Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Most vivid "warning shot" ever caught on video?

I have often remarked that everyone gets a certain number of "warning shots," a number determined by God. By that I mean incidents, first-hand or otherwise, that remind us of our extreme, fragile mortality; of the fact that life is not a "given," that our continued existence here on planet earth should never be taken for granted.

Or, as one put it far better: "you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes" (James 4:14b).

There is only one real priority for us: that we know God, on His terms. Without that settled and in good currency, everything else is whistling past the graveyard.

As this lady was vividly reminded:

But did she read the memo? Or is she like most Americans who take waking up for granted, breathing for granted, eating for granted, being able to fire off two neurons in sequence for granted, not recognizing every one of these things as coming from the God in whose hands are their very breath and their ways (Daniel 5:23), and not recognizing every one of these things as a gift of God's kindness, meant to bring them to repentance (Romans 2:4).

How much longer do you have, reader, friend, passer-by? If your answer is anything other than "I have absolutely no idea," it's a dishonest and incorrect answer. Don't care if you're 15, 25, 55, or 95. You have no clue.

One thing you know for certain: you've got a date with the Judge whose rulings are final. You will be judged in His courtroom by His laws and subjected to His sanctions.

Are you prepared? On His terms?

Better be.

Postscript: Fred Butler notes that some wonder if the vid is a hoax. Maybe, maybe not; that would affect my point only if one thought that we don't actually get warning-shots or near misses, and aren't really, at any moment, a literal hiccup away from the reality of Hebrews 9:27.

Postscript 2:  the source I now use, above, claims to be Wendy Cobb herself, and she says it really happened.

Postscript 3: closing the loop with Fred, he found confirmation.


Barbara said...

And ever-so-reminded as I was up half the night with beating winds and the sound of constant roaring thunder, listening for the "freight train" as I prayerfully (and worshipfully) pulled a mattress into the hallway - along with my Bible and cell phone, remembering that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan could have just as easily happened here. And I am thankful this morning for His mercy in all things.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll ask...why is the driver video-taping?

DJP said...

Because she didn't read this post?

witness said...

Real or fake? Doesn't matter... absolutely sobering. Or at least it should be.

Pastor Pants said...

Those cameras are becoming more common. They are for insurance purposes and work automatically.

Paula said...

I think the case can be made for cemeteries in churchyards. Often, when mentioning the end times or the rapture, our dear pastor will glance out "that" window or make reference to those graves opening up. It's a sobering object lesson for believers and unbelievers alike.

I think about the time before God saved me when I would read the book of Revelation and be absolutely terrified, thinking about those things actually happening some day. Worse than those Friday the 13th movies that scared me so much in high school!

Barbara said...

MSNBC news online has an interview with the woman in the car. I can't copy the video link but it's entitled, "I almost filmed my own death," Driver says of accident.

Sonja said...

A couple of years ago, a man in my church was killed in such a manner on I-5. The load wasn't secured on a truck and some huge thing flew off and landed on the windshield/hood; Gavin died instantly.

Leaving behind a pregnant wife, 4 kids and a grieving church.

Gavin loved the Lord, his family and his church family. He was everywhere on Sundays helping where help was needed, giving enthusiastic hellos to everyone friend or stranger (no one was a stranger to Gavin), wrangling frisky kids. He sang really loud and really offkey, encouraging all of us other terrible singers to sing out too.

I'll never forget Gavin. In a split second, gone.

Rachael Starke said...

Wow. I was bracing myself, trying to guess what was going to happen, and still jumped a foot.

I had something similar happen to me years ago on a morning commute. Loose 2x4s in the back of a truck in front of me. Truck hits a bump. 2x4 comes at me like a spear, only to "inexplicably" veer to my right, over the top of my engine and onto the side of the freeway. Because I was spared, I didn't have any context for knowing what the damage would have been like. Now I do.

We are so fragile, apart fromt the undeserved mercy of God.