Friday, May 13, 2011

Hither and thither 5/13/11

FINALLY, Blogger is back up. Here's the into I had at the WordPress site; now we can continue here.

Well, gang, Blogger is still down. This is an unused blog I've had mothballed for a while, from when I was considering a move to WordPress. It's a temporary thing, to "hide you over" (as one of my children used to put it) while Blogger figures out how to clean up its mess and who should be fired.

A Godsend of sorts: I just found that I'd left the post open at my work pc! I'll copy it over and put it up here until I can post it at Blogger, and edit it. The usuals will still apply. So here's what I've got for you:
  • First... a graphic history of the Emerging Church movement?
  • EC motto: Semper Dilabens.
  • (For a bit o' background on the animation, see here. On dilabens, see here.)
  • Now, my BIG BIG news! I have been cleared to let you know that my book, The World-Tilting Gospel, is available for pre-order in case you're interested. You can see it here at the Kregel site.  You can also see (and "like," if you like) at the Amazon site.  (NOTE that Amazon has instructions about what to do if you want a Kindle edition. Not here, please, I've got nothing to do with that.) It's also at And British readers can see it here. Exciting to the point of numbness. If you choose to like, Facebook, Tweet or any of the other things those pages offer, thanks!
  • Meanwhile, I think it was thoughtful of cultist Mitt Romney to clear a cluttered field by removing his name from serious consideration as a GOP candidate. Bravo, Mitt — and loodle-oo!
  • Dr. Jim Hamilton says: preach the whole psalm! (I add: read the whole psalm, if you're reading Scripture in church.)
  • As I've said, I think the PCUSA (the "mainline" Presbyterian denomination) jumped the shark when it defrocked J. Gresham Machen. That was a long time ago. Now the denomination formally states that  submitting to Christ's Lordship and pursuing homosexual cravings are compatible. Remember: you support a PCUSA church, you support that. Feet vote.
  • Al Mohler adds a few thoughts.
  • By contrast: m'man Jim Hamilton points us to the CBMW evaluation of NIV 2011. Their conclusion is that the "new" NIV retains 75% of the TNIV's agenda-driven twistings of gender, and that it hoses out some verses (prominently 1 Timothy 2:12) in a feminist direction. Thus: "We regret, therefore, that we cannot recommend the 2011 NIV as a sufficiently reliable English translation. And unless Zondervan changes its mind and keeps the current edition of the 1984 NIV in print, the 2011 NIV will soon be the only edition of the NIV that is available. Therefore, unless Zondervan changes its mind, we cannot recommend the NIV itself."
  • Just Glue Them Directly To Your Stomach and Arteries Alert:
  • Mike Vlach provides a helpful summary of a just-concluded seminar on dispensationalism. Wish I'd been in it! Then a followup did a summary of an eschatology seminar. Common theme to both is the importance of holding that the NT does not reinterpret the Old. I see no honest, consistent way around the conclusion that to assert that the NT reinterprets OT text is to impugn God's honesty in order to prop up a tradition.
  • Reminder: never trust AP polls. Never.
  • Reason #8505 for homeschooling (or some alternative to state reeducation camps).
  • Homeschoolers (and others) will thank me for this. (Back-story.)
  • BTW, I suppose occasional reminders of the following facts are salutary. I do not think that GOP legislators are definitionally good legislators. Some are idiots who are unclear on the concept. Like this guy. I'm just saying that one party is occasionally supportive of values distinctively dear to Christians, and is regularly hostile to those same values.
  • OTOH, it is good to know that the GOP has gone on-record as opposed to federal grants to mimes.
  • This prompted Mark Steyn to wonder whether an all-star awareness-raising song would be called Proud to Be a Dole Mimer's Daughter. Then a reader of his also mused as to whether a groundswell of popular support for federally-funded mimes would be called The Silent Majority.
  • The theme of moms has recurred this week in my writing here and there. Now I read of a mom I really like: loves her son, doesn't love his choices, stands for her (apparently Christian) principles. My family will always know her son as the voice of "Kronk" in the hysterically funny Emperor's New Groove.
  • My cyber-friend pastor Chris Brauns voices what I am sure is one of the very deepest fears of every faithful pastor. In my own ministry I have always felt that I would rather rattle a genuine believer a bit, than give false comfort to a deluded tare.
  • Irony Alert: President Obama said, "Our heritage as a nation of immigrants is part of what has always made America strong. Out of many, one -- that is our creed." Aww, how nice. The irony? He said it at the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast! (From an alert I received, believe it or not, from the "White House Media Affairs Office.")
  • Since it's been a while since we've had a Robot Invasion Update, let's just close on that note, shall we?
  • Then these:


Tom Chantry said...

