Friday, February 03, 2012

Hither and thither 2/3/12

Here you go, kiddies.
  • We'll start off with a "Yes, I meant to do ALL of that."
  • Many of you will be interested in the upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings.
  • I think Jeremiah Halstead was the first to send me this romantic "win."
  • Paging Buck Murdock for an Irony Alert: Tim Tebow's doctrinal discernment and concern for the Gospel is announced on a TGC blog.
  • Of course you heard about the Baptist guy in Texas who murdered his wife for giving birth to a girl instead of a boy? No? Of course, that's because he wasn't Baptist, and it wasn't Texas. Ideas have consequences; terrible ideas have terrible consequences. (Thx Christopher Carney)
  • I have had the pleasure of meeting Fred Butler, and I'm pretty sure this isn't him -- just his submission:
  • It is a very small subset who will enjoy this Mad Magazine Buffy/Twilight mashup... but they'll enjoy it a lot.
  • Elections have consequences... sometimes dire. Want to know what Clinton-named U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks of the U. S. Constitution? Not much, turns out. Be sure you're sitting down.
  • Goodness, I'd think the incessant "boing boing boing boing" would be distracting.
  • If you suspect that Seattle Public (!) libraries are probably significantly different from the libraries of your youth, Kerry Garrett says you're almost certainly correct.
  • Why do I assume this is in Texas? (Thanks John)
  • Julie Garrett gives us all reason to observe that the "slippery slope" argument regarding homosexual "marriage" was not a fallacy.
  • Best line: a protester says  "With the delicate nature of Washington state and the attempt to legalize gay marriage, I find her saying it's a gay marriage disrespectful." In other words, this woman calling her fabricated (pun alert) notion of marriage "gay marriage" is "disrespectful" to his fabricated notion of "gay marriage."
  • A word of advice: don't taunt cats.

  • Kerry Allen found an image that could persuade me to be a Super Bowl watcher.
  • I leave you with the disturbing image of our coming robot overlords going through some drills:
  • Finally, these:

(May be bogus; check Matt's comment in the meta)


Kay said...

You can't kill me with wood! I am wood! Hysterical.

Robert said...

That skiing clip was pretty cool...I wonder what the skier thought as it happened.

Hard to tell what religious subset would have a trend of men murdering their wives for matters out of their control.

The video Fred sent you was pretty cool. I couldn't help but to think that those must have been some good motors because they flew until dusk.

My Blues name is Bony Dog Davis...haha

Loved the Mad Magazine "Staking Dawn" video. Expecially loved the Al Gore part!

Wow...Ginsburg just shows how far the Progressive movement has moved from solid thinking to squirmy squishy thinking about do what feels good now.

Wow...marrying a building? And who names their kid Babylonia?

Excellent find by cat's fancies definitely resemble those comparisons.

Wow...quite the Super Bowl spread in that picture.

WebMD flowchart is hilarious...that is what happens when you try to self-diagnose.

Love the side-by-side Time covers. Be Worried. Be Very Worried. Sensationalism at its best in order to sell more print.

The USB graph is hilarious, too...and quite true!

Wow...penguin awareness day promoters don't know that penguins are not amphibians. Sad, yet funny.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I needed this.

Boney Bones Parker
a/k/a Up All Night with Sick Child

David Regier said...

From now on, call me "Old Back Jefferson".

But call Ruth Bader Ginsberg "Skinny Money Jones"

Aaron said...

The skiing clip is funny except for the fact that one X-Games type skier recently died from this very type of jump.

I wanted a boy. My wife keeps telling me its my fault I keep getting girls.

How depraved can you be to watch hard core porn at the public library? And how does the library prevent child porn from being downloaded?

Pierre Saikaley said...

lol. I'm pretty sure Fred Butler thinks it's not him either.

My Jazz alter ego is SLEEPY DAVIS.

Not to prognosticate, but I think a war with Iran is coming soon.

That Super Bowl plate is pretty amazing.

Colloquist said...

Josiah - I was loving your comparison chart right up till I got to that last image, and now I will have nightmares for a week or so. Thanks EVER so much. :)

Re the girl marrying the building: Huh. Christians have been saying that "gay marriage" degrades the status and beauty of true marriage. At the end of the article, a gay man says that marrying a building degrades the status and beauty of gay marriage. What will degrade the status of marrying a building? Marrying a...curb? A tricycle? A Lego piece?

I watched the 'roos and the runner over and over. Yeah, the boing noise got to be a bit much, even if it was just in my head. :D

Those boys who sent the camera into space? Yeah, they give me a little bit of hope for the future!

Marla said...

I'm not getting the 'save the date' invitation/picture. Is that supposed to be a zombie hiding between them?

Of course, I've had a skull-splitting headache the last few days, so maybe I'm just not seeing things clearly..

Ginsburg has always been like that..I guess she just feels more free to express it openly now. Seem to remember Rush saying something about that a couple years ago.

I think you should post the 'agony of defeat' from Wide World of Sports. Nothing tops that (and they skier survived with hardly any serious injuries, amazingly enough).

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Jonathan's comparison chart had me laughing out loud!

And no matter what those people say, that was a gay marriage! Ugh.

But what do I know? I'm only Jailhouse Fingers Davis. And I learned about these things down on the farm.

Merrilee Stevenson said...


Not until your comment did I go back to look more closely at the "save the date" photo. :0) Very funny. I thought it was the statement "formal invitation to follow." But no. Gotta keep looking.

Robert said...


I had the same reaction and then saw what I had missed before. And then I had a good laugh.

hint for those who didn't figure it out: that guy needs to watch his back!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The wedding invitation... now I see it. (T-Rex!)

