Friday, August 26, 2011

Hither and thither 8/26/11

Let the fun begin.
  • Hm... don't remember this scene quite this way...
  • Love Olive Tree's iPhone OS. They're having a 20% store-wide sale until 8/29. Check it out.
  • Here is a story of a hobbit house in Montana at which you can stay the night. The house and grounds sound pretty cool, and the pictures are delightful; but the owner's story is a sad one.
  • See now, this news item makes me think David Berkowitz' conversion is real. I recall vividly one murderess who got Christian leaders to try to help her dodge justice for the murders she'd committed. She may very well have been saved, but I felt it un-adorning to her testimony.
  • Another change in Obama's military: the Gideons will no longer be allowed to give soldiers free Bibles.  Wellsir, there's a great a terrific victory for... for... for nothing good. (thx John)
  • I don't think George Washington would approve.
  • Scary thought: there are people who would actually "follow" this Twitter suggestion — which I captured myself and did not make up — ?

  • My boys have grown up as cat-people, and their encounters with dogs have not been all that positive. But I tell them that a good, well-trained, intelligent dog is a remarkable creature, and does things a cat can't touch. Like this one. Cats are great. But they can't do that.
  • Ooh, lookie: a 3D Lego milling machine.
  • Another thing to like about Perry: unlike Cain, Huntsman, Johnson and of course Romney, he's signed this Susan B. Anthony list pro-life pledge.
  • I know what you're going to say. I really don't have a favorite yet. I have non-favorites. You know the #1 non-favorite. You could probably guess #s 2 and 3 as well.
  • But if you need a hint, this headline doesn't break my heart much.
  • Hm, I also don't recall just this scene, exactly, from Inception:
  • (That cracks me up much more than it should.)
  • Fred noticed this Lemonade Freedom Day site. I know you can argue it this way and you can argue it that way, but it seems awfully ridiculous. Did these folks train to be policemen to protect the world from 10-cents-a-cup lemonade?
  • Relatedly: you will not believe this. The Feds have raided Gibson Guitars. Why? They may be using illegal wood.
  • If that sounds bad, this update sounds worse.
  • Uh-oh, I think I just drew an illegal breath. Don't tell on me, 'kay?
  • A couple of readers loved this Han Solo in Carbonite ice tray.
  • Time out for Ronald Reagan telling a Democrat joke.
  • Reader Sterling Hanenkamp found us another dad-positive commercial.
  • Cool. Self-assembling Lego Millennium Falcon.
  • Not Lego, I think, but an interesting LARGE small-scale kinetic sculpture called Metropolis II by artist Chris Burden, featured in a rather slow, leisurely video courtesy of reader John.
  • The NY Times wants to ask GOP candidates a bunch of religious questions. If you find their list for President Obama, let me know.
  • I bet we could think some up.
  • Did you get rattled by our little earthquake this week? Jules found some survivors of the carnage, determined to keep on keeping on!
  • And now, to explain scientifically and once and for all that which should need no explanation, The Proper Way to Load TP, and Why:

    • Plus:


    Phil Baiden said...

    An excellent H&T today, Dan.
    That Reagan fella was a funny guy - follow the links to find a superb selection of Soviet jokes.
    Loved the dad friendly ad: I don't know anything about Nascar but I do know that feeling of driving your daughter back from the hospital. It caught that really well.

    Pierre Saikaley said...

    Are tuxedo cats genetically prone to be more fat and lazy? Mine is.
    But he's also got "personality".

    Robert said...

    The Gideons are the enemy now? Seriously? What's next?

    wv: scrums

    The Squirrel said...

    One of my prized possessions is the Gideons New Testament that my Grandfather carried through World War II. It was obviously well used, and the (real leather!) cover is sweat-stained. Right inside the front cover is printed a letter from President Roosevelt encouraging the troops to read the Bible.

    How times have changed... and not for the better.


    lee n. field said...

    Gideons New Testament that my Grandfather carried through World War II.

    I have a WWII soldier's New Testament. Not Gideons, this one was printed by the U.S. Gov't. Printing Office.

    Just wondering if that's tobacco Barry's smoking.

    DJP said...

    Now in fairness, I don't know that this came down from the Oval Office.

    But I also don't know if it was done because they knew they wouldn't get any resistance from the Oval Office.

