Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Acknowledgements of Christopher Ash's Marriage

To broaden my head for our ongoing Marriage-themed Sunday School series, I'm reading parts of Christopher Ash's Marriage: Sex in the Service of God. It's being a very good read.

But I was tickled by what Ash said at the end of the Acknowledgements, and thought I'd share it.
Above all I am grateful to God for the patient loving support and companionship of my wife Carolyn. She says I should record 'my gratitude to my wife and children without whom this book would have been finished a great deal more quickly.' This may be true, but more likely it would not have been written at all.
I've read others that also tickled me, and will perhaps share them from time to time.


Larry Geiger said...

Truth! It's all around us, we just need to listen :-)

Andrea said...

This is evidently a man who models honesty and humulity in his home. You can tell by the humble and modest quotation from his wife.