Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harold Camping to the folks whose lives he's ruined: Oh well, stuff happens

Tell me if my paraphrase is that far off:
"We just had a great recession. There's lots of people who lost their jobs, lots of people who lost their houses ... and somehow they all survived," he said.

"People cope, he added. "We're not in the business of giving any financial advice. We're in the business of telling people maybe there is someone you can talk to, and that's God."
If that doesn't tell each and every last one of his followers everything they need to know about this unhinged, utterly irresponsible deceiver... I can't imagine what would.

Meanwhile — as I've often observed — don't expect Camping to put any of his money where his mouth is:
[Camping] also said that he wouldn't give away all his possessions ahead of Oct 21.

"I still have to live in a house, I still have to drive a car," he said. "What would be the value of that? If it is Judgment Day why would I give it away?"

I confess that I'm surprised that this isn't getting more circulation. Excellent execution by Joe Cassada, and prophetic content (composed before Camping's double-down). Look again at those poor folks standing behind him.


The Blainemonster said...

Good work, Joe. Definitely love the REPENTANCE door, because it's within reach.

Anonymous said...

Camping's definitely getting pretty close to the time that he's going to have some serious 'splaining to do, unless he grabs for the door...

DJP said...

Yes, ma'am, and I pray he does.

But you have to ask: if this doesn't signal his need to tear it all down and start over... what in this life would?

My real disappointment is the Raised-Pinkie crowd, who are so busy being nuanced, gracious, wise and deep that they can't seem simply to denounce a ruinous false teacher.

Solameanie said...

I can remember a favorite phrase of Harold's when he would encounter an "Open Forum" caller with whom he disagreed. "Oh, MY! We DO have a problem here, don't we?"

Seeing how Harold has doubled down instead of repenting, and adding with it other very serious errors that make him sound more like a Jehovah's Witness, it amazes me that anyone still listens to him. But they do. A textbook case of what happens when someone has absolutely no accountability.

The Squirrel said...

I really wish one of the reporters present during last night's Open Forum show had asked, "Are you now ready to quit teaching the Bible, Mr. Camping? Since you are obviously so very very bad at it?"

(Yeah -- I'm now reduced to recycling my own tweets as blog comments...)


Robert said...

Maybe he should have considered telling people what his plans were so they could follow his example. That would have at least shown some consideration for people besides himself. This sounds more like a case of an overgrown ego the more I hear about it. "Look at how great I am and this great message I was able to decode from the Bible that NOBODY else in the history of the world could figure out!"

Joe Cassada said...

Thanks, all, for the kind words. I was just the artist, though. The cartoon was really Dan's brainchild. Every detail was his idea.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the cartoon - concept and execution.

Gee, who would've seen Camping's latest dodge? (eyes roll)

Boggles my mind that people FOLLOW HIM.

RT said...

The utter self absorption of this twit almost defies belief. On the other hand I entertain the slight hope that perhaps he is merely senile and can be institutionalized. Regrettably the fact that he is practicing "Christianity" renders his foolishness constitutionally protected and because he is operating outside any recognizable church, beyond the reach of Church discipline. Oh for the return of the Inquisition!

DJP said...

Oh, my.

I think to get that as you mean it, someone would have to know you, RT, and be able to hear it said in your voice.

Sadly, only I here have had that privilege.

RT said...

Well, of course I am not completely serious - as you so perspicaciously detected - but one truly has to wonder, particularly at his age, whether or not medication would help (and a strait-waistcoat would at least keep him away from the microphone -- deep in your heart you know I am right!)

Susan said...

Having read that Camping article Phil linked to in his Pyro post yesterday, I was beginning to hope (yes, HOPE) that Camping is just old and senile and deranged. (RT said it better here, I think.) However, having read Dan's post here today, I think his paraphrase is too kind. If I were you, Dan, I'd reduce it down to one word:


Word Verification: comatic
Definition: How Camping's groupies wish they are now that reality has kicked in

Susan said...

(Don't get me wrong: I still hope he's just old and senile and deranged, but, oh, those poor [but very foolish] people who followed him!)

Rachael Starke said...

I've watched/read very little of the coverage because it's truly too painful. It just makes me ill.

But I have a serious question, given all the discussion about his age and mental state:

Why. Is. He. Still. Breathing???

He seems to be literally hell-bent on appointing his own judgement day, veritably daring God to take him out.

But God says no.

Beyond all the excellent reasons you lay out at Pyro, I just have to ask again - why does God let this man live into his nineties, while men like David Wayne (Joyllyblogger) may be close to heaven??

It makes no (earthly) sense.

trogdor said...

So Jesus really did return Saturday, but it was a spiritual returning that nobody could see? Wow.

Some nice people came to my door and told me that already happened in 1914. And apparently it also happened in 1844. How am I to know which triple-secret invisible return of Christ to believe?

And why again are so many people talking about him as though he's a brother with some slightly errant theology? Why is it so hard to call a wolf a wolf? (See also: Bell, Rob)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Good post. Great cartoon!

Pierre Saikaley said...

Going over "the fifth reason" in your post at http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2011/05/harold-camping-glorifies-god-seventeen.html

I don't think Harold has been crushed hard enough. I think he has yet to feel the ruinous consequences of his brazen wickedness and stupidity.

Like a dog he keeps returning to his vomit.

Hopefully the wrath of man, especially those with zero discernment, who have lost all because of his lies, will be visited upon him,(I don't mean by violence) and hopefully the Lord will turn him before he dies of his old age.

I just see no other way for this guy to repent, except to feel it in a real way.

CR said...

I think because God is long-suffering Rachael but let's not forget that if doesn't repent he is storing up wrath for himself.

Seth said...

Whatever became of Eph 4:29? If Camping is a brother, we should love him. If he's not one of us, we should pray for him. Mocking is only vain conceit to elevate ourselves positionally. If we're really concerned about those he misled, what should our outreach look like?

DJP said...