conservative radio host (and potential presidential candidate) Herman Cain last weekend and he used the S-I-N acronym for how liberals respond to conservatives. I think it applies to that Rob Bell interview:

(S)hifting the blame: "I'm concerned about all the people out there who want to know God and are SICK of a system that has nothing to do with the love of God. If that's how you act, why would I ever want to know your Jesus?"

(I)gnoring the facts: "We're not judged by how ferociously we've blogged....we're judged by our fruit."

(N)ame calling : "Your not even kind at a basic kind of human level."

David Beirne said...

The girl selling the air!! She needs $500k to "train experts" for the equipment and travel to gather air!! Where's my checkbook!! The audience was laughing, was she for real?? Best April fools ever!

Susan said...

1. Sorry, Valerie, but those cannibalistic peanuts give me the creeps!! (But it's also neat to know that Mrs. DJP's humor is on the edgier side!) :D

2. The girl that was trying to sell Parisian air--the whole vid looks like a parody to me. Just look at the expressions on those people's faces! They seem staged. (If this were a real vid, however, I'd think it's crazy. She can't be serious....)

Jeremiah Halstead said...

I'm guessing the last Graph is a nod to The Princess Bride. Word verification: derale; not possible with HT. Maybe it not being spelled correctly will derail the derale

DJP said...

As many of you suspected, the "Rachel Sequoia" bit was a prank — though the event was not.

Anna said...

Now announcing Church Planter, the video game!

tobekiwi said...

Great mix of stuff this week...I laughed, I cried, I was a little worried about the kiwi bacon, breathed a sigh of relief to see it's the brand name and not what it's made of. ;o)

"The eagles are coming...the eagles are coming!"
Ok, just one so far, and he/she can barely keep it's little head up.
PBS did a documentary called "American Eagle" a few years back and featured this nest and another one in Minnesota. Don't know how to type a link in, but here's the address;
This nest is right near a state fish hatchery, smart birds...why settle for poodle when you can have fresh fish anytime?

Dorothy said...

I have nothing much to say except that I really, really enjoy H&T (it's half of what makes Fridays so great (the other half being that it's my day off)), and I appreciate the work you put into gathering stuff for us.

Anonymous said...

Brad Williams said...

Cannot stop watching the dancing Dumbledore...

Kirby said...

I'm a bit late to the ball, and this is what I get when I click on the 14-year old girl story: You don't have permission to access /blog/2011/03/31/bengla-desh-fourteen-year-old-girl-raped-charged-with-adultery-and-lashed-to-death/ on this server because you are currently blacklisted by a DNSBL server at:

Did that site just get hacked?

DJP said...

I just tested. No problem.

jakki said...

Re the two babies having a conversation. Am I the only person who didn't see the similarity with another couple having a "conversation" here:

Solameanie said...

Actually, mayonnaise cake is delicious. The mayo takes the place of the eggs, and when it's made properly, it just tastes like very rich chocolate cake, preferably with white frosting.