So, let me see if I have this straight: Blogger is back, but yesterday just.did.not.happen!

Pastor Pants said...

WOO HOO! Book pre-ordered!

Hopefully the NIV's days are now numbered, but sadly I doubt it. At least the ESV has won in the circles I move in, but I still prefer the NET (most of the time).

Also, pleased to see you suggest PCUSA church members "feet vote". I have been saying this to Anglicans on this side of the "pond" for years. Stay in the fold only helps THEM...

SolaMommy said...

Dan, I have it in my Amazon cart but I'm not checking out till I find something else so I can get free shipping ;-)

Is the Emergent movement really on its way down? My brother started dating an Emergent girl and he has been very active in their church-thingy for about 6 mos. It seems pretty big. I sure hope you're right...

DJP said...

Well, the part I mainly had in mind was the fact that there's color, activity -- and constant collapse and dissolution.

SolaMommy said...

Apparently that was a little too deep for me on a Friday morning! I'm still stuck on that cat gif from last week :-p

Rachael Starke said...

WOOT on the book. How fun (for us at least) to follow along with the process - I had no idea it was so long!

Re: Mom of Kronk (us too on that movie, BTW) - I wholeheartedly a appreciate a mom showing loyalty and love for a child while disapproving of his/her choices. We need more of them

But, boy do I wish she'd been more articulate about the issues with the show. Of course, there's likely some broadbrushing on the part of the journalist. Still, it just irks me when Christians don't seem to even attempt to be aware of the motives of 99% of most media, and try to either respond with discretion, or refuse the opportunity alltgother. In another lifetime, I'd love to start a media training ministry for Christians about to be put under the glare of hostile journalists.

DJP said...

Lot of pictures.

Paula said...

#1,423,008 on Amazon!!! Yay for you! I pre-ordered, "liked" it, and shared it on Facebook. I'll be looking for my check in the mail. : )

Through my covert sources I happened to get my grubby little hands on an early manuscript of the book and am happy to say I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up! It's solid Bible doctrine presented in an unpretentious way. It's like a big, juicy hamburger - a beefy delight you can enjoy without having a sophisticated palate.

Just one little quibble with the publisher's blurb:

"The first generation of Christians were not popular."

Shouldn't it be "The first generation WAS not popular"?

DJP: Can you explain the irony of the Hispanic prayer breakfast comment? I'm missing it.

And wow....I never thought it would happen, but there is finally an issue that will have my parents marching in the streets:

"Flake said he will do anything it takes to kill funding for the accordion festival, a statement that prompted Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) to say that Flake will be getting hate mail from Polish folk musicians."

This almost guarantees they will stay Democrats for life.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

WOO-HOO on the book! Oh SolaMommy, were we separated at birth??? (re waiting to fill order for free shipping ;D )

Love the collapsing domino-thingy graphic. Especially in reverse. Beautiful, in spite of the application you made.

Paula, Irony: Out-of-many-one = segregated Hispanic prayer breakfast???

Am absolutely in awe of that amazing photo-stitched night sky. Boggles my mind that anyone can see that and not see th Creator.

Oh heavens, de-funding mimes and accordian players? Oh, stop the madness! /sarcasm

Glad blogger finally got up and running, but quick thinking on the end-run to wordpress.


Marla said...

Totally love the disparity graph about food! (On the new earth those won't be mutually exclusive) Also, great cartoon about the SEALS and Superman (who would have thought he'd be a turncoat). Will definitely check out your new book via Kindle soon. Happy Friday!