    I also know that if I were in the Oval Office and heard of this, it'd be challenged hard and fast.

    Nick Rolland said...

    Thanks so much to the link to David Berkowitz. I was extremely encouraged by his website. Praise God for His sovereignty over salvation, and for the saving work of Christ on the cross.

    JG said...

    Ron Paul. Oh, Ron Paul. One of the big reasons why I can't take seriously any Paulbots. Having some good fiscal ideas doesn't justify lunacy.

    Pretty sure once I show that vid to my husband, his next move will be to go purchase a volleyball for our (his) husky. And I've always been a cat person growing up, too. But the right dog will grow on you. :)

    DJP said...

    I'm with you on Paul but, oh boy, tell them that and they're infuriated.

    I think Paul would be a great candidate for president... for the 18-something election. He has many good ideas, and a couple of them might even work in the real world. The others? Nuts.

    Unknown said...

    I ran a serial killer website back around 2000. It wasn't "Yay! Serial Killers!" but more a research guide and information collection site. (I was a Criminology and Psychology major at the time, if that makes it less creepy). I actually wrote letters to over 100 serial killers and infamous criminals during this time and many started writing me back.

    Even then, Berkowitz seemed to be genuine in what he said about his faith. He was working in the Chaplin's office then, too. Many other people confessed faith in Christ, but it wasn't as believable, such as Susan Atkins (Manson family). Now, I'm not saying she wasn't converted, I'm just saying it felt more like a parole-help thing. I could be wrong, though. I'm was glad to read this article about Berkowitz not seeking parole.

    JG said...

    Re: Paul - oh believe me, I know. The last out-of-the-home job I had, I shared an office for a year with a Paulbot (and relative). Skipped Thanksgiving that year just to have a break from it all. That also happened to be 2008, so....

    FX Turk said...

    I love watching sleeping animals. I wish I could read their dreams to see what causes those spaztic moments.

    DJP said...

    A Christian friend went to work for a Libertarian presidential campaign years ago. I asked why he'd want to work for the party of drugs and whores? He pretty much told me I was worthless and he was done with me.

    And he was done with me.

    Again: what they're right about, they're really right about.

    But then there's that whole insanity thingie.

    DJP said...

    Friends! We've already had one celebrity (Turk), and more than one topic!

    It's a WINday!

    JackW said...

    If you like OliveTree’s BibleReader for the iPhone you will love it for the iPad.

    I find myself adding resources to it instead of Logos because it’s fast and has features that are just easier to use. The latest resource I added was the Boice Commentaries. Now if we can just get them to add #TWTG with hyperlinks …

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the update on Perry. Don't tell anyone but I may be getting slightly encouraged.

    Aaron said...

    My wife is always telling me I put the TP on the wrong way. I just remind her that if she and the girls didn't use so much, I wouldn't need to replace it so often.

    LOL on that story, Dan (8:52 post). In Texas there are a lot of Paulites. They certainly are devoted. The local conservative talk show hosts still make fun of him all the same (although they seem to be doing less of that right now).

    Paula Bolyard said...

    I went to a campaign training class once and was taught to have someone available at campaign events to handle the "closet cases" and Paulbots so your candidate didn't get caught up in an hours-long debate about monetary policy while actual potential voters walked by your table.

    The toilet paper tutorial is nearly inspired. My only quibble would be that you should tear the TP toward yourself. Tearing it away from yourself would expend extra motion and energy.

    Uncle Dick said...

    Actually, Ron Paul is exactly right. Unlike our "allies" in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and nuclear(!) Pakistan (all of whom we openly supply with arms), Iran has never launched a war against Israel or any of its neighbors.

    Much of the overblown anti-Western and anti-Zionist rhetoric that comes out of the Iranian government is justified outrage over two centuries of geopolitical intrigue and meddling by Britain (during The Great Game of the 19th and early 20th centuries) and the United States (during and after WWII).

    Despite his saber-rattling, Ahmadinejad doesn't even control the armed forces of Iran, nor does he have the power to declare war or launch nuclear attacks.

    And how exactly are we supposed to stop nuclear development in Iran anyway? Another undeclared war in the Middle East? Is that even sustainable at this point given our national debt and the continuing conflicts in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan?

    Contrary to Chuck Asay's pithy caricature, Ron Paul seems to be the rare voice of sanity on Iran.

    Doug Hibbard said...

