Friday, June 15, 2012

Hither and Thither 6/15/2012

Short one for starters. Will try to grow as day goes.

So, now that I'm a pastor, here's me, every last blessed Sunday morning:

  • Well, except for the T-shirt.
  • And the whole fast-and-flawless-tie-tying business.
  • Fathers Day is imminent. Do you have a Dad who's still alive? Can't tell you how much I wish I did. My father died 1/1/03, and I miss him all the time, still. Check out this video hosted by Denny Burk, and do something about it.
  • So you know I did a post at Pyro about particular redemption yesterday. And I did another today. But did you know there was a rap song (?) on the subject?
  • While we're still thinking of, er, alternative, er, music... here's Mr. Rogers, autotuned. (Gil Sebenste)
  • While I like this, I wonder if it actually sounds like Spurgeon.
  • Another Coffee: It's a Health Drink update — delaying Alzheimer's?
  • DAOD ponders whether sweet dreams are made of... cheese.
  • Sam Knisely has a Perfect Food entry from Burger King: Bacon Sundae.
  • Absolutely useless food news: how to make vegan bacon.
  • My version is in two steps: (1) tell the vegan he's being silly; and (2) serve him bacon. Ta daa.
  • Titanic duel until Bowser goes low.
  • ...and these.


The Squirrel said...

I've always thought, based on the regulative principle of worship, considering that sandals are the only footwear named in Scripture...

And, please, tell Jonathan "Thanks."


Scot said...


What kind of black magic must be summoned to make vegan bacon?! The dishonestly does not help the vegan cause.

Nutelleria found! Bad news: Europe.

Sonja said...

Well, if you'd embrace YRRism, you could ditch the tie and rock a tshirt (Mickey Mouse would be redundant). The cowboy sandals would work too!

Nah, I don't see it happening.

Happy H&T Day!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Whoa. I'm studying the tie-guy, frame by frame. If the older grasshoppers can master this before they go off to Civil Air Patrol Boot Camp this summer they'll be rock stars ;D

What! I missed Nutella Day (Feb 5)?! I suddenly feel "the call" to wherever the Nutellaria is.

Looking forward to Father's Day, Sunday. So very thankful my dad is with us (in every sense of the word) and that my boys have a dad who loves them.

Julie G

trogdor said...

The proper way to handle vegan bacon.

David Regier said...

Vegan bacon:

Marla said...

Love the "fine" picture. You are definitely the expert on all things Star Wars Dan. I say move to the cowboy sandals sooner rather than later. It is hot in TX, right? (and as a bonus, you won't ever find a snake hiding in them.) :)

Call to Die said...

Thabiti's post about Prometheus was better-thought-out than the movie itself.

Kerry James Allen said...

Dan, I scanned 50,000 pages of material several different ways and I can't find it in the corpus of Spurgeon's works. At least it isn't as egregious an error as Iain Murray's claim that Spurgeon was amill (he wasn't) and James Dobson's claim on national radio that Spurgeon lost both his sons (he didn't, they were both pastors). Nice quote, not CHS as far as I can tell unless somebody else knows.


DJP said...

Isn't it wonderful to have an expert right there?

Thanks, KJA.

Kerry James Allen said...

At your service, sir.
And as a public service announcement Twitter users can get four CHS quotes per day @SPURGEONdotUS. It contains hundreds of new ones that are not in my book. And always remember the old preachers mantra, "Blessed is he that tooteth his own horn, lest it remain in a state of untootedness."

DJP said...

Yeah, not all of us are blessed with the instant-publicity machinery of TGC bloggers and other clubhouse members doing the work for us, eh? If it's worth knowing about, why wouldn't you put out the word?

CR said...

I really enjoyed Prometheus. Thabiti described the theme really well.

The Blainemonster said...

I've been making bacon and egg cupcakes for years! Love love love!

MStephan said...

For the Spurgeon quote, I think it actually comes from John MacArthur via his interaction with Prof. Grant Horner at Master's Seminary. Looking at Prof. Horner's system for Bible reading, he relates this quote from JM had to say about GH's Bible when he came to interview for a position there.


Mizz Harpy said...

Autotuned Mr. Rogers is creepy.

JG said...

Reading that piece about Prometheus (which I still don't know if I'll see, never was an "Alien" fan) reminds me of seeing the Clash of the Titans remake a couple of years ago, and about jumped out of my seat at a particular moment at the end, thinking, "Do they *know* they put a Gospel message in this movie?" Just goes to show, the truth is revealed to all creation, even in human creation.

Also, I'm glad I don't have to wear a tie. Ever.

I've never heard that quote attributed to Spurgeon, though it's all over pinterest and such.

*sniff* Mr. Rogers autotune. I loved Mr. Rogers.

Thanks for the update on little Max (Darth Vader kid). A friend of mine (and his) posted about the surgery the other day but I never saw a follow-up.

Fhew. Longest H/T comment ever, I think.

Kerry James Allen said...

Mr. Rogers creepy? Hey watch it! He's a fellow Pittsburgher along with Andy Warhol (I guess that brands me for life!) If you want to see a really, really interesting video about Pittsburgh (seriously) it is
You'll be amazed at the history of the city and what it has given to the nation.

P.D. Nelson said...

In re: Quick tie Mcgraw very impressive but can he do a cavendish, or a four-in-hand the same way?

And thanks for the vegan bacon recipe but I prefer this one:

As always very entertaining.

threegirldad said...

For yet another possible source of the "Bible falling apart" quote, see here.

Unknown said...

Tie a tie? I thought all pastors today just wear floppy untucked Hawaiian shirts.

Kay said...

That Russian ride is madness. I really thought it had broken for a minute.