Thursday, October 25, 2012

Randy Alcorn on third-party voting

Randy Alcorn just posted on third-party voting. Though he has (qualifiedly) kind words to say about my post, I think his is better. I commend it to you. Pass it around. It's terrific.


Scott Fuemmeler said...

Now, both Turk and Philips can be blunt. Philips is at times downright insulting.

That's the money quote.

Good article, nice companion to yours and Frank's (both of which he points to). I found yours very helpful LAST go round (2008) in shaping my views about third party voting.

trogdor said...

Based on the comments, there are a few people who read that who need insulting. "Great article, great points. I'm going to completely ignore it, and here's my reason [re-asserts lame argument the article smashed; offers no actual counter-argument, just re-asserts more loudly]."

Every four years I get a good reminder to look for issues like this in my own life. The case is clear, I have no actual counter-argument, but I'm going to ignore the evidence and just do what I want anyway.