    At the risk of getting sucked into a battle of wits and being bludgeoned to death for being lightly armed, the lack of centralized control in Iran you cite is not an argument for them developing nuclear weapons.

    If there were strong, central control and you knew who had the button it would be slightly more reassuring than having no idea who had the button. And Ahmen----whatever not launching a war against his enemies? His entire presidency the US has held a military presence between Iran and Israel. The whole time, which has likely been a deterrent.

    Meanwhile, there's been good reason to believe that he and the Revolutionary Guard have helped fund attacks against enemies of their view of Islam in Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Israel. He's used violence to suppress demonstrators in his own country.

    I wouldn't trust him with Daisy BB gun, much less a nuclear device.

    Rachael Starke said...

    That Nutella thing is the food equivalent of Mormon theology - it may seem tasty to some, but actually eating it will Kill. You. Dead.*

    The Hobbit House story was cool and sad. Wonder how far it is from Squirrel's place....

    And the alien graphic reminds me of the portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a 15th century painter who used to paint portraits of his subjects comprised of fruits and vegetables. He was the Andy Warhol of his day....

    *I have determined I have the gift of Nutritional Discernment. Every time I see pictures of a what is unquestionably a food sin, I fell led to prophesy against it.

    Wendy said...

    I'm a little late, but that Gideon story is immensely frustrating. I was the furthest thing from a Christian at the time, but I was given a Gideon new testament when I went through USMC boot camp. I know the Lord started working on my heart then and when letters and news from home was scarce (or other terrifying things happened), I did find some comfort in reading it. I still have it and it still reminds me of the Lord's goodness in the midst of darkness.

    I think the toilet paper thing must be genetic or something. Occasionally, I will put the TP on the wrong way and my 4yr old will come along and switch it around.

    Paula Bolyard said...

    I just finished reading the "Questions about religion" and the related articles from the Daily Beast and New Yorker.

    This Dominionist conspiracy stuff is getting out of hand. Raise your hand if you believe this:

    “Christians, and Christians alone, are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns.”

    I guess I can think of a few fringy types who might lean that direction (they tend toward the charismatic ilk, for whatever reason), but those folks are too out there to be taken seriously as candidates.

    Are we at the point that owning a Francis Schaeffer book now disqualifies one from running for office in this country?

    Aaron said...

    @Doug: Don't do it. Even if you score points on the foreign policy front, they'll just move you to the gold standard and getting rid of the Fed (the latter has been done...twice...but hasn't worked. A point they don't like to talk about). It's like arguing with a KJV onlyist. You simply can't win.

    @Paula: The Schaeffer thing is kinda weird to me. I have his book but have never seen the video. He didn't say anything that many other Christians have said. I wonder if these liberals have even read the book or seen the video?

    Anonymous said...

    I think a little research will show that the Gideon decision had it's genesis before the current Administration. Granted the history of the Gideon's as part of the American landscape is very rich but at the end of the day any objective look at this leaves you will the conclusion that the level of interaction the Gideon s were given to inductees would never be tolerated if they were promoting the Quran or the writings of Buddha.

    Brad Williams said...

    I'm highly offended at this heresy you are promoting, Dan. This "toilet paper" heresy propaganda does not take into account two very important principles: those with cats, and those with toddlers.

    See, when you put on TP the way this silly illustration shows it, the TP unrolls with a single swipe, top down. When you put it on the other way, it doesn't unroll.

    And please, anybody here having trouble tearing TP should seek medical help immediately, regardless of which way it is on the spool.

    I know that this smarts, but we have to deal with false teaching aggressively.

    DJP said...

    That is THE FIRST attempt I've ever heard to make a rational case for putting TP in the wrong way. It actually does make sense.

    That could get you a temporary reprieve from the ratinoal way.

    However, we currently have 5 cats, and zero TP issues.

    Maybe you haven't discipled your cats sufficiently?

    Aaron said...

    If my cat unrolled the TP...well, let's just say it wouldn't do it twice.

    Although my wife's cat just turned 16. I think it's ability to recall things of any kind is diminishing rapidly.

    threegirldad said...

    Ditto what Brad said wrt toddlers. Our girls left entire rolls of TP piled on the floor of the bathroom until we reversed how we put the rolls on, then no more problem.

    Why didn't they then just start grabbing the end and pulling it off hand over fist?