Um... the Afghan murderer apparently needs a little lesson in reproductive genetics. Oh, and a working conscience, founded on truth, maybe.

LOVE the Lego man in space... how awesome! I suppose if kids did that here (in the US) they'd probably get in trouble for violating air space rules or something. God forbid that might actually learn something.

The Time covers bring back memories. I can remember back in elementary school getting the "Weekly Reader" (am I dating myself?) We were always being warned about the Ice Age returning. Yah...

Apparently I"m Bony Legs (I wish!) Jones. Signing off...

Marla said... I see the T-Rex. Still looks like zombie teeth between the couple. (or maybe just too many commercials for The Walking Dead last night while I was trying to watch The Natural)...

Love the lego hummer.

Marla said...

..and I'm Jailhouse Liver McGee. Fail...

CGrim said...

Not to be a dino-nerd, but it's a velociraptor from the film Jurassic Park, not a T-rex.

CleanFlea said...

He may think bacon roses are more romantic, but my wonderful husband, Jeremiah Halstead gets me flowers on a regular basis so I suppose I can deal with the occasional bacon flower.

DJP said...

Wow. I just realized that our president is Buddy Hips... King.

Wendy said...

That Save the Date note was absolutely brilliant!

I am quite sure that I will never get into jazz.
Screamin' Liver Rivers

Mizz Harpy said...

Ginsburg scares me but so do all of the current batch of politicians. The constitution as it is could never be written by modern men the E.U. constitution is a good example. We don't think like the founding fathers and our leaders are of a much poorer intellectual quality.

I'm glad someone else remembers the '70s ice age threat. I was beginning to think I'd dreamed the whole notion. There are some climatologists, mostly from Russia, who still hold to a coming mini ice age. They aren't using computer models tweaked to get grant money, instead they are looking at solar cycle data.

Pretty Bones Rivers? Really?

Jeremiah Halstead said...

It's a velociraptor! Save me, save me! Mmm... Bacon

The Squirrel said...

Great... now I have to cancel my plans for The Kangaroo Workout dvds...



Sonja said...

Meh, marrying buildings, porn in the libraries ... just another day in the Emerald City.

That said, as a person whose taxes support Seattle's library system, this really frosts me and I've already sent some emails when this mom contacted the media and it went public. The library contends it's a matter of free speech (although SCOTUS does not agree). The library system takes the right of privacy way too far, including destroying surveillance tapes that recorded the vicious beating by a gang of thugs on an elderly patron (in the library parking lot).

However, since a child was exposed to pornography, the library system is breaking state law. It's a criminal offense to do that and I can only hope it will be used against someone, including the staff at the Lake City branch. But I won't hold my breath.

Sorry for the long post, lots of things in Seattle set off my rant-o-meter.


Blind Davis (middle name have I not)

PS, Dan, hope you're over your bug, and thanks for your good words this week, very helpful and comforting to this beaten up sheep (at least I felt that way).

wv: spocide - save the spos!

Paula Bolyard said...

The mother should have called the cops on the library pervert. Disseminating pornography to children is against the law. People need to start standing up to these bullies. If the ice cream truck driver were flashing Playboy centerfolds at the children coming to his truck, you can be sure someone would call the cops. This is no different.

Can you charge a Supreme Court Justice with contempt of court? Surely, Ginsberg's comments would qualify.

Sonja said...

Paula, in this case though, the bully *is* the local government. The mom was met with shrugged shoulders, IOW, what's your problem. Porn in our libraries isn't new (free speech dontchaknow), it's that now it's on display outside of the main entrance and children't area. And I would bet that the man viewing picked that computer just for that reason. The SPD wouldn't even show up, that's why the mom got the media involved; it's going to be the only avenue to try fix things.

And God gave them over ...

Robert Warren said...

Librarians, like the Press, are under the delusion that they are the 4th branch of government. I don't remember voting for any of them.

Re: Save the Date - All I see, aside from a poor schnook with quite a goiter under his right ear, is a poorly-groomed Shih Tzu in the background. But then again, I would likely flunk the Find-Mary-in-the-Toast test.

USB: "white squares down!"

Word verification - supid, presumably describing those of us who can't find dinosaurs in wedding announcements.

trogdor said...

No doubt the slippery slope argument with gay 'marriage' is true. Unfortunately, to get to the point where such nonsense is even considered, we've already had to come so far down the slope it's hard to imagine how much further it can go.

The main argument I keep seeing for this lunacy is based on rampant divorce, sham marriages, etc. Nobody has any positive argument for 'gay marriage'; it's all "you've made such a mess of marriage, would another level of blasphemy really be all that much worse?".

In other news, those contradictory Time covers give me slight pause in embracing former cover story TD Jakes.

Buffy should really be upset at Bella(?) for dating a vampire. What could she have been thinking? Buffy should set her straight.

Is anyone the least bit surprised at what Ginsburg said? Based on her record, would you ever associate her with respect for the constitution?

Huh. Tim Tebow understands that lending your good name to a prosperity gospel heretic with wonky views of God might not be a good idea. Obviously he's racist.

DJP said...

Trogdor FTW with an "inside baseball" Buffy snicker. Nicely done on the guilty pleasure, sir.

Matt said...

Just a note about the Time 1977 vs 2008 covers--I recently saw that image circulating on Facebook and looked into it, suspecting the 1977 cover was a fake. My wife reinforced this when she said the design elements looked too modern. Time keeps an archive of all cover designs and that one doesn't appear anywhere in the 1977 gallery (plus I believe the date is wrong for an issue of Time).

I think they did mention cooling as a worry back then, but not with this cover.

DJP said...

Thanks Matt; I added a caption.