Friday, October 07, 2011

Hither and thither 10/7/11

Rather than the customary introductory remarks, let's just transform into the week's goodies.

  • The World-Tilting Gospel news. This week has seen a rafter of new reviews and posts about the book. You can trace them out on Twitter under the hash-tag #TWTG. Also, Kregel is maintaining a Blog Tour page.
  • Also, as you may have noted, Kregel has allowed Amazon to offer the Kindle edition for free this week — though I'm writing this Thursday, uncertain as to whether it will still be so Friday. Check it out.
  • How do I feel about it? Grateful, excited, often humbled, encouraged. Word is getting out. Folks who actually read it are saying that they find it to be a contribution towards what so many prominent pastors and writers have called for: accessible, un-dumbed-down communication of central Gospel truths, rooted in the whole range of Scripture, and related to life and thought.
  • Now, if only the word trickles up to those same pastors and writers, so they can start adding: "... like this."
  • Sales? Zero clue.
  • Yet to come: reviews for the much-anticipated and much-slower-to-read Proverbs book.
  • UPDATE: oh, cool! My man Fred Butler posted a review. If you don't regularly visit Fred's blog, you should. Thanks, bro.
  • Well, from the sublime to the disturbing: top-selling men's costumes (h-t Instapundit). Most disturbing? Easy. This one:
  • Me, I'm on-balance glad that Sarah Palin decided not to run this time 'round. I think she should run for Senate in Alaska, win, serve the full term, then take a look at the WH again.
  • Here is a scorecard on the GOP candidates' positions on "social issues." Some surprises there.
  • On the Elephant in the room. You could have read some thoughts at Pyro and various places on the tone-deaf cluelessness of inviting T. D. Jakes as a Christian leader for the next "Elephant Room." But of all the posts I read, the most poignant was my brother Thabiti Anyabwile's post... better, his lament.
  • Someone — forgot who, sorry — asked whether they'd have invited a white modalist. Exactly.
  • Then there is the eloquent, if wordless, comment of my man Frank Turk, in his Elephant Room swag:
  • Here's for BSIL and Kay, and anyone else:
  • ...and, for Dear Wife:
  • For my dear, longsuffering readers north of the border:
  • So just the other day, I woke up and said to myself, "You know what they really need to do? They need to make a movie version of Mr. Ed."
  • OK, I never really said that. And I never thought it. And I still don't. But they are.
  • My Josiah would disagree about this being a "fail":
  • What to teach your cat to shake hands? This article says how. I say, good luck with that.
  • Dawn Lewis found us a moving love story.
  • Paula may give us some firsthand narrative about the Occupy Wall Street crowds of brilliance on parade. Until then, she offers us this:
  • Does this possible TSA shift that Chris Carney found mean less intrusion... or more?
  • Anthony Forsyth noticed this somber procession of holy... say, wait a minute.
  • Heh. Flying Nuns O' Death.
  • Do escalators confuse you? Relax. You're not the only one.
  • Finally, an image to haunt your dreams:
  • Leaving you to consider these:



Robert said...

I like Cain more and more as the campaign rolls along. He just seems more "real" than most candidates I've seen.

Loved the blogpost by Thabiti. Talk about a model of humility and love for the Word of God, as well as brothers and sisters in Christ and the lost.

Magister Stevenson said...

Though I like the links, invariably it is the "dynamic translation" comments that keep me coming back each week.
Downloaded the free copy of TWTG and can't wait to read it. (We have the hard-copy too).

Robert said...

Just saw a review of your newly released book about Proverbs and am even more motivated to work through the rest of the book, although still at a slow pace as I am taking it all in.

DJP said...

A review? Where?

DJP said...

Oh! Fred Butler? Ultra-cool; updated, thanks.

Robert said...

Glad you found it...sorry I didn't post an actual link. Apparently that made too much sense for me!

Read the article by Denny Burk and came away saddened and repulsed. So should we start letting chlidren control the family budget, the remote control, and the family diet? I mean, since surely they know better than the parents what is actually best for everybody. If they know what is best for them better than the parents, then it only makes sense that they know what is best for the parents, too.

Anonymous said...

