Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two attempts to fool Penn and Teller

One unsuccessful, but pretty darned funny:

And one successful, and pretty darned amazing:


Anonymous said...

These guys are publicly promoted atheist hostile to God. A book was written called "God, no !". Why would a "Christian" blog promote free airtime for such public blasphemers? Though they are entertaining, I do not admire them for their horrible publicity stand against anything considered holy.

Phil Johnson said...

Penn Jillette on Evangelism.

Phil Johnson said...

Penn Jilette on tolerance and respect: "I do very well with proselytizing hard-core fundamentalists, and at a very deep level I respect them, and at a very deep level I share a part of their heart."

Marie said...

My impression after watching these two videos was that the magicians were being promoted, not Penn or Jillette.

I was much impressed with both performers. Great stuff.