Thursday, June 02, 2011

Howdy-hi there, friends and neighbors

Just wanted you to know I may or may not have anything for you today. For the next couple of weeks, I have a task at work that's going to put pressure on my blogging. So...

  1. There's a post at Pyro.
  2. Maybe this would be a good time for you to check the archives?
  3. I just learned you can peek inside my book at Amazon. Weird, huh?
  4. My Proverbs book is being type-set. Isn't that cool! Right now, we're dealing with all those weird Hebrew words. (It's like the Jews had a different word for everything!    < /Steve Martin >
  5. Pray that I'm able to put together a Hither and Thither for tomorrow.
  6. Philosophical question: if Raised-Pinkie Bloggers don't notice something... did it really happen?
  7. Look... G'kar!


Tom Chantry said...

Ha Ha! G'Kar! Awesome!

Scooter said...

- archives may be pursued if I have time.
- footnotes! I never knew I loved them so much until I actually read a book with them.
- all looks Greek to me.
- answer: No. RBP's are too busy explaining away why nothing exists outside of their study.
- I need my crazy cat with cute words fix!
- "There is a hole in your mind..."

DJP said...

I impressed on both my beloved publishers the DIRE CONSEQUENCES that would follow if I did not have FOOTnotes.

Bless 'em.

Stefan said...

You know what's even worse than endnotes? Endnotes with no cross-reference to the text.

I read a whole (secular) book recently on the early history of computers—a book full of qoutes on a convoluted and hotly contested subject that requires thorough documentation.

Yet there were no citations anywhere in the text...until I got to the appendix, where quoted lines were repeated from the text (without page numbers or superscripts) and followed by the source information. It was extremely aggravating trying to go back and forth between the text and the references.

Trinian said...

Bless you sir for not making me flip back and forth in a book to read a note meant to be read in the context of a page that is 400+ pages away from the location of the note.

JackW said...

So why not just hyperlink the footnote and ... oh wait.


So you really do have an actual job that ... oh wait.

Sorry again.

Mike Westfall said...

Oh look! G'Kar spies a butterfly!