So, does your wife like fortune cookies or are you annoying? (Wink, wink).

And, how is your wife's health?

DJP said...


She's doing well, thanks, but don't stop praying, please. And thanks again.

Anonymous said...

No stopping till you give the word.

Jeremy Morgan said...

Shame on you, Dan. Might want to put a (mild) spoiler warning before that Dr Who image.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Yeah, I'm liking Cain more and more myself. I'm curious though, why is the MSM not beating him up more? a) they can, but are waiting till he's the nominee b) they can't c) they're still trying to figure out if Christie is running.

I also am mostly happy that Palin is not running (this time around) but after a little longer in this unofficial role she's currently doing, she needs to get back into some official role like (you suggested) a Senator.... or maybe, Secretary of Energy??? Think of all the people she could tick-off announcing new oil drilling in Alaska while standing next to the latest Caribou she just shot.

Burk's piece on the confused boy is so disturbing I couldn't even watch the whole video. I guess the thing that most amazes me about the issue is that it apparently never enters the minds of these "parents" (even for a second) that their life style just might have something to do with the kids confusion. Talk about suppressing the truth. Geez. Romans 1:18

Anonymous said...

What's up with Cain not signing the pledge? Troubling.

Aaron said...

I didn't like the scorecard on Cain. I think that may swing my vote.

I don't get why the gun magazines in the children's section is a "fail." ;)

Wendy said...

I *need* a kitten now.

MSC said...

Did you notice the smaller spider crawling out of the backside of the toilet? Very creepy.

Paula Bolyard said...

I missed a good 'un on Friday!

DH grew up in the inner city and his mom one time had a rat come up through the sewer and into the basement toilet while she was sitting on it. Ew.

Herman Cain is growing on me, but there are so many unknowns. Since he's never had to take a vote on any of the issues I care about, it's really all lip service. He says pretty much the exact same things as Mitt Romney on abortion, but I happen to know that Romney legislated as a pro-choice governor of MA. We've got a track record on the other candidates to indicate how they would govern.

And now, the new Elephant in the Room (tm) is the pastor who introduced Perry at the Values Voter Summit (rightly) calling Mormonism a cult. In our twisted world, this becomes an immediate poll-toppling negative for Perry.

Solameanie said...

I should mention that Perry ran from the pastor's comments, saying "No," when asked if he agreed that Mormonism was a cult. Shameful.

Paula Bolyard said...

Santorum ran from them as well, however, being a Catholic, he's not qualified to explain what a true Christian is (as much as I like him as a candidate, much to DJP's chagrin).

Cain and Bachmann also refused to join in the fray. Politically, it's disastrous to jump in. Trying to explain the difference between the cult of Mormonism and biblical Christianity to pagans in a 6 second sound bite is generally a losing proposition. John MacArthur could maybe...maybe pull it off in six seconds. But he's a trained professional.

Robert said...

I think Cain gave a good explanation for not signing that pledge:

Moon said...

Dan Penn and I were at an evangelism conference this weekend, called Go, Stand and Speak. And Friday after the conference some of us decided to go to downtown philly, to where the Occupy Philly protesters were. Once we got there two of the guys started open air preaching, and all of the protesters started getting very aggressive, some came up to us (Penn, our pastor and wife and I) who were at first just standing there listening, and we were asked to leave bc they were protesting for different reasons, etc. It amazing how they want to have their right to free speech, but were not allowing us to have ours.
But it made me wonder, what should our role be in a situation like this? How should Christians respond to tyrannical governments?
Because I do agree with them that this government, and all governments pretty much (my country is worse and it has been since the dawn of the ages) but the philosophy and beliefs of most of the people protesting is what I don't agree with.
Any thoughts?

Moon said...

I hear another version of that church sign, now that Steve Jobs is gone. It said 20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs and Bob Hope and now we have no Cash, no Jobs, no Hope :P

and about This week's Perfect Food: something to put more chocolate in.---> I have one thing to say: God bless you!! :P
That just gave me many wonderful ideas! :D

Herding Grasshoppers said...

No brain-space for politics right now, but that story of Clive and Deborah brought me to tears. Curious to know more about her faith and coming back to the marriage.