Sir Aaron said...

I "liked" your book on Amazon and let the publisher know I wanted it on Kindle. I'll hope for the kindle edition, but will order it anyways if I don't get it.

John said...

Very cool about the book! Looking forward to reading it!

DJP said...

Thanks! Me too!


Anonymous said...

After my order your book has moved up to 44,722!

RT said...


I suspect the "mom of Kronk" is somewhat inarticulate about her objections to Family Guy because, as she admits, she has not seen it. I, on the other hand, have seen many episodes of the thing and her conclusion (evidently by application of Aristotelean methods alone) happens to be absolutely right that it should not be viewed by children, or teenagers . . . or most adults for that matter. Of course, that is what the "off" switch on the television is for and as one who obviously relies on it for preservation of her own morality one wonders why she fails to advocate it for others before invoking the heavy hand of government censorship.

lee n. field said...

suggest PCUSA church members "feet vote".

That's what's been happening for at least 40+ straight years. I remember talk of membership loss, when I was a kid in the UPC, in the 1960s. Liberals stay put, conservatives leave. Do this long enough, and you run too short of conservatives to do much about something like this.

I keep hoping my Dad's church, where I was raised and got a good grounding, will jump ship for the EPC.

Paula said...

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #27,904!

Things move quickly in Amazon Land! It's sort of fascinating, isn't it?

BTW, can you tell us who did the blurbs on the back? Or will you have to kill all of us if you tell us? Amazon doesn't have the previews yet.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I just pre-ordered.

Now you're #23,745.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

And Mr. Chantry,

Can you say that with a deep, James Earl Jones voice? ;D

Lenny said...

ugh... I get annoyed when people seem uneducated about the things they are against (ie. what someone else said about 'Kronk's mum' never having watched Family Guy).

I couldn't quite tell if you were totally dissing the emerging church movement or something... But now I guess you are.

But sometimes God does do the caterpillar to butterfly effect.

That's all for now.

Kip Hop... It don't stop said...

Could you please explain your comment that:

"Common theme to both is the importance of holding that the NT does not reinterpret the Old."

What does that mean in simple English please?


trogdor said...


There are some positions that hold that God's promises have changed. That is, in the OT they were for Israel, but now in the NT the same promises are for the church. Or a promise once referred to possession of a specific piece of land by specific people, but now the exact same promise instead means something about spiritual blessing for different people.

We can affirm that we came to understand OT promises more fully as revelation progressed, and the details become clearer. We can possibly say that a promise of X has been expanded to X-plus. But one thing we absolutely cannot say is that the promise of X actually means Y, which excludes X. To do so is to accuse God of deceit or outright lying.

trogdor said...

I honestly did not know the psalm titles/comments were part of the actual text, other than the occasional 'selah'. I've actually heard them treated like the section headings, such as any sermon on Psalm 51 which mentions that it was "probably" written in response to David's sin with Bathsheba. If that's actually the Biblical text and not a heading, there's no probably about it.

Now I know. (And knowing is half the battle. GI Joe!)

One of Limbaugh's maxims is that polls are not a reflection of public opinion, but an attempt to form it. That AP imbalanced sample is certainly one clear case of that.

Sigh. I went to public schools, and never once did my class become Fight Club. Now I feel like I missed out. I'm reasonably certain I would have graduated as both valedictorian and light-heavyweight champion, but now I guess we'll never know. But yeah, it's a bad situation. That teacher should be encouraged to retire and get paid 80% of his final salary (plus full benefits) for the rest of his life. It's really the only just punishment.

Kirby said...

From the end of the article about defunding the mimes:

Members of the “renowned” mime troupe issued the following statement in response:


Susan said...

As of a few seconds ago, your book is ranked at 12,751!! :D

And like some of our folks here, I'm trying to get free shipping from Amazon, so I'm going to have to figure out what other item I should get to get over that $25 limit....

Word Verification: purymid
Definition: Where cats' bodies go when they've spent their 9 lives

DJP said...

Second copy?


Susan said...

That's still a difference of 54 cents ($25.00 - ($12.23 X 2)). ;)