Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Incompletely converted"

My comment on this post:

As I've had opportunity to stress in some radio interviews, that's in part what the book is about. A lot of the problems we see are results of incomplete (or nonexistent) conversions. Conversion is the result of the clash of two warring worldviews and the victory of God's over ours. When you see someone who still assumes he basically has it all together, but will allow God to make suggestions here and there, you see an incomplete conversion.

Let me hasten to add that we're all at our best "incompletely converted" - but the answer is to go back to basics over and over and over again, always willing to suspect our hearts in the light of God's word.


Robert said...

Actually, your other book has a lot to say about this as well. We begin with the fear of Yahweh, then keep growing in the fear of Yahweh. And every thought needs to be based upon the fear of Yahweh, which we are continually growing in. And I'd say this is integral to our conversion.

DJP said...

Good point, Robert. You have to start with the fear of Yahweh. As you progress, you'll learn... the fear of Yahweh. Which leads, at the end, to... the fear of Yahweh.

Good point, thanks.

Robert said...

You're welcome...I learned it all from the book, though. I'm feeling quite convicted and encouraged/exhorted at the same time as I work my way through the book again.

I'm thankful that one day God will complete this work of converting me because I'm ready to be rid of my sinfulness forever.

Thomas Louw said...

When I first read this “incompletely converted” I started calling up the troops but, then I read you explanation and had to send them all back to their barracks, it was fun.

Kirby said...


Here, here. Yes. i am in the middle of the "fear of Yahweh" section, and I love it.

Great Great job on that section in the book. Never read it more clearly. I especially love the link to "faith in Christ". I am recently, constantly trying to see the OT in the NT and that particular link has added great fodder to the heart.

I wrestle greatly with your post as I observe in myself my incomplete conversion (ala, Rom. 7); but I am also vexed by those who try so hard to point out that Mr. So-and-So is a Christian because he prayed a prayer at VBS 40 years ago when he were 7, and hasn't been in church since (except for C & E, and the occasional wedding/funeral).

It seems to me that people don't really believe in almost-converted SOIL #2 in Matthew 13.

Robert Warren said...

Dan: Semper Reformanda

Kirby: It's "hear, hear" ;)

lacrutchfield said...

you have 6 cats? Dr. Ferguson has said that we are regenerated once, converted many times. Thanks for the comments on writing. I seem to have a problem with too many words. Ouch.. see what I mean.

DJP said...

At the moment, it's five cats.