Friday, February 24, 2012

Hither and thither 2/24/12

Is some better than none? Stripped-down hiatus-form? Terrif! Here's some:
  • Hunh. How can I train my cats to do this? They're big enough:

  • Are you ready for a serious vertigo fix? All right then, you're warned: have at it.
  • Brenda McAlpine wonders whether Turk knows about this.
  • I enjoy reading Roger Ebert, the movie critic, even when I don't agree with him. He's a clever man and a good writer; his reviews are often humorous and usually worth a read, and I can often tell whether I will like/dislike a movie in spite of him, based on what he likes/dislikes about it. Sometimes he is a veritable textbook-case in how not to review a move. The classic example is his review of The Fellowship of the Ring, where he basically faults the movie for not misinterpreting the book as he had.
  • Now unfortunately Ebert again illustrates how not to review a movie, in his notes on Act of Valor. Ebert spends about five of his ten paragraphs talking about a movie he liked better, rather than about Act of Valor. Why? It's pretty hard to avoid the conclusion that Ebert just doesn't like AoV for being pro-American, and pro-war.
  • To my Js: while the following picture is funny, your dear mother would not think it funny if you did it on our floor:
  • Now, this guy has little talent — and a lot of it. (Just needs a sturdier set.)
  • Mph. Felt like this the other night at Red Robin... but it wasn't my cheeks.
  • Yeah, you know, sometimes a cookie cheers me up too:

  • Yeah, well; maybe not, on that one.
  • True?

  • And:
  • Want to know who's supposed to be alive? Well, this guy, for one:

  • Why does President Obama pretend that he is not responsible for rising gas prices? Because he thinks American voters are stupid. Next November will tell us whether he's right or not.
  • And if they've made it this far, I'll reward my J's with this alternative way to make a rainbow:

  • And leaving you with:


Robert said...

That guy really is supposed to be We all probably need some of the perspective he had shortly after that.

Obama thinks the American public is stupid because a lot of the American public is willfully ignorant or too lazy to learn the facts for themselves and make informed decisions. When I think about the principalities and powers we are fighting against, this is what comes to mind for me these days. The world system is working to get people not to think for themselves and become dependent upon others for everything. It's sad and frustrating to see the results of this, but all you have to do is go out and ask people questions and you can see it. If you do it the right way, though, you can kick start their brains. I'm thinking along the lines of how somebody like Ray Comfort approaches people or how Eric Metaxas approached Obama and the audience at the National Prayer breakfast. You have to work through the humor for about 8-9 minutes, but then he really gets to the point. Of course, it had no real effect on Obama.

Kirby said...

Tuesday in Michigan - a chance to vote NOT-Romney.

I wish I had the strength and dexterity to hang from a trapeze bar from a helicopter. Not that I would, but I'd love to be in THAT kind of shape. and he didn't look 20-something...

Loved the Ackbar interview - still getting letters.

Thanks for the break.

FX Turk said...

Elvis Bacon is making me re-assess my faith.

Sonja said...

Yay! H&T!

Dan, to get a cat massage, catnip essential oil will do the trick. Shake well, apply to toys and play area (or one's back). It's pretty potent stuff from observation, so results may vary.

The "please prove you're not a robot" command when commenting cracks me up. Can't I just show my birth certificate?

DJP said...

Hm; that might keep The One from commenting.

ba-dum bum

Solameanie said...

One would hope that with Ebert's health situation and his entire jaw missing would have edged him closer to thinking about eternal things. I guess not. Realize that is not on topic to the movie review per se, but I think it's illustrative of his overall worldview.

As an aside, the moderation words for today are "excema" and "herisea." Is that a way of calling me a scabby heretic? I'm offended.

Solameanie said...

Sonja, if Dan puts catnip on his shoulders, he is liable to be clawed until he looks like Elvis' bacon. Not a good idea, LOL.

Tom Chantry said...

The humor is in the details.

Case in point: the hair on the little girl in the Vader/Dad pic.


Mizz Harpy said...

Interesting article about the Toxoplasmosis. The Chech acrobat seems to be an excellent example too.

Sigh, I love Nutella but can no longer have it.

Thanks for the H&T. You will leave a trail of bread crumbs to find your way back won't you? If not bread crumbs then jelly beans or ribbons on trees?

DJP said...

Oh, Doc, I don't see myself forgetting this blog. It has been the portal to so much happiness and fruitful labor. Not just that, of course; but certainly that.


Marla said...

My daughter pointed me to the Ackbar interview a week or so ago -- everyone should be so unassuming.

I have a decade birthday coming up this year, and want my dh to get the Lego Death Star and a weekend away to put it together...after watching the stop-motion animation of the MF, not sure it will be as fun as I thought.. but I think we'll try it anyway. :)

I wish Romney would just GO AWAY. His PACs have been running anti-Santorum commercials all over the place the last few weeks here in OH. A guy who was Governor of Massachusetts wants us all to think he is a more believable conservative than Rick Santorum. In what reality? Santorum has his problems, but there is a lot more difference between him and Obama than Romney and Obama. *sigh*

Thanks for the H&T today, Dan. I've been needing some laughter for the last few days, and have had trouble finding any.

Anonymous said...

Intrade has Romney trading at about 80% in Michigan and 97% in Arizona to win. I think this is all media hype to make this appear close. I hope that is the case.

I don't mind Santorum, except I wish he had more of this thing called a clue when it comes to the economy.

Marla, if you check history, Romney is to the right of Reagan on several major issues.

Paula Bolyard said...

DS was that toddler who thought everything was food. We used to catch him all the time with gum he had found on the bottoms of tables. One time we watched in horror from across the room as he picked some unknown thing off the bottom of his bare foot and popped it into his mouth. He managed to gross out a room full of jr. high kids - quite an impressive feat!

Obama would have gotten a much better reception for a bacon car than the stupid pond scum car idea he floated the other day.

Robert Warren said...

Pastor Chantry:

You do realize, of course, that those are
Princess Leia Headphones